Don’t Be Taken in by this Fake Amazon Order Phishing Scam!

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Did you get an email from Amazon telling you about an order that you don’t remember ordering? That’s probably because you didn’t – it’s a phishing scam! Don’t fall for it! The “Your Order” email, which purportedly comes from “” actually is an effort to get you to point your web browser to (the actual phishing URL is “”).

Here’s what the email looks like – innocent enough, right?



And here’s how it reads:

From: “”
Subject: Your Order (D23-4202635-4270272)


Thanks for your order, []

Did you know you can view and edit your orders online, 24 hours a day? Visit Your Account.

Order Information:

E-mail Address: []
Order Grand Total: $ 70.99

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Order Summary:
Order #: D33-1070271-8770019
Subtotal of items: $ 75.99
Total before tax: $ 31.99
Sales Tax: $ 0.00
Total for this Order: $ 18.99

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Don’t Be Taken in by this Fake Amazon Order Phishing Scam!

The following item was ordered:
Click here and see items, Price: $ 61.99
By: Click here
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

The charge for this order will appear on your credit card statement from the merchant ‘AMZN Payment Services.’

You can review your orders in Your Account. If you’ve explored the links on that page but still have a question, please visit our online Help Department.

Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

Thanks again for shopping with us.
Earth’s Biggest Selection


But, check out what’s underneath the hood – each and every one of those links actually goes to





Remember, you can (and should) always hover your mouse cursor over a link and let your system reveal the actual destination before clicking on a link.

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Don’t Be Taken in by this Fake Amazon Order Phishing Scam!

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13 thoughts on “Don’t Be Taken in by this Fake Amazon Order Phishing Scam!

  1. This happened to me today. I noticed a 8.71 charge from prime video involving 8888023080 and when I called it they wanted to send me a text so I hung up and called my bank. They disputed the charge and cancelled my card. Definitely fraud!!! DO NOT give personal info to the fake operator at the 888 number!!!

  2. I got two alert emails from my CC company for a 0.00 and 1.05 charge from AMZN digital phone: 888-802-3080. I did not purchase anything from Amazon for either amount. So I called the number and a recorded message answered asking me to enter my phone number so they can text me to confirm my identity..I immediately hung up. These fraudsters think they are so clever… The strangest thing is the card that was charged was brand new and I had not even activated it. I Called the CC company and the rep said the charges looked like fraud so she closed the account and is sending yet another new card…

  3. Got a fraudulent charge from Prime Video 888-802-3080.
    When I called the number, the first thing the person asked me was. What’s the email associated with the account. To which I replied. *Click. Called my bank to have the charge disputed and the card cancelled.

  4. Have had two unknown charges on my credit card account, the first in February for $5.02 and the second in March, for $10.25 both charges made by Merchant Information Amazon Services – Kindle 866-321-8851 . Having Bank check them out.
    Never heard of these people before. Have never dealt with them before. Never signed or agreed to pay additional fees anywhere.

  5. I got debits on my business account, the last two statements: “Sponsored Products 866-216-1072 NV”

    I called them, got a recording, telling me about great deals on stuff. and then,
    “just hang up and we will call you back” Then 15 minutes later I called them again, and it rang and rang for 20 times and got a recording that the number is not working at this time.

    SCAM!!!! If this happened to you….call your bank to have the charges removed. MY Question, is HOW did they get my CC number?

  6. Got one today from “AMAZON.COM”
    Order YF6375174 Placed on May 03, 2014

    Order details and invoice in attached file.

    Need to make changes to your order? Visit our Help page for more information and video guides.

    We hope to see you again soon.

  7. Got call from 866 216 1073. They asked for my spouse Carol. When she answered they hung up.

  8. We actually got 2 charges on our credit card for small amounts marked Amazon Digitals Services when we never made any purchase for the REAL Amozon digital services or any other Amazon charge anywhere near the dates …

  9. oreder confirm from: From: “Deana Kenny”
    All links lead to

    I am so sick of this. Wish spammers would all get a disease and die painfully!

  10. The links on the email I received went to a blank page at . is a page with a mix of languages and lots of spelling errors! Beware!

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