How to Find a List of All of Your Facebook Groups and How to Leave Them

Are you wondering “How do I find a list of all of my Facebook groups?” or “How do I leave a Facebook group?” Now, it may be that all you have to do is look at the left-hand side of your Facebook timeline for a list of groups to which you belong. But some people, for privacy, don’t display that, and then they don’t know how to find a list of all of their Facebook groups. Here’s how.

How to See Who Liked a Facebook Page that You Run

Lots of people run Facebook Pages, and it’s always exciting when somebody ‘Likes’ your Facebook page. And you can see how many people have Liked your Facebook Page simply by loading that page. But it’s not obvious how you see all the people who Liked your page, so that you can reach out to them individually. So, here’s how to see who liked your Facebook Page.

How to Find Those Big Files Taking Up Space on Your Mac Hard Drive

If you are suddenly finding your Mac hard drive much more full than you think it should be, you may also be wondering how to find the big files that are taking up so much space. Simply sorting your files in finder by size doesn’t cut it, because you may need to go through dozens or even hundreds of directories. What you want is a way to see all the files, across your entire Mac, that are huge. Here’s how to find all of the really big files on your Mac hard drive.

How to Find Your Email Files on a Mac or Macbook

If you are trying to find your mail files on your Mac or Macbook, and wondering “Where are the mail files on a Mac”, and maybe even feeling a little bit dumb because you can’t find your mail files, well, that’s because in later versions of OS X, mail files are hidden! Apparently you’re not supposed to find your mail files on your Macbook or Mac! But we are going to tell you where your mail files are hidden because, well, that’s just how we roll.