Has Your Gmail Email Disappeared? You’re Not Alone

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Over the holidays, many people logged in to their Gmail accounts only to find that their email had vanished. Gone. Nowhere to be found. Their Gmail email had completely disappeared.

Google has confirmed that somehow – although as of yet they’re not saying how – a number of people had their email completely deleted – gone for good – from their Gmail accounts.

And it wasn’t just their email. Their contacts had all been magically deleted as well.

With no hope of recovering them.

According to Google, “We have extensive safeguards in place to protect email stored with Gmail and we are confident that this is a small and isolated incident.”

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So how small and isolated an incident was this?

Were you affected?

And if you weren’t, don’t get too comfortable. Because today it’s been reported that if you do still have all of your contacts in your Gmail contact list, they can be grabbed by any site intentionally running a particular script – and the only thing you have to do “wrong” for this to happen is to visit one of those sites while you are logged in to Gmail.


No Paywall Here!
The Internet Patrol is and always has been free. We don't hide our articles behind a paywall, or restrict the number of articles you can read in a month if you don't give us money. That said, it does cost us money to run the site, so if something you read here was helpful or useful, won't you consider donating something to help keep the Internet Patrol free?
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141 thoughts on “Has Your Gmail Email Disappeared? You’re Not Alone

    1. I can see that most of the comments here are 2 years old or older. My emails on gmail just disappeared today June 3,2021. Why would Google do this to us after the past 2020 year we had. My emails were very valuable to me. I need them back
      Google. I need to know what you plan on doing about this and soon!

  1. Transformation: Google >>> Oogle >>> Ugle >>> Ugly
    Those bastards are destroying my tiny business by allowing fantasy libel by criminals to be listed at the #1 top search result. Gmail is free and ugly and extremely confusing to a new user. Yet I must admit that if one tries hard, can benefit from Google and even thank them, for Google Maps, for Free Gmail etc.

  2. Well, this just happened to me… about 5 years worth of business emails all vanished… WOW….

  3. Gmail is not exactly free. They expect you to pay when your account uses up the free space. But we will never pay for it, cause it is an ugly shit.

  4. Google allegedly has the code which looks for certain code words, keywords and phrases and that kind of software just goes through millions of Gmail accounts erasing those inconvenient-to-Google emails. And since most people use Gmail as a free service, then they can not complain, but they can vote with their feet and stop using not only Gmail, but also boycott the oogly ugly Google search engine.

  5. I just discovered that all the legal emails that Google has sent me regarding removal request of abusive libel are gone…. someone or something has erased every single of them! So cleverly done. They must have a door. A back door. Back door access to our email accounts. Without being detected. That can be done by the GMAIL webmaster themselves. That’s it. I am switching to a desktop based email! Do not trust Google! Beware.

  6. What is going on with Google? Can not trust their search engine as we get continuously infected with virus (AV does not prevent it). Google says those websites are reliable, but we get a virus attack just clicking on those links on Google. Also I have noticed that Google allows criminals, some even anonymous and shady websites having their links listed at the top of Google rankings. Why? Don’t Be Evil? Google? But look who’s running Googl….

  7. This happened to me a few days ago Google continues to state someone deleted the mails.I am changing to another email. I had many of the emails deleted i so desperately needed. Should i have saved them of course. I just never realized someone had the audacity to go into an account such as google and delete files not only the inbox but also sent emails.
    Big business needs to be held accountable.

  8. This just happened to me!! All my Gmail emails prior to 9-14-16 are just gone – disappeared – just like that!!! WTF I wasn’t aware anything like that could ever happen. How do I get them back? CAN I get them back? Just what is going on?! From the looks of it, obviously this has been happening to people for years. What the hell?

  9. Has anyone tried contacting the media about this story? Seems like it is something they would investigate.

  10. Pretty discouraging…..we can only trust ourselves. I guess its time to go back to Microsoft Outlook. Never had my email stolen there. Google not only lost the email, they never contacted anyone to admit the problem. Gmail sucks!

  11. Just had a draft copy disappear – had some needed quick reference coding material in it. Can’t find it anywhere.

  12. It is very strange, but selective email messages from my Gmail account are disappearing and there is NO chance that somene hacked into my account. I no longer trust Gmail, Microsoft, Monsanto etc. all the large corporations, which are in bed with the fascist world government and am now switching to another email provider. Screw NWO! Beware of CHEMTRAILS and (9/11) inside jobs!

