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If you are a Cingular, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile customer, and you find yourself getting unexpected text email on your phone, accompanied by an unexplained “e-wallet” charge on your cell phone bill from a company called “Mblox”, well, you’re not alone. Because Mblox is back in the phone spam limelight, this time as the front man for a company called Dadamobile (known by their shortcode 63232). It’s amazing how this keeps happening to Mblox.

Why, it was just last month that we told you about how downloading the Crazy Frog ringtone had caused folks to receive expensive phone spam, in the form of text messages for which the recipient had to pay.

The text messages came from the Crazy Frog’s creator, Jamba, through their provider, Mblox. At that time I was inclined to consider Mblox’ cries of “foul!, we’re just the provider, we didn’t spam Jamba’s customers,” as they were fined a cool $71,000 USD by the British watchdog agency, ICSTIS.

But this..this is just deja vu all over again.

In this new case Dadamobile is a provider of ringtones and other cell phone downloads, and they have on their website a form through which you can sign up to have their newsletter sent to you. To your cell phone. For a fee. You just submit your Cingular, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile cell phone number, and you start magically getting the newsletter. And the bill.

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Did I mention that they don’t require you to prove that the cell phone number is yours?

No sirree. None of that whacky confirmation stuff for these folks. Just enter a phone number, and they start billing it.

And oh, by the way, they have an affiliate program through which an affiliate can get paid $6.00 for every new customer they sign up.


Hmmm…that’s not likely to be abused by an affiliate just adding all of the phone numbers they can think of, is it? Naaaaaaah.

This all broke over on the blog, where someone – well – griped to Ed. They claimed that they had found this unexplained charge on their Cingular bill from Mblox, and that Mblox had passed the them on to Dadamobile. According to Ed’s site, quoting from a Dadamobile email sent to the reader, Dadamobile told the chargee that the subscription to their service “was done by visiting our website, inserting your phone number and ticking a box to state you had read the terms and conditions. We have done a check in our database, but we did not find any requests to stop the service before the end of the free week.”

The customer disservice email goes on to explain that the chargee would have received several SMS messages advising them how to discontinue the (unasked for) service if they wished to. Here is the message that they claim that they send to these new “subscribers”, word for word:

“Need new hot content 4 ur mob? Check or txt LIST to 63232. U have 40 downloads for $9.99/month only. 2 cancel txt STOP.Help?”

Now, how many of you would understand that to mean that you were signed up by someone for a service you never requested, and were about to be charged for, and that you had to opt out of?

The email to the chargee, from Dadamobile, concluded with “Unfortunately Dadamobile can not take responsibility for the circumstances in which you subscribed, be accidental or not.”


Now, to be fair to Dadamobile, they have responded to this issue on the blog. Here’s what someone calling themselves “maxpelle”, with an email address of, had to say in response to the complaint:

“DADAmobile is a mobile subscription package billed to subscribers on a monthly basis at $9.99. Subscribers are billed by means of premium SMS. The value proposition of the service is to provide subscribers with access to a wide range of mobile content (i.e. ringtones, real tones, wallpapers and javagames). With the payment of the monthly fee, members’ accounts are credited with a sum of tokens (the amount of which depends on the user’s carrier, i.e. Cingular users have a monthly allowance of 40 tokens) which they can “spend” by downloading content from the web site

The subscription to DADAmobile is a two-part process. First, the user inserts their mobile phone number on a web page on Second, after receiving an SMS reply from DADAmobile, the user confirms their subscription by either inserting a password (received in SMS) on the web or by replying YES via SMS from their handset. The user is ONLY subscribed to the service if they have completed this second step confirming that they wish to go ahead with the subscription.

This “second opt-in” ensures that users OWN the mobile phone number that has been inserted on the first page and that they have the handset in their posession when subscribing. Therefore no third-person number can be subscribed to DADAmobile unless they have permission to use that mobile/ mobile number and as a result can confirm the subscription as per step 2.

The “second opt-in”message the user receives also serves another purpose. It reminds users that they are subscribing to a monthly subscription service and gives them details on how they can, if they choose, opt-out and receive help. All this information is also clearly presented in more detail on the website.

This two-step process makes it very difficult for us to understand how a user can subscribe without knowledge of doing so and how the word SPAM might be associated with our service.” [Emphasis mine]

Of course, at least one, if not two other people who posted comments to the original post over on have said that they experienced the same thing.

You can read the entire thread over at’s Dadamobile thread. As one reader over there points out, if nothing else, this highlights why it’s important to read your cell phone bill every month.

In the meantime, once again, good old Mblox is saying that they are blameless.

Update! After so much response, we tracked the Mblox offfices down! They are in a storefront in a small office stripmall that occupies the addresses 477 through 493 Evelyn Avenue, in Sunnyvale, California. They are right by the train tracks; the wrong side of the tracks, apparently. Here is a picture of the Mblox storefront:

Even giving Mblox the benefit of the doubt a second time, here’s a clue for them: You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas. You lay down with spammers, you get up with a blacklisting.

Newest Update! mBlox Boasts Record Number of Messages Sent and Charged for in 2006!

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245 thoughts on “Phone Spam, Collect – Courtesy of Mblox and Dadamobile

  1. All the explanations about recycled phone numbers and two part sign-ups is a crock. When you have 9+ out of 10 people crying foul, you have the basis of a class action lawsuit. The only people that have supported Dadamobile, likely signed up for the service (on purpose!).

    There is no question in my mind that Dadamobile is guilty of fraud, fraud in the inducement, intrinsic and constructive fraud, deceptive and fraudulent ‘sales’ practices, lack of full disclosure and they’re in clear violation of the Fair Business Practices Act as well as the Federal Trade Commission Act. The company has NOT acted in good faith; there is much evidence to support the fact that the manner in which they have conducted their business, is criminal.

  2. Another recent twist on mobile is the mobile scammers taking a lesson from the old land-line crammers. The FTC just had a mobile cramming roundtable on May 8, 2013.

  3. Hi I just read your article and I am truly pissed. My 12 year old grandson ordered 1 song for his phone & ever since I have been charged 9.99 a month extra on my bill. I called cingular several times and I keep getting charged 9.99 my next step will be to do a class action suit and then maybe we will get some monetary satisfaction because I know I have not been compensated for the money I have paid cingular for at least 1 see my husband kept paying our cell phone bill and had no clue what was going on. thank you very much Maria Baez

  4. I called the number listed and cussed the guy I was speaking to, I am going to go to their site and cancel this crap and also going to call AT&T to make sure it gets cancelled, anyone know of any good virus protection for phones to block this kind of crap?

  5. We at Mobile Messenger would like to assist you with your concern or complaint. If you need assistance in regards to being unsubscribed or other related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please call 1-800-416-6129 Monday to Friday 0600 – 1800 US Pacific Time or email

  6. I also never signed up for these jokes! I have no idea where they are coming from or where they got my number from!!

  7. I am a US Cellular customer and I have been recieving these stupid jokes on my phone. I have not been charged yet but I am sure that I will be!! I cannot find who is sending these to me! And I have tried texting the number back and my phone will not allow me to! It keeps telling me that it is an invalid number. The number that I keep getting these jokes from is 996-21.

  8. Thanks for the info!
    Obviously, this is still going on, as one of these showed up from FreezeMob/Mblox in monthly-subscription form on my 13-year-old son’s phone just recently. Luckily, AT&T made it easy to cancel and apply for a refund, but… There has to be a way to stop unsolicited charges like this from showing up in the first place…

  9. I just got my 12 year old daughter’s cell phone bill and there were 3x$9.99 charges for Dada, Freeze Mobile and EZ Tracks. She only recalls responding to a TV ad to text for a free ring tone. Which she did but she doesn’t understand how she subscribed to 3 services. My service provider T-Mobile was extremely helpful, they blacklisted the 3 shortcodes so she can’t text to them and they can’t text to her AND they refunded me the total amounts charged so far $49.95.

  10. i live in the uk and i notice a charge of 2.50 on 3 seperate occasions and then i received another charge, i have no idea how they have got my mobile(cell) number as i dont subscribe to anything, i have called thinking i could try and get my money back and i asked for a callback from this company, but from what i have noticed from your comments i dont think i will get my money back, maybe i should go see my lawyer to see what could be done

  11. I started getting charges about a year ago for 9.99, I thought it was because my sister orders ringtones so I didn’t think anything of it and canceled that “subscription”. Then with last months bill I have a new charge of 9.99 from freeze mobile and I never got a text message or alert or anything so how could I have possibly signed up for this subscription?

