‘Bic for Her’ Lady Pen Burned by Internet Review Flames

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  • ‘Bic for Her’ Lady Pen Burned by Internet Review Flames

A pen for women must mean that it has lipstick on one end, right? BIC pens is the latest group to find themselves in hot water with women. Did they make politically incorrect commentary on the anatomy and physiology of women? No. Did they donate $100 million to the “I hate women for life” campaign? No. What they did make, though, is a pen. A lady pen, to be specific, and it has the women of Amazon.com fuming.

BIC pens has released a line of pens made for women called “BIC for Her.” The pens comes in a line of pastel feminine colors, including pink and purple, with some of them featuring diamond-shaped etchings. And some of them come in, what BIC is calling, “Fashion Ink.” That would be pink or purple ink – very fashionable.

‘Bic for Her’ Lady Pen Burned by Internet Review Flames

With taglines such as “the pen essentially for women,” and “reserved for women,” most women are just exasperated that the distinction that sets these pens apart from “man” pens are their stereotypical feminine colors, diamond etchings, and staggering price tags. Business Insider studied the prices closely and found that the lady pens cost 70% more than the non-lady pens.

The gist of their findings, broken down into per pen costs:


1. BIC Cristal Stic Ball Pen $.34 per pen vs. BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen – $.47 per pen
2. BIC Triumph 537 Retractable Gel Medium Point Pen $.89 per pen vs. BIC for Her Retractable Gel $2.89 per pen
3. BIC Velocity Retractable Colorful Inks Ball Pen $.84 per pen vs. BIC For Her Fashion Retractable Ball Pen $2.81 per pen

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‘Bic for Her’ Lady Pen Burned by Internet Review Flames

Reception to these high-priced frilly pens has been less than enthusiastic, and downright sarcastic and snarky. Just a few of our favorite Amazon reviews:

“Love this pen, but the color choices seem to be lacking. Really wish it came in 50 shades of grey.”

“I bought these pens to write down my grocery list, barefoot in the kitchen. But the packaging was so hard to open, I had to wait until my husband came home from work just to it open.”

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“So my wife has always wanted a divorce, but when it came time to sign the papers I stumbled over laughing as she reached for my Bic pens in an attempt to use them. Silly woman, how could she possibly use these pens to do “women’s work”. Did she not know the manliness of the almighty Bic pen? Her hands just couldn’t handle its sheer power and testosterone.”

And our favorite yet:

“I know it says “for her” on the package but I, like many, assumed it was just a marketing ploy seeking to profit off of archaic gender constructs and the “war of the sexes”. Little did I realize that these pens really are for girls, and ONLY girls. Non-girls risk SERIOUS side effects should they use this product. I lent one to my 13-year-old brother, not thinking anything of it, and woke up the next morning to the sound of whinnying coming from the room across the hall. I got out of bed and went to his room to find that my worst fears had been realized : MY LITTLE BROTHER IS NOW A UNICORN and it’s all my fault. Sure, you’d think that having a unicorn for a little brother would be great but my parents are FURIOUS – I’ve been grounded for a MONTH!!!”

BIC is yet to release comment. They’re yet to put pink pen to paper.

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‘Bic for Her’ Lady Pen Burned by Internet Review Flames

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  • ‘Bic for Her’ Lady Pen Burned by Internet Review Flames

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  1. Very poor value for the dollar. But the pens do look very cute! And I have used pink and purple ink for “special projects”, some time ago. (Sadly the pink and purple ink did not impress her… Sigh.)

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