  13. If enough people complained too Gmail and left them with explanation – sure things would change.

  14. I’m having problems with emails sent thru a contact form at my website mysteriously vanishing without reaching the destination inbox. For some strange reason about half the emails created thru the contact form reach the intended destination inbox. The others never reach the inbox. No they aren’t being dumped in the spam folder. I looked there. A few emails appeared at the destination inbox 3 or 4 hours after they were sent. It makes absolutely no sense, but this is really happening. I tried changing the destination inboxes and it failed to fix the problem. I tried changing the type of contact forms used and that didn’t work either. The webhosting company Ipage cannot identify this problem, much less fix it.

  15. I have had my 1 Gmail account for over 7 years. I also have a Gmail account for a website that I run. I have a third Gmail set up for my son. All SENT EMAILS FROM ALL THREE ACOUNTS FOR 2014 ONLY ARE GONE!!!! all emails previous to 2014? Still got them. What gives? Google’s response? Too bad, so sad. FYI TO ALL. I had a previous Gmail account that was closed years ago. I had a pending law suit against Farmers insurance. I needed Access not only to the deleted account but to deleted emails in order to win my case. Google informed me that without a court order nothing could be retrieved. One court order later I won my case. Take home message to all, No emails are truly ever gone from Google.

  16. Today – all of my Gmail emails, files have disappeared as well. Extremely important documents in correspondence that were saved for back up purposes are ALL GONE.

    No resolution?

  17. …no emails older than Feb 14 2014 in inbox…This just cost me $1000 bucks….got the standard answer from g mail…your email was probably compromised…no possibility that they screwed up….AGAIN!

  18. A few months ago all my inbox email disappeared, all the folders were empty, my drafts were gone. Tonight the same thing happened only folder with emails is Spam and Trash. Can I get my email back?????

    THAnks for nothing

    1. My account is totally gone…no vestige of it remains! Isn’t it time that we collectively begin a class action suit? It would seem ….that we have been robbed by our CEO! Is there a possibility that Google ‘punished’ all of us because we (in this case me) refused to use Chrome?

  20. I guess it’s tough for you all who lost your emails. I rarely used gmail, but had it configured in a nice way. Wish the other email programs were as nice looking when setup. However, now I cannot find the inbox at all. The email I setup is simply unavailable. Their database says that name is already in use, but when I finally find the missing login, and do login, it takes me to a dead-end page about adding gmail to my google account. So I guess I’ll join the rest of you and let gmail go bye bye. People complain about AOL mail software (myself included), but frankly, it has been the most reliable of all my email programs online and off. Outlook Express was pretty good, but then ran into problems as well.

  21. Before I realized how bad GMail was and discontinued using it for business email, I had sent a very important email that I had to send a copy of to a client recently as evidence in a court case. AS soon as I sent it, the email disappeared from my “SENT MAIL.” The header was not included in the copy of the email I sent so I have no evidence of the time and date it was emailed and it is effectively useless as evidence and I can only state when I sent it.

    How did it disappear? Why ?

    Where did it go?

    I have looked in trash, spam, all the obvious locations. It makes
    NO sense.

    Then I went on Google and looked up “disappearing emails.” Apparently this phenomenon has been occurring and been reported to GMAIL for years. Clearly they have not fixed or addressed it. TIME TO REVOLT.
    I will not use GMAIL accounts again.

  22. Comment by Irene — 8/2/2013
    Just fill out the:
    Having trouble signing in?
    I don’t know my password

    I don’t know my username
    I’m having other problems signing in
    and put a black dot in I’m having other problems signing in

    specify your email address
    specify you lost all your emails
    Lt me know if it helped
    It may take a week or to for them
    to reply

  23. Joe – who did you contact??? I’ve been trying to do that for several months w/o any results…


  24. I contacted GMAIL with a message about my missing emails. They somehow recovered all my emails

  25. Maybe when the NSA was copying all e-mail they just forget to put back the originals. Google has no explanation so what else can it be?

  26. Just happen to me …my mail in inbox and other folders disappear just now. Mostly mail lost were between June to July 31st.

    What is happening

  27. Has anyone experienced this issue and if so, any recommendations? I recently went abroad and checked my gmail from my phone using the hotel’s secure wi-fi connection. About 75% of my recent emails, including ones I never even had a chance to read, have simply disappeared. I followed all of google’s security steps and I still have not recovered those missing emails and have no explanation for why this happened.