  12. I was browsing internet, and i was looking to download one song, which I did, I didnt even want it on my phone, i wanted it for my computer. Little did I know this was to lead to me receiving 2 premium service messages per day from Dada, and consequently a 0.30c fee per mesage, and 0.35 per message abroad. This has happened since june 11th, and I only just found this out. I am awaiting my bills for july and august but imagine them to be sky high. I would like to be reemboursed for this obvious error, and have been reading all about this kind of same prob all over the internet. I already told Vodaphone to stop this service, which they have but say there is nothing they can do to reembourse me, but I would like to know what to do to be reeimboursed by you guys, Dada, for these services messages which I NEVER SUBSCRIBED TO, and I never opened, and has been such a nuisance for the past 21/2 months. HOW CAN THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS? AND VODAFONE COMPLETELY CLEAN THEIR HANDS OF THIS BULLSHITE? WHEN IS THIS FRIGGIN dirt gonna get cleaned? i mean they take us for stupid or wot? SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT MBLOX (VODAFONE TOLD ME DADA AND WAALA ARE LINKED TO MBLOX) AND DADA AND WAALA ARE ALL IN ONTHIS INTERNET FRAUDULENT CELL PHONE CRAP. BE AWARE EVERYONE…..WWW.DADA.NET AND WWW.WAALA.ES

  13. I just had a 19.99 charge on my 14 yr olds phone from these aholes. We have AT&T and they were great as well…too bad it takes 2 billing cycles to come off!

  14. I have been charged 9.99 by The charge was listed as mx telecom. I have service with Verizon. They were very helpful. They reversed that charges and informed me about the spam. They told me to text “stop end” to 88990. Anyway, I am so furious about this. The fact that I have wasted several hours trying to get rid of the charges. Not to mention having doubts when my husband said he did not download any thing. He does ignore text messages.

  15. Are those bas.tards from funmobile actually capable of sucking somebody’s credit without knowing his/her PIN?

  16. HEY GUYS! if you keep getting billed from here is the number… 18882140381 i have tmobile and they have been AWESOME with refunding me my $9.99 for the past 3 months. i just found that phone number and called to cancel. they do of course sound rude because they claim to be legit but we all know THEY ARE NOT!! just remember to call from the mobile phone which is getting charged and they will immediately take you off their billing. good luck everyone and lets bring these a**holes to justice!!

  17. i think the phone company is in the game with mblox and mqube , because they will not deactivate and mqube should be sued because they are fraudsters this is all rubish how can i be charged 10$ for stuff i did not sign up for we need to sue them ,this is insane

  18. I was charge 4 times on the same day within minutes by Ringaza and Freeze Mobile $9.99 each charge. I called my carrier (T-Mobile) within days of getting my bill and they claim they can do nothing about it. I even threatened to discontinue my service with them after 5 years. Funny thing is, I never recieved a text message from either of these companies informing me that I had signed up for anything. Ringaza will not return my e-mails at all !!

  19. Just to echo comments from some other posters– At&T/Cingular is very good at responding to this and credited my account immediately.

    When you think of all the customer service rep time taken to resolve these calls, hours a day, every day, and you see the wireless carriers continuing to do business with these scam artists, one thing is clear. The wireless companies are getting a pretty lucrative cut of the proceeds from the scam. Otherwise all the complaints and refunds would cost them money and they’d change their policies.

    And this is what pisses me off. We used to have the idea of customer service, where you would try to do the right thing for your customers and keep them as customers. Now we are viewed as captive audiences for endless scams and upsell opportunities.

    Sure, caveat emptor. I get that. And this is why no competent adult is going to willingly sign up for these ‘services.’ The problem here is that the consumer is deceived by the vendor as to what is being purchased. In addition, the sales contracts are often being transacted with minors, who are clearly not competent to agree to a contract, and again, the vendors know this from the get-go.

    And again, we have always had shysters and always will, and that’s not really news. The sick part is the collusion on the part of supposedly reputable companies.

  20. With the stupidity shown in these comments, I am actually amazed that you all figured out how to even get online!

    To all of you that are posting your phone number and asking a gripe website to cancel your subscription: are you all insane or just incredibly stupid?

    Blaming a mobile content provider because you have no control over your 10 year olds’ online behavior? Or worse yet, giving them a cell phone! Two words: bad parenting!

    Granted, I’m sure some gripes are legitimate, but I suspect that about 90% are due to your own stupidity, and the other 10% could be easily resolved by either texting “stop” or calling your cell phone provider. But instead, you whine about it online and write letters to the BBB. Nice job, waste 8 hours in order to fight a $9.99 charge. I guess we know how much your time is worth!

    Later dopes, and be sure to respond to those emails from that dignitary from Nigeria that has a check he wants to mail you!

  21. I just called T-mobile to ask what this $9.99 charge could be – I had no idea it was a subscription. “Freeze Mobile” 36726 – the T-mobile rep told me she would block further charges from these people – I have no idea how I got charged for this.

  22. I just received my at&t statement and I seen where I was charged $9.99 to FREEZEMOB. I called my carrier and had the “subscription” cancelled…A subscription, I never asked for!
    I will be watching my nexts month bill, just to make sure, I have not been charged again.

  23. Okay one more time….I have not read all of the comments here but I started getting billed from DADAMobile after my son did a vote for an idol tv show. Maybe the American people can help put some influence in place to stop these thieves.

  24. i continue to be charged a fee of $9.99 a month for something i did not subscribe to. this is crazy that these companies continue to do this to unsuspecting customers!

  25. I am a reporter for WKRC-TV, the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati, OH
    I am doing a story on this problem of text spamming. Is there anyone out there in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky or Southeastern Indiana region who has encountered this problem, and is willing to do an interview with us. I have another email:

  26. This whole post makes me laugh. Jamba do not use mblox, they use verisign for all US cell transactions. Yeah, its those guys who make your “secure” credit card payments who are running the jamba scam

  27. I was just watching CSI: NY and they have a contest that you can text your answer to a question. I did that once and I think that’s how I got spammed. I as charged $9.99 and $.99 per text message – and I was getting these messages every day. If anyone else has done this, it could be the way your cell number is getting “out there” to spam.

  28. The correct address for Mblox is:
    477 Evelyn Ave.
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086-6358

    This is the only address of the 477-493 addresses listed that returns a Zip Code when contacting the USPS.

    Also, I called my cell provider Sprint and they related to me that are able to block all text messages from “Premium”, make that spam, services.

    If you have been hit with unwanted charges from one of these services, call your cell provider, they should be able to help you.


  29. Hi, my cell phone number is 813-480-4626 and I have been billed text messages or games which I have never requested. I’ve been getting charged 9.99 from Tumbplay for the last 5 months. I called and visited verizon repeatly and they said Tumbplay or whatever the name is charges the account – and verizon pays it and then they bill me. I told them that I don’t authorize 3rd parties to charge my bill but they told me they can’t do that. I put them on noticed I will not pay any third parties billing unless they can proof with my signature that ordered. But, just because of some scam that they might also be part of, i not paying it. I called the phone # 1-866-853-3880 for Tumbplay or whatever the company is and told them to cancel and stop billing me for something I never subcribe, ordered or signed any agreement for. And wanted them to refund me $9.99 for the last five months I being paying Verizon for this. I told them i will file a complaint with the

  30. Wow. Just the fact that Dadamobile’s Customer “Service” has posted so many comments on a forum/message board NOT owned by them, is evidence enough that this company is not conducting themselves properly. What legitimate company searches the internet and posts on message boards and forums such as this?! None. The legitimate ones don’t have to!!

    All the explanations about recycled phone numbers and two part sign-ups is a crock. When you have 9+ out of 10 people crying foul, you have the basis of a class action lawsuit. The only people that have supported Dadamobile, likely signed up for the service (on purpose!).

    There is no question in my mind that Dadamobile is guilty of fraud, fraud in the inducement, intrinsic and constructive fraud, deceptive and fraudulent ‘sales’ practices, lack of full disclosure and they’re in clear violation of the Fair Business Practices Act as well as the Federal Trade Commission Act. The company has NOT acted in good faith; there is much evidence to support the fact that the manner in which they have conducted their business, is criminal.

    I would encourage each and every one of you who has a complaint with this company, to enter the above phrases into a legal search engine and find the state codes and US codes which apply. There have been State and Federal laws broken by this company and you CAN get your money back (I did!!), or you have legal recourse, and can sue for it in court. Stop being a victim and become proactive. Hound the company and do not stop until you’ve received your refund. It only took me about a week or so before they caved in.

    Print out this entire webpage and include it in your evidence if you plan to go to court.

    Regardless of how you proceed, you WILL win and you WILL get your money back if you are persistent and professional. Do your homework. Feel free to copy and past the above legal terms into your correspondence with the company. You may get a quicker response. Again, I GOT A REFUND from Dadamobile and you can, too!

  31. Hi! I have a similar experience with your ringtone business. I added someone on my Sprint cell phone account, and then I strated getting charged $9.99 every month on my monthly bill for nearly a year now. The charge has been showing on the bill under the other person’s number. I’ve called Sprint every sinle month to remove the charge; but lately Sprint has been reluctant to do so and I’ve had to pay for what I am not using and don’t know anything about. Sprint says you guys have to stop this. If your system works as it should, you should by now that your dadaringtone has not been working on my phone. So, please, I don’t want this to go any further, stop it right away, otherwise I will have to join those of my fellow victims of your business for class actions. If you will, contact me at the number provided herewith (240-483-8085). Thanks.

