Bug in Android Update Ignores Your Gmail Default “From” Address

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If you’ve noticed that your email seems to be acting funky lately, such as that replies from people to whom you have sent email aren’t showing up where they should, or that people aren’t getting email that you send from your Android phone, the culprit could well be that your Android phone is no longer using your default “From” address (your “send mail as” address) that you have set in Gmail. Thanks to an issue with the latest Android update, Android phones are not longer honoring your selection of default From address, and are instead defaulting to using your Gmail account email address.

This bug is known and acknowledged by Google, who have said in their Android support forums that:

We’ve identified an issue with the app that causes it not to pre-select your default address (the one you set in Gmail’s main settings on a computer) when composing. We’ll look to address this issue in a future update to the app.

For now, you will have to manually switch the address in the app, as you have been doing. Our apologies for any inconvenience this is causing.

Of course, this causes more than just an inconvenience if it causes email to go missing, or if it causes you to send business email with a non-professional “From” address.

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Unfortunately, unless someone figures out some genius workaround, really all you can do until Google issues another Android update is follow Google’s advice, and manually select and set your email to be sent “From” your chosen ‘From’ address before you hit “send” on your phone.

And hope like anything that they actually do address this issue in their next update (although a patch sure would be nice)!

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