  28. I’ve been using gmail since it began and have no problems until today. All emails in and out for the last few days (which should be stored in my inbox as well as the all mail sent folders) magically disappeared from my gmail account today. There is no trace of these in any folder (trash included). I suppose it’s time to stop trusting google’s cloud server, but and to save a hard copy of everything on a home computer. sad :(

    ps: this human test would take 5 mins to break with a code :)

  29. I am so fed up w/all my drafts, sent, and other emails in different folders disappearing. I now have everything that comes into my Gmail accounts forwarded to my Comcast account – they then go to my OUTLOOK, where I have set up folders for them. I wish I knew what was going on w/GMAIL and message disappearing into cyberspace – and what gets me more upset is that it seems that GMAIL doesn’t give a darn…

  30. This has suddenly started happening to me in the last two weeks – new mails sent as followups to previous mails I have sent do not show up in my Inbox. They do show up in “All Mail”. This seems to have coincided with the introduction of the new tabbed page format.

  31. Had gmail for 5 years with many in the archive today 7-19-13 all emails gone from inbox and archives

  32. I can’t the mails I have sent on my sent items except for the ones which I have sent in 2010. Please help!!!!!

  33. with all these people loosing emails,etc in GMAIL accounts, you would think that GOOGLE would figure out what is going on and get it corrected…DUH

  34. Looking for a confirmation email for a reservation. Nowhere to be found. I did not delete the confirmation email or my to and from emails with the reservation office. I Google ” Where’s my gmail?” and got you guys. So I am not crazy! There were instructions in that email. Had no idea this could happen with gmail. Will no longer use for important stuff.

  35. My recent sent emails have been disappeared as well. Does anyone know how to recover them? Thanks

  36. this never happened to me on YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Most of mail in inbox disappeared yesterday for THIRD time in about a year. Rebooted machine for Avira security update, inbox (only) with only two of previous 9 messages still there. Not in other folders, including trash–gone, gone, gone. Seems to be no way to discuss with Google…

  38. Not only did this happent o me, but now, after restoring contacts in gmail, I now have over 5000 contacts half of which I have no idea who these people are, including a new dad! LOL!

  39. This is the second time my gmail account is completely empty. All my emails wiped out. What is going on with Google? Be cautious if using gmail for business, or at least make copies of your emails immediately.

  40. for the 2nd time in 2 weeks emails have disappeared. Today all incoming emails are gone from a NEW GMAIL address I set up. Two weeks ago, all my “DRAFT”, SENT” & “TRASH” (LESS THAN30 DAYS) were all gone.. This is insane, I made a call (supposedly it was GMAIL) was told that my account was hacked. Told me to change my password I did that, also set up another email address & now in the new address all incoming emails are gone. If anyone can tell me what is going on and how to stop this or how to recover them I would be very grateful. These messages were important. Thanks.

  41. all email has vanished from my gmail account. I switched to Yahoo email, slightly more reliable.

  42. I haven’t had a new email come in for 48 hrs. Luckily my contacts etc. are still there. Time to switch providers as Google is just becoming too unstable in all facets of their business–especially mail and search. Going to bing for good andyahoo/aol mail. Bye-bye Google…

  43. I click on a gmail folder, the messages display for a second, then disappear…all of them. I’m going back to yahoo

  44. All the email from my inbox vanished last night. Google says they:” will not be able to successfully recover messages in this case” and ” will not respond to future inquiries”. So, if you are like me and trusted Gmail with your important stuff, think twice because you might wake to find it gone.

  45. I have 40 messages frm my galfrnd. Today she sent me 3 mails, in each one was 2 pics. I read first 2 of them, and when i wanted to see 3rd, gmail told me tht server is bla bla and to try later. I tried now and there are no that 3 mails! STUPID GMAIL!

  46. My gmail email dissappeared too! Along with all the stuff I had saved in folders! I had to change my email address for an important business that sends me email every day about my account! I can’t get any new incoming mail either but all my contacts are still there. Just before everything dissappeared I was recieving a ton of spam and junk email I had not before. Over 1,000 emails a day! For that reason I opted to get a new email account with another provider. I now have yahoo as well as zoho and aol. I love both but I think zoho is my favorite now.