  32. My 10yr old daughter went onto a web site & seem to have thought she was getting FOC ringtones but to my horror when I received my bill(Vodafone) we had on one day 19 text from DADA MOBILE charging us £1.39 per message until we realised what was going on we had over £100 in charges. I have sent at least 7 emails to DADA cust services they said they were going to refund me all charges against her mobile number to date but we have only receive £15 what an insult I am in the UK so how many others are out there and don`t know whats going on SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE AND SOON as this is costing time and money for everyone and it stinks !!!! One unhappy parent DADA get your act sorted and contact me.

  33. Five minutes after my 10 yr. entered the pin number I realized the service was not free. No ringtones were downloaded. I txt “stop’, ‘cancel’, ‘terminate’ I was told ‘no more charges ‘. I called the 888 no. I was told I was charge 9.99, and that maybe I woujld get a refund. I then got on the phone with Verizon and they assured me that thaey would intercept anying charges. YEAH!!!!!!!CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Date: Tue, April 17, 2007 12:56 am
    Subject: Fraud Complaint

    From, David

    case #398584

    Funmobile Ltd. has sent unsolicited wireless text messages from mobile
    short code 99621 to Verizon customers stating their Verizon accounts
    will be billed 5.99 weekly/23.96 monthly for services that are
    unsolicited by the Verizon customers.

    This Verizon customer has filed an antitrust complaint with the FTC.
    OMB #3084-0047

    I went to [url] to find out who owns a mobile
    short code 99621 in the United States. I went to, to
    check the domain registration for I went to,
    to get the contact information.
    1-800-659-4091 is the real phone number from their web site.
    1-800-766-1068 is the number appearing in the text message. It is not
    enabled for voice communication.

    Here is their corporate information: Hong Kong Office: Address: 15/F,
    Tower 1, Grand Central Plaza, 138 Shatin Rural Committe Road, Shatin,
    HONG KONG Telephone: (852) 3760-9333 Fax: (852) 3760-9334,,

    You can read my problem (#188) then read #194. Yes Charles, this is exactly what I did. It took a couple of months but the FCC wrote Alltel (and I assume DADA). Apparently no one, Alltel or DADA has accepted responsibility but I have been sent a full refund and a letter from DADA that my service is cancelled. And so far it is! Of course you MUST cancel with DADA (888-214-0381)or try: Now, I suggest EVERYONE should file a complaint with the FCC. This may be the only way we can stop them. Good luck

  36. If anyone was charged on their cell phone bill for ringtones or other mobile content that they never ordered, they might want to get in touch with some class action attorneys.

    These guys have a site devoted to unauthorized cell phone charges and might be able to help you:

  37. If anyone was charged on their cell phone bill for ringtones or other mobile content that they never ordered, they might want to get in touch with some class action attorneys.

    These guys have a site devoted to unauthorized cell phone charges and might be able to help you:

  38. we did not order this crap but have been told we have to pay for it its all a big fat scamm now its your turn to step up to the plate and stop stealing from the hard working americans that do have a real job. so as of 3-29-07 i want this canceled and dont want to see it on our bill again

  39. cancel this shit now march 29 2007 its people like you that give the goods ones a bad name if not i’ll get a laywer on it now have a nice day

  40. Dear Ann (post 201) and Vincent (post 200),
    I am very sorry you are receiving unwanted charges. Neither of your mobile numbers were found in our database. Try doing a google search of the charge exactly as it is on your mobile bill to determine who is charging you. In the future, I suggest for your privacy that you do not post your mobile number in a public forum.
    If anyone believes they are being charged by Dada, please contact us at or call us toll free at 888-214-0381.
    -Dada USA, Inc Customer Care

  41. Thanks for this site. Just discovered today that dadaSCAMobile has been billing me $9.99/mo since my VERIZON phone was activated. Despite what they claim, I never requested their service. I’ve never sent a text message, and never heard of them (or their website) until now. VERIZON customer service offered to back out the charges up to 90 days prior to my call. That’s great, but I’ve had the phone 6 months.

    The fundamental problem here is that service providers are allowed to bill for 3rd parties. I imagine VERIZON and the other providers are making money from this: flat fee, percentage, or both.

    Make this feature illegal – or require billers to obtain customer verification of all 3rd party charges – and watch the SCAMs disappear.

  42. please stop service on my phone it is eating away at my minutes thank you my number is 508-4085-3132

  43. cancel this subscription or there will be legal action, i did not order it and don’t want it.If it is on bill next month you’ll hear from my attorney.disconnect from
    631-662-0031 I am the primary holder of this account

  44. yes ,i got my bill this month and it was $40 MORE THIS MONTH SO I CHECKED INTO it.mblox has been charging me every month for there services that i did not approve of…this is bull crip…and they assist that i order it…

  45. Here we go. Please email FOX at the below email addresses with your stories and go to the website at CNN to report your stories. They have a form there to report stories to them.

    It really makes me mad that these people are actually trying to continue to put the blame on so many people complaining about them. In my opinion, all parties are guilty of this scam – all of the wireless companies, mblox or whoever, and all of the other companies. This third party dealing is something that should be against the law…at least to prevent people who have, obviously, scammed so many people out of millions of dollars from using their services.

  46. We have to make it a law that, just like the porn sites, you have to enter a credit card number in order to get anything from their websites or even from calling their numbers avertised on TV that are a similar scan to the 900 numbers that finally were made illegal as they were doing it. Now these people are trying to make themselves look legitimate and are NOW trying to play by the rules after tens of thousands of Americans have complained to many people they are supposed to complain to about scams and only after they have stolen millions of dollars from Americans and, apparently, people in other countries, too. Everyone needs to write their congressmen/women about this scam. We should not let this go just b/c they give some people their money back. Think about all of the Americans who simply have not caught it yet. Think of all of the children that have been punished severely for something they are totally innocent of. Think of the dances, ballgames, trips our children have had to miss for being punished for something they didn’t do. They can never get these special times back. No one in my family ever gave these people our cell phone number and I am about to prove it soon. But how can we all prove it? Tens of thousands of eyewitnesses would do it in a second in a court of law. Actually only a few eyewitnesses would find them guilty in a court of law. These people should have no right whatsoever to ever do business in the USA or anywhere else again! They are nothing but a bunch of crooks. So, dada, do you think by just the complaints here on this site of never signing up for your BS services and people who already had their number for a while and weren’t charged for months testifying against you, a court of law could not find you guilty? It only takes one eyewitness to convict a murderer, you know, in a court of law.

    Everyone, please, email and so they will do a story on this crime/scam. I have a bunch of newspaper email addresses somewhere and will post them here when I find them. The more people that email and, the more likely they will do a story on these criminals. They should not be allowed to scam so many American people, stealing millions of dollars from us, and then try to play legitimate after doing so and making even more money from us. The innocent Americans that just go ahead and pay their bills without noticing what this is as I did for many months and as I have heard many others have done here and on other websites for many months need to be warned about these crooks. We should not have to go thru our bills with a fine tooth comb every month looking out for scammers and/or hire lawyers to go thru our bills. Please email and asap to let them know about these scams so they can make no more money from Americans and so no other criminals will do this to Americans.

  47. P.S. My daughter doesn’t even have text messaging on her phone, by the way, so I am wondering how in the heck they could text message her in the first place.

  48. Here we go AGAIN!!! I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is getting very scarey to me. When did we turn into a communist county, or something similar? Since when did these big companies have the power to screw so many Americans and get away with it??? Why isn’t anything being done about this? From what I have found out, there is no doubt about it, this is nothing but criminal on all of the wireless phone services as well as Mblox and all of the others. Many people are certain they haven’t even gone to these websites and downloaded anything. Furthermore, never in my life have I ever heard of being capable of buying anything without having to give people all kinds of information, and certainly not just a cell phone number. That’s one of the things that makes this so obvious that it is a huge scam. This is on my 12 year old’s phone and people are not supposed to be allowed to sell things like this to minors. They purposely make it easy b/c they are very obviously targetting the children. As of today, Cingular has taken off like $400 from these type of bills on my bill from my daughter’s cell phone. They asked me the last time I talked to them if I wanted them to block any companies such as these from ever being able to charge on my account, and I said, ABSOLUTELY! Now, here it is AGAIN! Like 40-some dollars worth. It’s just insane. There is no way in the world I am paying these crooks. American have to put their foot down on this one and do something.

