Uber Offers Flu Shots and (RED) AIDS Fighting through UberHealth

Don’t have time to go out and get a flu shot? Now through Uber’s UberHealth service, you can have on-demand mobile flu shots come to you! During a one-day promotion last week, in select cities throughout the United States, from Atlanta to San Francisco, Uber Health would bring a nurse-administered flu shot right to your door. While this was a one-day offering, we’re sure that they’ll offer it again. (See below for a full list of cities in which Uber offered an Uber flushot.) And in the meantime, Uber has teamed up with AIDS-fighting program (RED) to raise money for the (RED) AIDS program.

How Uber is Taking Your Privacy for a Ride

Some are calling it Ubergate. Still others call it the reason they will no longer use the Uber service (fortunately there are alternatives to Uber, like Lyft in the U.S., and Hailo in the UK and Ireland). First there was Uber’s ‘Rides of Glory’ (i.e. rides of shame), then came the alleged threat of an “opposition research plan” against journalists to spend $1 million to dig up information on “your personal lives, your families.” And thus #Ubergate was born.

Uber Shuts Down on Taxi Service App in New York City

Uber, the popular iPhone app that allows you to schedule a private car or taxi through your mobile device, is closing the doors on its Uber NYC taxi service, just a month after opening it to beta. Citing too much ride demand for not enough taxi supply, the app makers said that they are hoping they will have better luck in the Big Apple in the coming year.