  47. I just restored my laptop and lost a bunch of emails. Went looking for a backup service and found this, in case anyone is interested: http://www.spanning.com. Unlimited backup of your Google products for $40/year. 14 day trial if you just want to check it out. Not bad–I think I’m gonna sign up.

  48. I joined google way too long ago for such disaster to happen. disappointed of loosing smth I hoped to keep.

  49. Yikes!! Lost all my gmail for the second time, but it had nothing to do with anything I did. How can we go on like this? Cannot find a way to recover the lost mail. Thinking of leaving Google’s mail service. This is unacceptable!!!!!

  50. Single emails occasionally disappear from my gmail inbox. One just disappeared within the past few minutes. Why? Where? Not in spam or trash, just gone…

  51. For the third time, e-mail disappeared from inbox. Two previous times is was totally gone, this time partially gone. I can’t figure out how to even let Google know (or whether they care in the slightest–they make finding tech support impossible.

  52. A lot of email dated 10-5 and 10-6 and some dated 10-7 were gone from my gmail inbox. Some included very important documents. Is it possible to find them?

  53. I just lost the contents of two folders in Gmail. All I did was open them then before I could blink everything disappeared in the folder.

  54. My two newly added accounts disappeared. Fortunately there wasn’t much on them, but it is certainly a learning experience. Google is not the safe place to store emails we thought it was…

  55. Com’on people! On-line storage for anything important, including email should be secondary. What happened to the POP3, IMAP clients? Use Eudora, the Bat!, Corel Mail, Outlook, etc. to storage your email off-line.

  56. Google admits problem


  57. I just set up a Nexus 7 and first it crashed, second, my inbox on the website is cleaned out.

  58. Strange I have a desktop running XP and a laptop running Windows 7 my gmail is ok on the desktop but my laptop gmail is unreachable, it tells me I have 41 emails but I cannot get them to load. Also on the laptop the settings button has moved to the bottom of the screen so when I try to check the settings I cannot see them, very strange.

  59. I also lost thusends of emails in my received folder… all emails from juli and august is gone. I have had my “on holiday auto mail on” until to day, but that was not after this they diapered, but perhaps after i filtered to “unread first” and then back again.

    This is my company email, so not just fun stoff, but very important emails are gone.. How do you contact google to recover my email or find them???


  60. Mine too! Just completely vanished! not in my inbox, not in the trash, not in the sent box, not in any of the sub folders. September 2011-Feburary 2012 just GONE!?

  61. Everybody give Google a break! This is totally understandable. I mean, they’ve been working really hard, for our benefit, to ensure that they can link and exploit every last piece of data about each one of us… so of course there’ll be some minor side effects from such a prolonged and aggressive effort. Nothing major, but… you know, things like a person’s entire archive of e-mail for the last 5 years disappearing all at once, for no good reason. What’s the big deal? Look on the bright side here: at least the popup that practically demands we give them our cell phone numbers is a lot prettier and even more obtrusive now, and I really like how the popup ads are related to things I’ve recently purchased or searched for. You can’t BUY service like that. All the e-mails from my Inbox since 2006… completely secondary. Cost / benefit people… cost / benefit.

    (Go Google! I hope some heads roll for this.)

  62. One of our staff had a problem with this because we use it as our school email, and I noticed that the emails were still there but they lost their in box label. So we were able to do a search for the emails that she was missing. I am guessing it is a syncing issue between her phone and Gmail account because the emails show up on her phone. Just a thought…..

  63. Quote I am totally XXXXed0-up! I have four email accounts, and I was so stupid thought that the Gmail was the safest! All my important emails were saved at Gmail, now they have disppeared for good! what I am going to do???? END QUOTE
    Same here. I figured they had a good redundancy backup going. this is a joke. I cant even access my account that i have had all my email going to since about 2004. I know of Law Firms using gmail as their primary source of email. You can use this email for law if you can’t trust ur emails to be there later

  64. I’m wondering if anyone else groups your emails? and or contacts in your phone because it started with that for me….anyone else?

  65. Gmail has been very disappointing lately. New interface is a joke, now I can’t also rely on it after the messages started to disappear.

  66. My email had been vanished over the last few months here and there. This week hundreds of emails send and received are now completely missing. Google Tech Support was trying to figure it out with no success. As of this morning I have 1,440 emails left by 5pm I had 32 left. It’s like something is eating my email. I can’t believe that Google does not have a back up? I send out alot of documents, artwork, purchase orders, quotes…all are now gone. So now what….?