  49. Dadamobile lies when they state they require authenitication and re-confirming messages. Dadamobile lies when they promise you a refund in 60 business days. Dadamobile lies when they tell you then must talk to your cellular company before issuing a credit to make sure the cellular company has not given one. Simply put, this is a fraud. Dadamobile is an Italian public company, and this has been how it has escaped responsibility so far. However, on February 12th of this year, the Board of Directors of DADA (MTAX STAR: DA.MI), chaired by Paolo Barberis issued issued 25,000 new share options to be assigned to the new top managers who entered the Dada Group in the United Sates during 2006. This means that complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission will be investigated. After all, the stock is a fraud too, with falsely inflated earnings. Use this link:

  50. Just thought it would be appropriate to mention some essential facts about Dadamobile into this thread. In this age of the Internet, most people understand that the size of one’s office is not necessarily a measure of their business or their capabilities. That said, it’s important to point out that mBlox is not Dada’s “partnerâ€?. mBlox is a service provider under contract with Dada to provide a service – of course, in a manner that complies with the law.

    We know there is spam out there. Unfortunately, it is often far too easy to look at companies that supply ringtones, games, graphics and social networking services for mobile phone users and assume every time a customer finds charges on their bill for something they believe they didn’t request, the whole industry is filled with scammers. That’s simply not the case.

    Dada, for example, has implemented best practices and voluntarily adheres to the standards of the Mobile Marketing Association. Dada has systems that require everyone to authenticate their mobile phone number, and separately re-confirm to us that they really do want the services they have signed up for. Anyone can opt out and stop their subscriptions at any time. So, if someone in possession of your mobile phone doesn’t actually ask to subscribe, no charges will ever be made. But if you let someone use your mobile phone, your account or your PIN code, well, you aren’t really going to blame Dada are you?

    Let’s be fair to both sides here folks. If Dada tries to do lots of reasonable and obvious things to make sure no one is billed for something they don’t want, it is not OK to have people ignore that and still blame us. No system is fool proof and with so many millions of wireless and mobile devices, communications and messages, no one – not even us – can guarantee any system will work perfectly.

    Our business is based on hundreds of thousands of customers who never complain and we try and keep trying to get even better – with our service providers, with our carriers and our customers. It’s easy to pick a few examples and pretend that is what Dada is all about. It’s harder to look at the whole picture and be objective. We would like to believe everyone – our customers and critics – will try.

    Just in case anyone reading this has a question, problem or complaint, we invite you to get in touch with us right away by calling 888-214-0381 or by filling out the short contact form that we put up on our website: or by sending an email to

  51. I continue to be contacted by customers of other download companies, unable to find contact information for these sites. I would like to post the information I have found which may be helpful to some of you.
    If the short code 76284 is on your mobile phone bill, you are either being charged by or . The charges range from $5.99/month to $19.99/month. They are related and you may contact both of them at 1-800-235-7105.
    If the short code 36726 is on your mobile phone bill, you are being charged by You may contact them at or 1-866-313-7157.
    If the short code 44577 is on your mobile phone bill, you are being charged by a company called The Ringtone Channel You may contact them at (800)387-0290.
    If there is a charge on your bill called Qtones, you may email them at Their toll free number is 1-800-761-6916. I hope this helps.

  52. I wanted to share customer service information regarding 2 more services we have been contacted about. The first is called FUNMOBILE (short code 99621). You may email them at or call them at 1-800-659-4091.
    The next has been reported as FREEZEMOB:36726 #28 Mblox. I was unable to find them via google but I did find a contact support page for them: I hope this information is helpful.

  53. Viv,
    Thank you for clarifying. Since you are in the UK, our UK team will have to handle this as we in the US do not have access to their database. Please let me know if this is not resolved so we may try to help.

  54. Re 186 above, I have tried to respond to you but have received this message: Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1), so my e-mail was returned undelivered. (: host[] said: 550
    no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1) (in reply to RCPT TO command))

    My e-mail read:
    The address I have sent messages to is This is the address from which I have received previous messages (Re: [DADACRM #167549] – [Vodafone] Trouble with my subscription) and which subsequently failed to respond to my messages at all, even to send an Auto-response.

    They have finally responded to another international fax I sent, saying that the refund had been paid to my bank account on 2nd February. I have not received this refund and have just e-mailed them again. I wait to see if and when they respond again and whether they ever refund my money.

    By the way, I am I the UK, not USA.


  55. All you folks who think they have cancelled DADA…who even have a refund check in hand…enjoy your dream world. Next month (or the next) you will find it back on your bill). I’ve been fighting them for months. I guess I’ve cancelled about 4 times. There have been 8 e-mails between DADA/ME/DADA and one phone call. Three calls to Alltel. DADA even sent me a refund. But before I could even cash the check they billed me again. Of course Alltel “can’t stop it”. Bet they get a kickback. Cancel my phone you say. Well sure, but first there’s the penality then what happens when it starts up with my next carrier? I’ll fight this till I die. Please, someone say “class action suite”.

  56. Angie,
    If you would like me to review your case with you, please send an email to attention Jana. I am happy to explain our subscription process and review your case.

  57. Viv,
    Please do let me assure you that we in no way block emails from customers. We address each and every request we receive. Please let me know the address where you were sending the messages so I may be sure the address is current. Also, I am sorry you had to spend the money to send an international fax. Please know that you may contact us here in the USA at 888-214-0381 or via email at

  58. I would like to post information that may help some of you resolve some of the cases you have posted. If you have recently purchased a phone and begin receiving text messages or an unknown charge on your bill, please read post #170 as it explains clearly how a recycled number may have previous subscriptions attached. By sending stop to 63232, Mike, you should be unsubscribed. If you would like, please contact us at or call toll free 888-214-0381 and double check. Please know that anyone may contact us to cancel your account via email or phone and we will be happy to assist you with your request. For your protection, our subscription process includes a double opt in feature so you are asked twice to read and accept our terms of use and subscription agreement. You must check both boxes to complete the subscription process. Please also note, many customers who have posted on this page and have contacted us find that they were not subscribed to dada but to one of our competators. I am happy to help you find their contact information as well. If you contact us via email, please do include your ten digit mobile number so we may assist you. Please do not post your number on this thread where it is public.

  59. I dont know how you all could get your money back on all the fee’s you’ve already had on your phone bills. If your like me though, I was just concerned about cancelling the so called subscription. I didn’t have one of their text messages to reply to or anything so I read through all of the fine print on one of their popup adds. It said that in order to cancel, all you would have to do was text STOP to 63232. I already did and got a text back immediatly saying that my subscription was cancelled and everything. I can’t say for sure if it’s actually worked or not but hopefully it has. Maybe that will help some of you.

  60. I am a cingular subscriber. I got charges on my bill this month from three different iNternet compaines. I have read alot of info here that will help me. I have had text messages and interent blocked on my phone for months and I am still getting these chrges and messages. I think this should be illegal PERIOD!

  61. When Dadascamobile doesnt like your messages, they block your e-mails. Fax them instead on:+39 055 2466304. They offered me a refund to get me off their backs, but they have not paid it. I guess their offer is recognition that their claim that I subscribed is fraudulent . Now they have chickened out or repayment.

  62. PS: The suggestions on this site and all the information helped me to solve this problem. Thanks alot.

  63. I got charged 9.99 by Mblox also on my January bill this year (2007). I’m with Cingular Wireless. I called Cingular and they said the charge would be taken off of the next bill. They also gave me a number to call Mblox which is 408-617-3700, and ask to them to make sure I was not a subscriber. So I called Mblox and they said I had to call Freeze Mobile. Freeze Mobile’s number is 866-313-8157. Free Mobile said they would discontinue my subscription of which I never intentionally asked for, of course. So when I get my next Cingular bill this charge should (and better not be) on there.

    This is how it happened. A 5 digit number appeared on my cell phone and of course, out of couriosity, I tried to find out what it was for. I had no idea it was tricking me into subscribing for something I didn’t order. I also was just trying to get that darn 5 digit number off my cell phone. So, I must have accidentally pressed the wrong button on my phone I guess by mistake.

    I believe these companies should not be allowed to communicate with out cell phones unless we give them our complete name and address. That way it would be clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did want their service. They shouldn’t be allowed to text us out of the clear blue sky just because they know our cell phone numbers when lot’s of people have no idea how these internet sites work.

    I wish everybody well with your cell problems.

  64. cancel the charge i got on my phone for 29.99 because i never requested for anything from your stupid scam telephone company..i received 5 text messages i didn’t even ask for so ya better fucking get rid of it cause im not fucking paying for it!


  66. Like the author says above, text “STOP” as a reply to the unwanted message.
    I just got a cell phone, and it came with three different text message subscriptions – including the FunMobile joke of the day, which, BTW, is not funny, and not even in proper English. These were truly unsolicited subscriptions: I had not downloaded any ringtones, and I hadn’t even made a phone call prior to receiving my first message.
    I called the 800 number for funmobile, but instead of getting a notification that the service was stopped I got a text message indicating my subscription was renewed! When I text’d “STOP” I immediately received the cancellation. The same worked for all three subscriptions.

