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Twitter and the FBI, sitting in a tree –

And they aren’t just k-i-s-s-i-n-g….. It’s much worse.

What’s being disclosed in the now-weekly Twitter releases certainly doesn’t improve the image of the FBI (and, of course, other 3-letter and 4-letter agencies).

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A Computer Spying Method You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

What if someone just around a corner could see what you’re looking at on your computer screen without using a physical or wireless connection and without ever being in your system?

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Change your computer’s settings to stop programs from spying on you

You are well-known to your phone. It monitors your location, browsing habits, downloads, and other activities. Find out how to tell when your phone’s camera or microphone is being used by visiting this page.

Artificial Intelligence is among the technologies used to combat the coronavirus
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A Spectacle of A.I. — Fake Profile Photos

Artificial intelligence-generated fake profile photos are “rampantly rising,” according to the Facebook parent company, Meta. Anyone, including threat actors, can create eerie deepfakes using readily available technology like “generative adversarial networks” (GAN), which generates scores of synthetic faces in a matter of seconds. Ben Nimmo, Meta’s Global Threat Intelligence lead,…

iPhone focus modes
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How To Make Your iPhone *Not Work* For Your Schedule

There are a few different ways that you can use your iPhone to help you stay focused and limit distractions when you have a busy schedule. In this piece of our series, Making Your iPhone Work For You, we’re breaking down the iPhone settings to help you better manage your…

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USB Type-C: The One to Rule Them All

The One Who Will Rule Them All: the only of its kind whose value maintains against the depreciation of every other —— The USB Type C. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a communication interface that accepts input provided through various connectors. A few examples of these connectors are USB…

USB Type
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USB — the Rainbow Connection

“USB” stands for “Universal Serial Bus” is actually referring to the series of specifications, protocol, and interfaces for hardware set by industry standards. In most cases, white USB ports are Type A USB 1.x. Introduced in 1996, Type A USB 1.x is the oldest USB standard. A data transfer rate…

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How To Increase Apple Macbook Battery Life

Macbook can’t hold a charge? Battery gets low fast? Here are some pro tips and tricks to make Apple Mac Batteries last longer!

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How To Remember All Of The Keyboard Shortcuts On Your Macbook

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t something I’ve ever had to struggle with too much. I was born into a house with a computer in it, and my writing is much, much prettier when typed than it is when hand-written (I’m not sure I should even call what I can do with a pen “writing”). Hitting command+V or control+left feels just as natural to me as driving does, and I thought everyone was like that, but after I’d had the experience of watching other people use their computers, and other people watching me use my computer, I learned that not everyone is like that! In fact, most people type below 100wpm and in fact many of them move the mouse up to the menu bar, to click on “Edit”, and then “Copy”. If you’re one of these people, well, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you didn’t know about this app sooner. Hopefully you’ll be well soon.

The Internet Patrol default featured image
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Mac Pro Tips: How to install yabai and skhd

In our last post, we briefly went over yabai, which is a tiling window manager for macOS. If you’re not experienced with Linux systems, the concept of a window manager (WM) is likely foreign to you, so I’ll pause briefly to provide an explanation and definition of a window manager, specifically a “tiling” WM.

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The internet is dead, long live the internet!

The internet is a marvelous invention, and I could write a long series of dense books on why it’s marvelous, and what exactly makes it marvelous. Perhaps I shall. However, this format of media (being on the internet, of course) doesn’t exactly lend itself to long unengaging texts… Although hey,…

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Mac Pro Tips: Window Management.

If you’re one of the many mac users who’s spending a significant amount of time on your computer, you’ve likely spent some time thinking about how to speed up your workflow.

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The Metaverse — a series in and of itself

If you’ve never found yourself hanging around the horned-rim glasses wearing literary fans or the all in black art crowd, you may not be familiar with the word “meta” and it’s many uses. Its origin story, like many others, takes place in ancient greek mythology. Meta was the first wife of the Athenian king, Aegeus. The word itself, Meta, is derived from μετά, meta, meaning “beyond” or “after”. Meta was the equivalent to the Latin “post-” or “ad-”. However, the contemporary version of Meta is not very old; meta appeared for the first time in 1988. Despite its age, Meta, has many definitions, all of which make it an uncanny name for the future of technology… or rather, of all things.

the Internet Patrol invents Emoji Rhyming Slang
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We Invented Emoji Rhyming Slang!

Ready to use emoji rhyming slang? It’s like Cockney rhyming slang, but with emoji! Rhyming slang has been around for ages and the best known, or rather the one that most people have heard of is Cockney rhyming slang, which has been around since at least the early 1800s. However there is also Australian rhyming slang, which was adopted by criminals and crime gangs on the west coast of the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. And why do we say that we invented it? Well, if you Google something and there are no results, we take that as pretty good evidence that we are the first, or, at least, the first to discuss and use it publicly.

Full Text of June 16 2022 Statement of Judge J. Michael Luttig to the January 6th Committee
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Full Text of June 16, 2022 Statement of Judge J. Michael Luttig to the January 6th Committee

Here is the full text of the statement by Judge Michael Luttig that was submitted this morning to the House Select Committee investigating January 6th, 2021 (“J6 committee”). Note that Judge Luttig did not coin the phrase “Republican blueprint to steal the election”, nor put it in this statement, although he did discuss “the blue print” during his live testimony today, when he said that “Donald Trum and his allies are executing the blueprint now, in plain view of the American people.” However it was CNN that coined the phrase “Republican blueprint to steal the 2024 election” in the headline that CNN placed above Judge Luttig’s April 2022 OpEd.