  67. i lost my gmail account too. everything. and i can’t reappaly because i get a message that the name i want is taken. it is – by me!!

  68. have you all tried your smart phones, I have tons more in there. don’t know what to do about it

  69. I had one very important sent email disappear, if it helps anybody else I had read another forum and someone said they found their “missing” emails in the trash. So I went into my trash and there I found my “missing” email, so I forwarded it to my yahoo in hopes of not losing it again! Hope this helps!

  70. My GMAIL lost all my email messages since 2/27/2011, all drafts, folders, etc in my account today June 26, 2012 at 1PM. Second incident in a month! What are they doing????

  71. Had gmail account. When i sign in, it shows me signed into Google with another email account, as it should. However, it only takes me to a page to sign up / create an account. Nowhere do i see where to get INTO my gmail Email!!! WTH!?!

  72. I’m sending emails groups, getting a couple bounces(old addys) and auto-responders and then the email I sent is gone. No where to be found, not in the sent file, no where.

  73. A lost all of my emails. My contacts are there but I’ll delete them very quickly now :)

  74. I own a real estate firm and I’ve relied on gmail for the past 4 years for all of my business related emails from clients, employees, attorneys, files, etc. 98% of them have vanished and I have no idea what to do because I didn’t have a backup; I thought gmail did that for me. One weird things is that some emails are selectively deleted over the past couple of months. I haven’t done anything different and I don’t know who to turn to for answers.

  75. My email did not disappear, but some shows up in All Mail and skips the Inbox. I use email filters in my desktop email program. Where do we report issues to Google?

  76. I am totally XXXXed0-up! I have four email accounts, and I was so stupid thought that the Gmail was the safest! All my important emails were saved at Gmail, now they have disppeared for good! what I am going to do????

  77. I just spent the last hour trying to figure out why I cannot locate some of my e-mails. I am supposed to create a spreadsheet today based on several e-mail messages sent to me from others, but now I cannot do it. I initially thought that I was searching the wrong terms, but finally did a search online and am seeing there are thousands of people with the same issue.

  78. I don’t know what is a problem with my gmail account cause I can’t see my messages

  79. Since posting I’ve learned that it’s not Gmail, but Windows Live mail that’s the problem. I had that account forwarded to Gmail. All the accounts issued by the Indiana University Alumni Association are in jeopardy. Their help desk reports: We have been in contact with Microsoft since this started and our issue has now been escalated to the highest severity. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any time estimate for resolution but please know that we want to get this resolved for all of you as quickly as possible.

  80. I realy want to get my accounts name back but it says it’s in use, but I can’t log into it.

  81. My email did not arrive today. In the seconds between looking at these comments and returning to Gmail, I lost two emails that had been sitting (starred) in my inbox.

  82. Its OK putting down comments, but how the fuck do we all get our mails back, and how do we stop this problem

  83. 2 emails flashed up on my blackberry when checking mail but are nowhere to be found in gmail. It’s obviously still happening.

  84. I lost all my emails from a particular person as well as some of the emails where this person was copied. It happened at 7PM yesterday and it was as if a vaccume sucked the emails away (in box, drafts, sent). I’m suspecting a Trojan of some sort. I wrote this person a draft to see if this too would disappear but it is still in drafts today so, go figure, I have no idea what happened!!! In my case, it is just this one contact, and I still have the contact address less all the correspondence. Very weird!!!

  85. i wrote an email 3 times to a business contact with gmail yesterday and NONE of them were received. they were also not in my sent box. i had a good connection and work in IT. this is unacceptable. i no longer trust gmail.

  86. All of my mail is gone. I have never had this problem before, no I don’t use a third party to get my gmail. My settings are not screwed up. they are just gone. What’s going on?

  87. I would venture to guess that half of the above commenters set up a third party mail program (such as outlook, thunderbird, etc.) to use their gmail account. If I am correct, then most likely your mail programs settings are set to “remove mail from server after its downloaded.” not necessarily a google problem. they are only completely gone if you have now deleted them off of your local computer

  88. It is still happening. I was looking for a recently sent e-mail – gone into cyberspace. gmail works nicely but it totally unreliable for anything important. I lost an airline coupon I should have printed out – so the moral of this story is – if the information is important – print it out or you may lose it. there is no obvious pattern to the lost e-amil

  89. my gmail disapears whenever my stepdaughter uses the same computer at home

  90. my gmail disappears whenever my stepdaughter uses the same computer at home

  91. My email was my touch with the out side . Any thing to do with my email deserted me between 12:00 am and noon March 10, 2012. How do I get it back with my same email address? How can I contact you or any one with out access to my email.This is not the time to be playing gamed.

