Facebook Linked to Venereal Disease (Yes, Really)

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Hard though it may seem to grok the connection at first, Facebook has been positively linked to venereal disease. In particular, syphillis has reared its ugly head, with an increase in incidence of the dreaded VD in some areas as high as four times previously quiescent numbers, most of which is being attributed to link-ups for casual sex across multiple partners that are occurring on Facebook.

Medical officials in the UK have determined that the sharp increase in syphilis has been the worst in regions where Facebook is the social network of choice when trolling for casual sex partners.

According to Peter Kelly, the Executive Director of Public Health for one of the regions hardest hit, “Unprotected sex, especially with casual partners, is the biggest risk for syphilis. Social networking sites are making it easier for people to meet up for casual sex. It is important that people avoid high risk sexual behaviours and practise safe sex to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections.”

In response, a Facebook spokesperson suggests that users should “take precautions.”

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Linked to Venereal Disease (Yes, Really)

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