  67. See 174 above. I have just spoken to mBlox UK and they deny any involvement with this scam, only being the counduit for the messages, they say. They repeated like a parrot that I should contact Dadamobile by phone or e-mail. Their phone number is only to subscribe or unsubscribe. They respond to e-mails with formula letters and take no notice of my telling them I have never subscribed. They have charged me £81 for the trash they have sent me and keep refusing to refund it. Any suggestions? Anyone know who to write a real letter to accusing them of fraud?

  68. I have been receiving text messages offering me “ring tones” and “anger management” for over a year. I never subscribed to it on the web or anywhere else. I have complained to Dadamobile and they keep sending me rubbish messages about how I subscribed and hoping it is all clarified. They operate a scam and Vodaphone says they cannot block them because there are some genuine subscribers. I have threatened to take them to Court if they do not refund my money. Any other suggestions?

  69. I need this joke of the day off my phone. I did not put it there and I am tired of my phone bill going up for something so stupid!

    Paula Horne

  70. Hi can someone tell me how to block someone who use chatting program to send me alot of text message? someone have been bothering me with many chinese character in the text body and since my phone does not have chinese it just come out as “?????” At 1st he uses AOL and I sms AOL to block him and now he uses Yahoo to sms me does anyone know the number for yahoo to block this user? Please email me with the blocking user sms address THANKS


  71. Please stop sending me those so call tex messages. They cost me money and they are not funny, especialy when they cost. I’ve been very understaing when they come trough but enough is enough. I hope this matter is solve and I wish your business much success. Peace

  72. Hello there, jaycee. I can explain what happened.

    When people change cell phone carriers or cell phone numbers, those numbers are supposed to be sent to all service providers so that any previous subscriptions can be canceled.
 The problem is that the carriers often send out these canceled numbers to the service providers some time after they are
 canceled. As a result, it is very difficult for companies such as Dadamobile to 
know that the number no longer belongs to the previous subscriber and
 the billing continues because there was no timely cancellation notice sent to Dadamobile.

    If this has happened in your case, the solution is 
simple. Contact your carrier and give them all the information. They 
will offer you a complete refund once they verify that the date of the subscription came before you owned the number.

    Alternatively, you can contact Dadamobile directly at and ask for a refund. Your situation will be investigated ASAP with our full attention. 
I hope that you and others in your situation can understand that 
those mistaken charges are the result of the scenario that I just described, not the result of any illegitimate action on the part of 

  73. To DadaMobile & their defenders (see # 64, 65, 67 above).
    If WE/ME/I need to initiate this, then explain how a phone, purchased for Christmas, not opened until Xmas Eve (to charge the battery), with a phone number that had not been entered on any site prior, received 85+ texts, some “Premium” from MBlox. HOW!? MANY were received & deleted Xmas Eve, when we turned it on. HOW!!??

    Because its a scam; it is not legit!

  74. Best I can figure out someone played with my cellphone and signed me up for some service. Not only am I being charged for services that I did not order, I’m getting these stupid text messages at like 4 AM which wake me up. It’s been two days. the messages are from “996-21”. Anyone know what this is all about? how do I cancel this?

  75. My daughter has just had one of these scams i am discusted just before Christmas She has been charged £62.00 sterling from mblox if this is not stopped i will persue this and take you to the small claims court. My daughter is 20 just getting on her feet and cannot afford to pay this t mobile are now taking it from her. She did not ask for you discusting text promoting pornography. She has had now 7 text messages from this company and are still charging. the phone compnay say that its nothing to do with them why don they vet these companies as they already know the numbers and companies envolved. i want a refund for my daughter and wont give up until i get one

  76. cancel this subscription or there will be legal action, i did not order it and don’t want it.If it is on bill next month you’ll hear from my attorney.disconnect from
    973-820-3429 I am the primary holder of this account

    Linda Albright

  78. In October I upgraded my phone to add a second phone for my father. And I had my phone number changed. In the beginning of November I traveled to Pittsburg for surgery. While I was in the hospital I noticed I started to receive these odd text messages. They started to pile up, and while not as many as some of you have had, they amounted to close to $32.
    Fortunetly I work for a Cingular agent and was able to get the charges reversed. But still, I’m appauled that these service scams get through and most of you are not able to get them rectified. All I can say is, go back to your cellphone agent and give them hell if they give you a problem. This is something that they can resolve, thats why they are there to help.

  79. In October I upgraded my phone to add a second phone for my father. And I had my phone number changed. In the beginning of November I traveled to Pittsburg for surgery. While I was in the hospital I noticed I started to receive these odd text messages. They started to pile up, and while not as many as some of you have had, they amounted to close to $32.
    Fortunetly I work for a Cingular agent and was able to get the charges reversed. But still, I’m appauled that these service scams get through and most of you are not able to get them rectified. All I can say is, go back to your cellphone agent and give them hell.

  80. I’ve been getting charged 9.99 from BLINKO for the last 5 months. I called verizon and they said blinko charges the account – and verizon pays it and then they bill me. I told them that I don’t authorize 3rd parties to charge my bill but they told me they can’t do that. I asked for the phone # for BLINKO and they didn’t have one.

    Went online to get BLINKO’s #1-800-971-2271 and called them. If you choose ‘cancel service’ or ‘speak to customer rep’ from the automated menu then they put you on hold for 10 minutes and then dump the call. I finally called back and picked ‘sign up for new service’ option and I got a rep in 30 seconds!

    I told them I never authorized the charges and I want a full refund. She asked if anyone else uses the phone – I said no. She asked if I used it to sign up for anything online (which also can be a contract) and I said no. I told her I wanted all of the $59.94 back that they charged me. She made me go through all of my records and tell her the dates of each charge. Then she said that she would cancel the service and give me a refund check of the full amount.

    Lesson learned – be careful using your phone number if you sign up for anything online. Also – to speak with a customer rep fast – pick the ‘buy new service’ option.

  81. I have been being charged 29.99 from MBLOX every month for the past 6 months, I email and email them but to no avail. Finally I obtained a number: MBLOX 408-617-3700 and was able to speak with a lady who advised me the charges were from, I NEVER ORDERED ANYTHING, MBLOX if you get a rep on the phone promised to help. Blue Frog mobile’s contact info in case anyone needs it: and, Toll free number: 888-919-7777 They promise to credit everything back… Anyway Goodluck everyone.. Its ridiculous that these companies can steal from us and get away with it.

  82. This pisses me off because not only did my husband get charged for this stuff, but my brother did too, and now there is no way to get the money back. My brother has a boost mobile phone and i pay for his minutes, so i am out the money for this. I talked to boost mobile and they told me that when i sent a text message to the company telling them to stop sending me texts, i would get a credit to his phone, and that i had to call back in a half hour to ge the credit put through. I did as he told me to do, and I was screwed over by them. I was informed that they cant credit his phone, and they gave me this website and told me to log on here and take it up with the company to get my money back. I am out the money now because I have gotten nothing but a run around from everyone. This is complete bullshit and I think we need to start figuring some way to get our money back. Maybe we can even sue them for all of this. I know that my husband and my brother didnt respond to any of the text messages for the second part of the subscription like they said you have to do. i deleted the messages before they could do any of that. We need to figure something out and get this company to pay for the problems they have cost us, and even try to find a way to make sure this kind of stuff never happens again

  83. I am a Cingular customer, and i got billed for $9.99 for Mblox as well. I called Cingular and spoke to a customer service rep. They had told me they have many problems with Mblox charging people for things they never downloaded. She told me that Cingular will send me a PIN code for me via email if i wanted to download, i would have to use the PIN as a protection. I advise everyone to contact Cingular and ask them for a PIN code as well. If you get charged and theres no PIN entered, you will NOT be charged.
    Good Luck everyone!

  84. It looks like I have also been ripped off from the mblox, mqube, and that it has been happening since at least the first of the year. I just found it because well, I looked closer at my bill, but I also had THREE charges from them at 10$ a shot – 30$ added to my bill this month. I have never used them (much less know what the crap is all about), don’t know how all this ended up on a phone I hardly even use, but it has to stop. I guess I’ll spend an entire day trying to get my money back. If anyone is serious about a class action suit, I would be willing to find an attorney that would take this on. Please let me know.

  85. i have been billed on my nextel $65 for fun mobile ,mobile messais, tex messagig an hoter services . i never authorized block charges an reimburse my phone bil

  86. I just got off the phone with Verizon after finding this on my bill for the first time. I never ordered it and must have accepted the text confirmation without realizing it – what a scam! There are 2 fixes – either cancel the subscription by texting “quit” to 63232 or block text messaging from your account.

  87. I’ve tried for months to cancel this subscription that I never ordered. This is a rip-off from cingular and all the phone companies. I would change servers but I would probably still get stuck with this bogus bill.
    please, please, please cancel this subscription.