  92. Much of my recent e-mail has disappeared from my inbox, sent and deleted boxes. Not consistent – it has left some of my older e-mail and deleted almost all sent e-mail except for a few regular contacts

  93. all my emails have disappeared from all my folders of my gmail id, wat is the next step to retrieve them.

  94. lost loads of random mail and sent mail before Christmas. It appears to have returned last week with an extra copy of all missing sent emails in spam folder. Bizarre!

  95. Fuck gmail! Where are my emails from 12/30 – 1/16 – all completely gone!!!!! I had job opportunities in those emails and now how am I supposed to contact those companies?!!!!!

  96. I’m a FairPoint customer. Yesterday afternoon I lost my email account. EVERYTHING. Inbox gone, address file gone,sent mails gone, drafts gone. Nada. Zip. I contacted the company and they confirmed that my account no longer existed; even they couldn’t access it, and had no explanation. I set up another one; so far, so good, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ve had my inbox vanish before, but never this.

  97. All my email disappeared on AOL last week. Deleted AOL and established a google account.
    Today, open my new Google email (with new password) and all my Google email has disappeared.
    This is a first for me in 20 years.
    What’s the deal, AOL, Google?????

  98. I have just opened a gmail account & it won’t accept my password & my sent mail has disappeared.
    Where is it?

  99. Google Gmail team, please help!
    A user that I support found that hundreds of emails (all from a certain sender) have disappeared!

  100. I regularly have random emails disappear from my gmail inbox for no reason. It’s always newer emails. Just pathetic.

  101. You losers are complaining about a FREE service?? Get a clue, and get a paid e-mail service if you want reliability or “depend on it for your business”. Sheesh.

  102. Oh yeah, i have had this account for two years and never had a problem until now. I am pissed.

  103. i have no gmail seems to completely dissa peared. where the hell is my email i have yuery important documents in there you idiots I hate you and will never use gmail again i will tell all my friends you idiots.

  104. Extremely upset! logged in today just to find out that theres nothing in my inbox. WILL NEVER USE GMAIL AGAIN!.

  105. My account vanished today. When I tried to recover my password, it said that there were no accounts with my username. My email had my university application information inside it.

    Hate you, gmail

  106. My gmail email got deleted completely…form everywhere..the whole thread..very surprising…

  107. We have a number of customers using gmail – although none of them have complained of an issue like this until now, we’re taking precautions and having them backup all their Gmail messages and contacts to our backup servers. Inspite of everything, there is no way to tell when something may go wrong.

  108. I use Thunderbird to back-up my email and manually save a copy of my contacts to a local drive regularly. I don’t trust Web apps 100%, probably never will.

  109. while typing a message my cursor will disappear and reappear in text already typed. I type looking at keyboard so I do not catch it in time.

  110. Just happened to me, before my eyes. Changed my password and still was happening, so I think it is definitely a google server issue

  111. I NEVER bother with these types of mail accounts. Why not release the names of these sites and put them to shame

  112. i have had my Gmail account for about a year i never had a problem with it i know alot of people who have it and they still do.

  113. Actually the contact list stealing script has been corrected by Google. Here is the story, note the Update at the top ( http://www.oreillynet.com/onlamp/blog/2007/01/your_gmail_contact_list_is_han.html?CMP=OTC-UD6648202101&ATT=Your+GMail+Contact+List+is+Hanging+Out+There ). I don’t know anything about the email disappearing, except that I have not had this problem, but I thought people should know Google has quickly corrected the script vulnerability.

  114. This is the reason why I NEVER bother with these types of mail accounts. Why not release the names of these sites and put them to shame… or at least warn the poor people who rely on sloppy programming like this.

  115. Nothing I didn’t erase myself is gone in my gmail account. I am concerned about the pickup sites even though I don’t leave gmail open. Can you find out anything about these sites?

  116. Ok – I give up – what are the sites that are causing Gmail to vanish? Is there a “hot fix” or MSN update/fix available?

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