Amazon Launches Fantasy Adventure Game on Echo

amazon echo alexa the magic door adventure
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Remember Zork? Amazon has decided to breathe new life into adventure games by debuting an old-style interactive adventure game on a new-fangled device: the Amazon Echo. Actually, the Alexa adventure game, called The Magic Door, has been around since 2017, however Amazon has started pushing it a bit more recently.

To play the Amazon Magic Door adventure game you need an Amazon Echo. Then you have only to say “Alexa, open The Magic Door” to be transported to a faraway land, on a magical adventure, encountering gnomes, a princess, a wizard, and even a talking rabbit.

Alexa, open the Magic Door

Explains Amazon, on their Magic Door page, “You can tell Alexa what choices to make as you explore a magical land with various regions, including a forest, sea, garden and castle. You will collect hidden items, solve riddles, and help magical creatures.”

Welcome to the Magic Door. In front of us is a land of adventures. We can explore this land together. Our journey depends on the choices we make.

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Your first choice begins here with three roads: one leads to the mountains, another to the sea, the last is a spooky path into the dark forest. Would you like to go to the mountains, to the sea, or to the dark forest?

Some of the things you can find, and do, within the magical kingdom beyond the Magic Door include:

  • Help the Princess find her crown
  • Help the Gnome find the key to his home
  • Take the boat across the Sea to the Tropical Island to help a family of monkeys
  • Find a fortune teller
  • Find and meet the wizard

This is just a small sample of a much larger set of options.

amazon echo alexa the magic door adventure
Credit: Amazon and The Magic Door

There are actually currently two different adventure games you can play with your Echo. In addition to the Magic Door, the folks over at, er, have created another action adventure game that you can play on your Echo. It’s called Rogue’s Choice and is not, they say, suitable for children.

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rogues choice adventure game amazon alexa echo

Says the Magic Door site, “In Rogue’s Choice you play a rogue in a medieval fantasy world. With debts to pay to the underworld, you need to make a lot of coin fast! Perhaps worse, you’re wanted by the King’s men for desertion. Survival is your first priority, but can you thrive in the ruthless streets of Ring City? On top of this, can you discover the secret within the walls of the city… And beneath!”

In a world full of graphic, violent video games, it’s rather refreshing go have someone offer a text adventure game that you can talk to!

Have you tried either The Magic Door or Rogue’s Choice? If to, what did you think?

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