  88. I also have charges from Funmobile and Buongiorno on my Sprint bill. I never authorized either and called Sprint. They gave me two phone numbers to call each of the companies and dispute them with the companies. Where is the customer support in that?? I am a long time user of Sprint but seriously thinking of switching.. Oh, and while I was on my cell talking to a rep the phone call dropped…what a surprise!!!

  89. Cancel this b–s— now effective 11/21/06. I did not order nor want this type of crap. 217-530-3039

  90. I do wish to stop recieving text messages and take the charge off my phone account please. I will not be responsible in paying it when I don’t even no who you are. I am a single mom and I don’t use my phone for anything but calls and text my boyfriend. I am going to waiting on an email from ya’ll with a confirmation number or this will go futher! Thank you

  91. stop billing my phone. i need a respone with in one(1) day as of monday, November 20, 2006.

  92. i didnt order you crap ass joke bulls–t an i do not want it to be coming to my damn cewll phoner if it keeps coming to my cell i am gointg to turn you bastards in to the fcc an the FBI. no threat just promise sp stop the txt to my phone aswsholes.

  93. I want funmobile to cancel any and all subscriptions. I’ve contacted Sprint and was told that I was automatically subscribed throught funmobile. I don’t see how that is possible considering I never authorized it.

  94. stop fuking txting me i do not get crset for you pack of dickheads to fukn waste it!!~!!!!u gave got 24 gours to stop or i will take legial action

  95. I have been billed by Cingular for 4 charges from m-Qube . 3 charges of $5.99 and 1 for $ 9.99. I do not have a clue what these are and who m-qube is. Can someone please give advise on how to deal with this problem , before any future charges occur.

  96. I can’t believe and I am very surprised when i open this website that i am not the only one that’s being scammed by this company. Do you know that I have to cancel my txt messaging from verizon just to block your company from sending me msgs??? You should be ashamed of yourselves. I already filed a complaint to FCC and BBB and i hope they will hear us.

  97. Isnt it funny how you can call this company but yet cannot speak to anyone but the message on the recorder. What type of scam is this

  98. I left a message with you but forgot to put my telephone number on it….(816)547-7470.Cancel this ridiculous charge you have been charging to my phone immediately. Again if this is not canceled I will be contacting my lawyer as you have protrayed nothing but fraud…It wasnt ordered and I will not pay for this…

  99. Please cancel this ” Fun Mobil ” from my phone I did not order it and your web site said free. but yet you start charging immediately. This better get canceled immediately and I better be notified immediately thru my e-mail address of such cancelation or I will be contacting my lawyer on this. You and your company are nothing but fraud’s and you will be treated as though.

  100. Helpful info: I also had a charge for 9.99 which my carrier (sprint) said was with Dadamobile. So, I contacted them at 888-214-0381 (i was only on hold for 5 mins – shorter than the time I spent on hold for Sprint@!). I spoke to a Rep for Dada and we discovered that the date my subscription was created, I did not own the phone number. What happens (as I have learned) is Sprint and other carriers recycle phone numbers and do not always “wipe them clean” of subscriptions, etc made by the previous owner of the #. So for those of us who know we did not subscribe and think Dada is a scam, Dada is not a scam and we did not subscribe. It is b/c our carrier recycled our numbers. Dada closed the account and I called Sprint back and gave them the subscription date Dada gave me. They agreed that my number was recycled and they credited my account. Dada explained that they can’t give a credit (they refund by check in the mail) b/c their accounts are by cell number. So Sprint would be notified that my cell # needs to be billed for 9.99. Dada has no way of knowing that the number was given to a new person. I just thought I would share b/c a lot of the posts sounds similar to my situation.

  101. Verizon told me that when you get the text messages, make sure to respond to the texts immediately with ‘CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION’ or something of the like. and even if that doesn’t work, at least you have proof they’ve been told to stop.

  102. please stop charging my phone 9.99 per month.I did not sing anything(917-751-4059)

  103. I am being charged 9.99 for rintones that I did not sign up for nor am I downloading. Please cancel this subscription and stop billing my account.

  104. HELP me, what did I do, they were so persistent on my phone I tapped in to see what it was about and BOOM $46 extra charges, stop this service NOW

  105. I would like to remove the Premium TXT message charges from my Verizon Bill on cell Phone #603-731-1961. These charges are from MQube. Can you help me?

  106. What a damn thing is this cingular doing. I opened my bill and my phone is charges 29.99 for some mbox and my brothers is charged twice 29.99 but I have no idea how this could happen cause I am familiar with this kind of garbage things on the internet so I never subscribe how can this happen. Can someone else break into my phone?

  107. Our experience with some of the highly trained technical folks at the Cingular store leads me to hope for these few a similiar obscurity equal to the nothingness gained by a careful reading of the manual that accompanies your phones. Shame on you!

  108. I called to have this bill deleted from my ohine bill with Verizon and they told me how it must have got there and that they were not doing the billing. I DON’T want this crazy horoscope coming several times a day onto my cell #. Please have this deleted NOW!!!! 10/12/06 This is terrible to be allowed to continue.!!!
    Doris Liekfet

  109. please have text messages to my verizon cell 989-598-4167
    stopped. I rec’d this info from Verizon.

  110. I did not order mqueb I want it removed asap from my cell phone bill and it to NEVER show up again on my bill.REMOVE THIS SERVICE

  111. I would like to get mqube off my phone and to cancel all other charges if there is a charge next month on my phone bill I will be forced to take further legal action, and I will not pay another bill to mqube.

  112. I like to get mqube off my phone. If anyone knows how please tell. All my cell phone company keeps on telling me is to go online and get mqube and cancel it. But when i do i can never get the right sight. chris

  113. Please stop text messaging on my phone numbers are 860-242-0339,860-281-5385,,860-209-0347 other e-mail

  114. i have been in emails with mblox all day..each time i have said cancel! and each time i get a generic reply. i have contacted cingular they said they have blocked them so i dont know what else to do. does anyone have any advice?

  115. Wow, There are a lot of people who cant read commenting on this forum. Obviously this is not the place to cancel your subscriptions to these stupid ringtone and horoscope texts. Now, if you want to look at it honestly, I have several full names, cell phone provider names, and Cell phone numbers. If i was a disgusting person I could use this information to socially engineer my way into billing you for services you dont have as of yet or signing you up for more services you dont want or just plan stalk you and or use this for some form of identity theft.There is so much you can do with that information….Ever enter your cell phone in as phone number for a store discount..ever forget your grocery “Savings” card? They can enter it in with your phone number in instead! ( Albertsons, Safeway, QFC? ) ..guess what! Where you shop and what you buy is searchable online for most of those stores. ( Especially safeway ) And its neatly giftwrapped for criminals, Now i can find out where you shop….you get the point im sure. So think about that before you post your name and number on some random forum. Thats how stupid people can end up get stupid services in the first place, and these as$h0les that are charging you $9.99 a month are pretty smart, cause they know if they sign you up for it you are most likely not smart enough to cancel it. Not to say that everyone is stupid who gets stuck with charges from these criminal companies because i know its hard to get someone to listen or cancel something, its like that with a lot of “limited time only” “Free” services, But wake up and realise that posing ” I WANT TO STOP GETTING TXT MESSAGES.BECAUSE I DON’T WANT IT SO COULD U TAKE IT OFF MY CELL PHONE THANK YOU” Messages will not serve anyone any damn good. Read what people are writing and for your own protection STOP POSTING YOUR PHONE NUMBERS WHERE THE WORLD CAN SEE. ( I hope Caps worked because aparently its the only thing some people can read and write in ) Thank you.

  116. I am being charged 9.99 for rintones that I did not sign up for. Please delete them from my bill. I did not order them. I am a verizon customer and they told me to phone 1-866-626-2823. please credit my phone

  117. i’m being billed on my cell phone 9.99 a month did not order this and hope to god you don’t bill me any more i’m
    60 years old and disabled my phone is just for emergency
    contack to my daughter or 911.thank you

  118. I have sprint and was being charged the 9.99/month without my knowledge. I didn’t realize it had been going on for months. In fact, i didnt’ even know what the charges were for. Sprint gave me the # to call the company charging me but it was a disconnected number. Thankfully sprint reimbursed the final month and put a block on all charges on my phone. I love sprint.

  119. Please stop charging to my cell phone $35.13 per month and stop getting txt messages immediate and don’t add any charge again to my cell phone #917-903-2993. please credit my bill for charges these last 2 months. thanks.

  120. Please stop charing to my cell phones 9.99 per month and please credit my bill for charges these last 3 months and DO Not Add any Charges AGAIN 662-415-9319 and 662-415-3969

  121. please take it off my cell phone (347) 546-8910 ididnt ask or sign up for it. please!

  122. stop texing the stupid jokes i didnt order them what the hell is your problem. i send stop text and they act like they dont know what your talking about cut the crap!

