France to Ban Cell Phones for Children

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In stark contrast to the United States, where cell phones for kids seem routine, and cellphones designed for children are seeing increasing marketshare, the government of France has decided to ban cell phones for children.

In fact, according to Jean-Louis Borloo, Environment Minister for France, the government is planning to not only make it illegal to pitch cell phones “in a manner designed to appeal to children aged under twelve years,” but if Borloo has his way, it will also be illegal to sell cellphones that are designed for the under 7 set.

We say, good for them.

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3 thoughts on “France to Ban Cell Phones for Children

  1. I don’t think it is anything to do with promoting good parenting. It’s about protecting children from (arguably) harmful radiation -in the same way some drugs or other toxic substances cannot be sold legally for children’s use. To take this argument to the extreme… you wouldn’t want a toddler to be the legal owner of a gun. It’s beyond the parenting question of whether it is good for the child’s development to rely on weapons in order to feel secure – it’s much more about being just too plain dangerous.

  2. Oh, yes, it’s great idea! Make sure the government enforces good parenting. Don’t let the parents decide, heaven forbid!

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