How to See Who Liked a Facebook Page that You Run

Lots of people run Facebook Pages, and it’s always exciting when somebody ‘Likes’ your Facebook page. And you can see how many people have Liked your Facebook Page simply by loading that page. But it’s not obvious how you see all the people who Liked your page, so that you can reach out to them individually. So, here’s how to see who liked your Facebook Page.

how to see who liked facebook page


First, go to that Facebook page that you run.

At the top of the page, you will see a series of admin links. Click on ‘Activity’.

facebook page activity tab


This will take you to the section where you can review the notifications and the comments that your page has received. It will default to the notifications section, which is where you want to be. When you land in that section, you will see all notifications (whether someone Liked a particular post, or someone Liked the page, or Shared a post, etc.). For this exercise we are interested in when someone Liked the page itself, but you can use these instructions for other sorts of Likes, and Shares, as well.

Once you are on the ‘Activities’ page, you can get to an entry about someone Liking the page a couple of different ways. Either simply scroll down the page until you find an entry where someone Liked the page:

facebook find someone liked your page


Or, if your page is very active, it may be easier to go to the section that specifically only shows you Likes, rather than all activity.

facebook page likes section


Either way, find an entry where it says “So-and-so likes your page.”

Now click anywhere on that entry.

find who liked your facebook page


Clicking on any ‘liked your page’ entry will bring up a list of people who Liked your page. Scroll down to see more.

people who liked your facebook page


If you want to see an individual Liker’s profile (from which, if you want, you can reach out to them and send them a message), just click on their name or picture.

individuals who likes your facebook page


And that’s all there is to it! And, hey, while you’re here, please Like The Internet Patrol’s Facebook page! :-)

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How to See Who Liked a Facebook Page that You Run
Article Name
How to See Who Liked a Facebook Page that You Run
Here is a step-by-step tutorial, including full pictures, about how to see who Likes a Facebook page that you manage or run.

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