  123. I am a Cingular customer, and every month for the past 4 mo. I have had to call and cancel mblox and mqube. When I changed my phone number, it must have transfered over from the last person that had it. Everyone at Cingular has been very helpful, and they always remove the charge. I have been looking for a way to get rid of them for awhile now. My advice: DO NOT DOWNLOAD QUESTIONABLE RINGTONES, GAMES, SCREENSAVERS, APPLICATIONS, ETC. Make sure that the company is reputable. Which, unfortunatly, also means saying bye-bye to “free” stuff. However, the “free” stuff ends up not being free anyway!


  125. I want any subscriptures in the future to stop coming to my cell phone. I am asking for this communication to stop.
    Thank you

  126. Just got the Mblox mystery $9.99 charge on my
    Cingular bill. Isn’t this some kind of federal fraud case?

  127. So what does Google ads do…? Insert four ads for “free ringtones”, including the most notorious of the scammer/spammers discussed above right at the top of the article and reply thread. NOTE: this is NOT “aunty spam’s” fault! Google inserts the ads without vetting them for anything but “relevance”, and that loosely interpeted by their adbot programme so don’t blame Aunty Spam, think of it as one more proof that computers , left to their own devices are no “smarter” than their programmers. Aunty, on the other hand, is a smart lady trying to help as best she can, and deserves our thanks.

  128. Hi
    I am trying to get in touch with dadomobile. I am having no such success. They are taking money out of my prepaid when i asked them to stop immediately when i realised my phone couldn’t download. Optus has told me they are frauds and i think this is disgusting. Why can’t something be done regards this. I want to speak to someone or email them and don’t no how.

  129. I am an Sprint PCS Technical Support Rep

    Here is some general information to see if this helps anyone. We have the ablility to look up any short code, find out their contact number and email, and the name of the company. Many companies are just secondaries of major companies such as Blinko and Dadamobile, the two most popular. The carrier such as Sprint PCS, Cingular Wireless, and ect are not repsonsible for the charges. It is placed on our bills however. How is this possible you ask? All you have to do is go to one of the short code websites such as and put in a contact number on their page. There is no authorization to do so. I could put anyones number and they will get the charge. Some companies offer insentives to people who have accounts through them to do so. However this is completly legal because their is no FCC laws or regulations that exist to stop this as of yet.

    What is Sprint PCS able to do? Well if you are a Sprint customer with these issues. We are allowed to give credit one time for one bill on the issue. We can block the short code, and block you from recieving charges ever again. However this HAS to be done through Technical Support. General customer service reps can block text messages, however this does not block the charges from comming through. If you have any other questions, and or want me to look up a short code and contact information, please contact me at

    DadaMobile Contact number: 888-214-0381
    Short code: 63232
    Popular 2nd part names: Mblox, Buongiorno

    Blinko Contact Number: 800-971-2271
    Short Code: 42222 or 35000
    Popular 2nd party names: Mqube, Buongiorno

  130. I have just spoken with Cingular. They were very helpful. They removed the charges from MQube and MBlox. I have tried to contact MQube and my eamils are undeliverable. None of the addresses supplied on the web page work! Suprise!!
    I am going to contact all the attorneys listed above in my state of Maryland. Along with the fedearl orgs.

    These ‘companies’ are billing me month after month for services that are blocked from my phone. I can not even
    get them to turn them off even when I unsubscribe. I have
    the notes and acknowledgements to prove it.

  131. Do not charge my cellular phone company for this service i do not want the service and i think this is a scam please cancel the service

  132. I did not subsribe for this service and I keep getting charged 5.99. Please stop these charges and do not charge to my cell anymore!

  133. the advertisment said it was free. So please cancel my subscription ASAP.

  134. my message is just like all the other ones. I did not want any subscription nor any service from ur company other than the free ringtone u advertised. Please cancel my subscription asap. Thankyou


  136. I just got my phone bill ans there is a 5.99 charge on there that I never thought would be there. I never did anything to my phone for this charge to be on there I don’t know how this happened and I want this to stop. And I would like for this charege to disapper from my phone bill.


  138. To DADAmobile customer service – ie the post on 06/27/2006 – quite frankly you are wrong – I never signed up for the service, nor did I receive any confirmation – that would have been impossible anyway as I have had text messaging turned off for 6 months, and these charges started appearing 3 months ago. Also – if you are legit how come you don’t have a mailing address on your website?

    My advice to everyone is to stay vigilant – if you see these charges on your bill, immediately call your wireless provider and usually they will remove the charges. I have been successful doing this with Sprint.

    I just got the phone number for DADAmobile (888-214-0381)and, after 22 attempts and 15 minutes on hold, I did reach a live person and cancelled my subscription. We’ll see if these charges really do stop coming.

  139. Short version of an all day telephone marathon. Follow this and call all the numbers:

    Our service is with alltel. Billing # 1-800-255-8321.
    $10.00 in May, June, July, and August. We checked with alltel and were informed of the charges for “Premium Axcess Usage Charges�, for $9.99.

    The charges will remain on alltel until Blinko stops the billing. We were told to go to and stop the billing.

    The site kept asking us if we were sure we wanted to cancel and we said yes. The site kept asking the question until it knocked us off the site.

    Called alltel and was given the customer care number for Blinko 800-971-2271. The site advised they could not stop the billing and we should go to the internet site. We relayed the story of how the site would knock us off. Then they informed us this was our problem.

    I started to explain, our phones do not have text messages and we could not get a text from them. If we cannot get a text then they cannot bill. I was then told: there are other ways to get this billed. Anyone could have put in our cell number and Blinko will not verify that is your phone number. The billing cycle starts with alltel and will not end. Blinko advised this is not their fault. The fault lies with alltel because alltel billed us without verifying the charges with us.

    Went back to alltel, they will not credit, refund, or stop the billing because they are a third party billing company. It is Blinko’s fault. We verified not having text messaging service and we verified we did not receive a text message and we did not send a message.

    Went back to Blinko. Was very polite and wanted an address to send a letter to Blinko. After several calls (when doing the third call start keying in any number because the system will route you to a different automated system and will hang up on you.

    Finally, I spoke to a supervisor by the name of Itwala. She gave me an address of 1521 Alton Road, Miami Beach, Fl 323139-3301. But, she could not provide a phone number. I keyed in the address and came up with many, many different names. I called a few and was told this was a UPS Store. Went to that site and found the number 1-305-538-5076 was advised I could not get a letter to this business with out the box number. I advised could not get it from customer care, he said he could not give it to me because of privacy issues. I told him the story so he would be aware of the situation. He thought I should call the police.

    I called Miami Beach BBB. They do not handle this is federal. I got a number that did not work. Found FCC at 888-225-5322. The FCC has gotten some complains but not enough to investigate. They gave me the Florida’s Attorney Generals number 1-954-712-4600 and were told to go to Ripoff for more information.

    Called Fl Att Generals number left a message and they called back within minutes. I filed a complaint against Blinko. The following is the info you will need to stop this billing and to put an end to this fraud.

    Blinko is called Buongiorno and the phone number is 305-777-2209 but it is a fax number. Their address is 235 Lincoln Rd Ste # 400, Miami Beach, Fl 33139 and a third address: 1680 Michigan Ave Ste 700, Miami, Fl 33139.

    Blinko/Buongiorno is known as Buongiorno USA, Inc., d/b/a Dirty Hippo.

    Case # L05-3-1140 with Florida’s Attorney Generals office. This office is being investigated for: Negative option subscriptions for cell phone “ring tonesâ€? and similar services. The case is being handled by the Economic Crimes Division in Tallahassee, Florida.

    A little bit of FYI: the company handling Blink’s customer care is Answernet based in Birmingham, Alabama. The number on the internet site is 1-800-4115777. They handle a lot of high end companies….make sure you call this number to let them know – you are an unhappy consumer and you can spread the word of their compliance with this Blinko fraud. They will not do anything but just let them know that their company should know more about their clients. How can they contact Blinko if they do not have an address or a phone number for the client? How much money are they making to turn a blind eye to this disgrace?

    Do not let this go. The money you are paying is not much for many people but could this company be a front for a terrorist organization. I would not want $1.00 of my money going to a terrorist organization. If you cannot follow the paper or money trail, you need to start pushing the above numbers into your phone. The 800 numbers will cost these companies money not you. File charges with FCC and Florida Attorney General’s office. File charges with the FCC and with your states Attorney General against your cell phone carrier. Stand up and be heard.

