Instagram WhatsApp and Parts of Facebook Down on July 3rd 2019

instagram down july 2019
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Instagram is down for users around the world this July 3, 2019. It is not readily apparent what is causing the issue, but we will keep you posted. Reports coming in also suggest that WhatsApp is down. Instagram and WhatsApp are both owned by Facebook. So far no reports that Facebook is down or that Facebook Messenger is down, although tests conducted by the Internet Patrol suggest that Facebook’s media (specifically images) server is also down.

Map of Instagram Outages 3 July 2019

instagram down july 2019

As we at the Internet Patrol have dug further into this, we have also discovered that the parts of Facebook that are down, or at least impacted and sluggish, include Facebook hanging and never resolving (finalizing) the loading of a page.

facebook down

waiting for facebook down

The Facebook sluggishness comes and goes. As of 9:12 a.m. MTN time Facebook’s image serving, as well as Instagram’s, was still down.

facebook instagram down

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