How to Find, Recover and Restore the Recently Deleted Folder of Photos on Your iPhone

How to Find, Recover and Restore the Recently Deleted Folder of Photos on Your iPhone


If you have found that your iPhone photos Recently Deleted folder has gone missing, you’re not alone. And if your iPhone recently deleted pictures folder is missing, you can’t restore recently deleted photos to your iPhone. Fortunately, while it may seem like your deleted photos folder has disappeared from your iPhone, it’s actually just gone into hiding. Here is how to find your missing iPhone deleted pictures folder.

People want to restore deleted photos on their iPhones for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps you deleted the picture by mistake. Perhaps you want to look at it just one more time to make sure that, yes, that person from Tinder really did send you a picture of his (or her)…well…. Or perhaps you want to use a picture that you previously deleted to make a gratitude watch with your Apple watch. Whatever the reason, now you’re looking for your Recently Deleted photos folder, and it’s gone!

The Problem: iPhone Recently Deleted Photos Folder is Missing

When you open your photos app on your iPhone, and look at all of your albums, no matter how far you scroll, the Recently Deleted folder is missing.

iphone photos recently deleted folder missing

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The thing is, you used to be able to get to the Deleted folder this way – it would display as one of the albums like this:

iphone recently deleted photos folder disappeared

But with the most recent iOS updates, it’s…gone.

And you would think that clicking on that ‘See All’ would surely lead you to the Recently Deleted folder – after all, they would have to include the deleted photos folder as part of ‘all’, right?

where is the iphone photos recently deleted folder

But, alas, it isn’t there either. In fact at this point is when you may have started to panic, thinking that you had somehow messed up and accidentally deleted the Recently Deleted photos folder. Fear not, you haven’t. It’s still there, it’s just not particularly intuitive how to find it.

Here’s how to find it.

How and Where to Find the iPhone Photos Recently Deleted Folder

Go into your Photos app and click on the Albums icon at the bottom

iphone iphoto photos albums

Be sure you are at the top level, so that you see the large ‘Albums’ at the top (not to be confused with My Albums, which is a separate folder under the top level Albums.

find recently deleted photos album folder iphone

This is part of where it gets confusing because you can swipe right and left to page through your various albums which, as we’ve already seen, don’t include your recently deleted folder.

Start scrolling down

Scroll down (not right or left), and you will see a section called People & Places. Keep scrolling past People & Places, and down past the section called Media Types.

how to find recently deleted folder iphone photos

Go to the very bottom

Down at the very bottom you will find a section called ‘Other Albums’, and there, along with the other orphaned albums Imports and Hidden, you will find your Recently Deleted album folder.

find the recently deleted photo album iphone

We have no idea why Apple decided to move it there, so out of the way, but at least now you know where it is.


Until they move it again.

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How to Find, Recover and Restore the Recently Deleted Folder of Photos on Your iPhone

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