  140. I just got off the phone (800-971-2271)with Blinko’s cusomer care service. This is not Blinko (they service several companies). I was told this is the cell phone providers fault…they allowed the charges to be placed on the phone, it is not Blinko’s fault. I kept asking for that persons supervisor. I used the home phone, I told them I do not have interet service, I told them we do not have text messaging on the phones (this is true, and we got slammed anyway),I would not give them my cell phone number or name. They offered to have Blinko call me..I refused and then asked for that persons supervisor….I wanted a mailing address for Blinko. I finally got a mailing address: 1521 Alton Rd/PO Box 741, Miami Beach, Fl 33139-3301. I checked into this address and it is a UPS Store. They do not have a building. I called the 800 number back and they tried to keep me from talking to a person. That company is Answernet in Birmingham, Al. They do not have the store number and threatened to “disconnect” me. Then I explained: I am polite, I am well mannered, and I do not use cuss words. They informed me the could not help me if the address. I had to keep putting a fake phone number in the system to get a real person. I am on the trail……I have extra time…maybe everyone should have extra time…I will give info as I get it….we need to come together and stop this billing……and theft of our money. I can afford this but I will not pay it now. Remember, the 800 number does not cost you or me but they are billed for how many times that number is called. Lets all call and get this information out.

  141. i have worked for sprint for 4 years, two years in the call center and two years in a sprint retail store. a couple of years ago after 3g technology began, i started getting calls from customers stating that they were being charged for premium services and had no idea where they came from and they believed that sprint was responsible for the erroneous charges. at first i would give the credits for the charges as i could not locate the source and believed they were erroneous. then as it became an epidemic our technical people and fraud investigators began to discover these low life scam artists that just sit around and think of ways to screw people out of money and think that because they post “terms and conditions” that they made up themselves and are not even legal that they can get away with their scam. these companies are not even in America and for all we know are probably operated by some terrorist group to get money from us so they can fund their families of sucide bombers foundation. yes, i am pissed because after all these years of getting screamed at by my customers because they think sprint is ripping them off and crediting charges that sprint did not charge them and telling every customer i sell service to how to avoid getting screwed by these companies and how to text “stop, cancel no mas” to make it stop these bastards got me!! evidently the only time my son ever put his cell phone no. on the internet was to enter a contest to win a free xbox and thats all it took. there was never a confirmation text or a password or instructions on how to opt out, so that is all a line of crap.
    i have demanded doodoomobile refund my money and i have emailed the FCC for information on how to lobby against these snake oil selling bastards and will campaign against them vigorously through my job as a sprint retail consultant. i talk to hundreds of people every month and i will spread the word to them all.
    i am proud of sprint and in the last few years we have come a very long way in improving our service, our customer service our plans etc. companies like doodoomobile make us all look bad because customers think because the charges are on their cell phone bill that the service came from us but it does not. i intend to find someone in our corporate structure that can give me more info on why we let these maggots screw our customers and how we are going to stop it
    i don’t think we want to lose all the revenue we make on text messaging plans legitimately because people will cancel the service. its not worth the pennies these low life scam artists pay us and i will not endorse any support of these bastards what so ever. internet criminals need to be stopped screw you DOODOOMOBILE!!!!!!!!

  142. please stop sending the jokes on my cell phone. my number is (205)937-9872. thank you michelle andrews

  143. please stop sending the jokes on my cell phone. my number is (205)937-9872. thank you michelle andrews @7:31pm

  144. can u stop sending me messages because u r wastin our text message! ok so stop!!!!!!!!!

  145. Please discconinue the service(42222 Blinko). I never did subscribe. It’s a shame I have to be taking time to do this. I expect immediate action. Phone # 985-805-2793

  146. Why in the hell do I get crap sent to my cell phone ! I didn`t subscribe to this garbage !!! so quit sending me this s#*t !!!!!

  147. cancel my subscription ASAP today I do not want so stop calling me and I did not sign up for this.

  148. Here’s the guy thats responsible.

    Domain name: DADAMOBILE.COM
    Created on: 2004-06-18
    Updated on: 2006-06-26
    Expires on: 2007-06-18
    Registrant Name: DADA SPA
    Contact: DADA SPA
    Registrant Address: Borgo Albizi 12
    Registrant City: FIRENZE
    Registrant Postal Code: 50122
    Registrant Country: IT
    Administrative Contact Organization: Paolo Barberis
    Administrative Contact Name: Paolo Barberis
    Administrative Contact Address: Borgo Albizi 12
    Administrative Contact City: FIRENZE
    Administrative Contact Postal Code: 50122
    Administrative Contact Country: IT
    Administrative Contact Email:
    Administrative Contact Tel: +39 055 203941
    Administrative Contact Fax: +39 055 2466304
    Technical Contact Organization: Technical Support
    Technical Contact Name: Technical Support
    Technical Contact Address: Via A Ponti, 6
    Technical Contact City: Bergamo
    Technical Contact Postal Code: 24126
    Technical Contact Country: IT
    Technical Contact Email:
    Technical Contact Phone: +39 035 3230400
    Technical Contact Fax: +39 035 3230312
    Primary Name Server Hostname: RIVERA.DADA.IT
    Secondary Name Server Hostname: ARP.DADA.IT

  149. If everyone did what I just did it would cost the cell phone industry plenty and they just might put a stop to this practice. I had the text messaging removed. It is an inconvenience but that way they can’t text me and I can’t be charged the fraudulent charge. This costs my cell phone provider and enough of those kind of losses would make an impact on the cell phone co. This is the only way to get them to wake up and stop this.

  150. Please don’t send me anything text messages nothing at all! I did not sign up for anything.

  151. i read this in another website it worked for me! right when i sent the message i got a sms message back saying it was cancelled. hope it helps everyone.

    “In any case, if a user is dissatisfied with the service or if they simply change their mind, to opt-out from the service is very simple and can be performed by sending the keyword “STOP” via SMS to 63232 (END, QUIT, USUBSCRIBE are also valid), or by sending an email to or by calling our toll-free number. Once a user has cancelled their subscription they will receive no further billing messages from us.
    DADAmobile has also adopted a refund policy to reimburse unsatisfied users (e.g.. users that after subscribing understood that their handsets are not able to download products that they subscribed for).
    Anyway if the user that triggered this thread would kindly provide us with their mobile number we can investigate their case further and will evaluate the refund of monies spent with us. Just send an email to with GripeLog in the subject.”

  152. I just can’t believe this mess is happening to me. i didn’t realizes what I was doing. I really thought it was free but my cell phone bill is been charge $9.99/a month for this. Is their anything anyone can do concerning this matter. I really can’t afford these charges on my cell phone bill every month. Please someone let me know is their anything I can do to remove this off my phone.

  153. Please don’t send this to my phone I didn’t order this mess please stop charging my phone for this

  154. I found out that I was being charged when an emergency came up and mu son could not get in touch with me. It took him 3 hours to reach me. Thank goodness he was not bleeding or worst. I did not subscribe to this service. My phone is for emergencies, I have cancer, a disable daughter, and two teenage boys how may need a ride at anytime. Please unsubscribe me my number is 2672626797.

  155. i keep getting charged for a subscription i did not order in the first place from Verison and a company called My Lifestyle how do i end it for good?

  156. every morning i get a daily horoscope reminder on my phone as a text message and i would like for this reminder to stop coming, may you please take it off because i refuse to pay $5.99 for it. my sprint pcs cell phone number is 832-594-9088 i would greatly appreciate this.

  157. you guys got off easy only being charged 9.99 i’m being charged 9.99 plus more money for about 8 ringtones i never asked for. when verizon told me i was subscribed to this i didn’t even know what it was. then they gave me the number 1-888–214-0381. apparently i was subscribed to mqube. never heard of it before, but apparently im downloading ringtones from them. i only have 2 ringtones. and a game on my phone. and the ringtone is from verizon. not dadamobile. this is complete bullshit. so i gotta call the number monday and cancel the subsription. but i wont know if it worked until the bill comes.

  158. Hi, my cell phone number is 908-803-1143 and I have been getting text messages with my horiscope info which I have never requested. I have sent text messages trying to cancel this service and I have tried calling and nothing. You are charging me $19.98 for a service I never authorized. I am asking that you refund me the $19.98 and stop texting me. If this does not happen immediately, I will have my attorney notified. You never had my authorization to charge me nor to send me any messages. I apprecaite your time and look forward to hearing from you.

  159. Ihave sent several e-mail requesting that these text messages STOP but to this day I’m still getting them,do I have to take some kind of legal action to get my message across.

  160. cancel my suscrition and forget my e-mail address or i will call the police and report you and sue you

  161. I have been a DadaMobile user for 3 months now. I remember that when I signed up, I received a txt msg with a validation code I had to enter on the web to complete the registration. And that code is still my password.
    I felt the process was pretty clear and smooth and I have some hard times in beleiving that some charges can show up from nowhere and with no authorization on your phone bill.
    If your carriers buy it, fair enough and good for you. But I would think that there is always someone who initiates the purchase and is quite aware of the pricing.

    Anyway, everyone has its own story (like Latins said Quisque orator….)- this is mine and I meant to tell it…and yes I know you won’t quite like it.

    Take it easy.

  162. i need to cancell this e-wallet as of now 6-28-2006 i don’t want this and don’t bill me anymore. my phone number is 231-920-8033 and my home phone is 231-779-1853. don’t want to see this charged on my bill next month.

  163. Guys, to be very honest i think the they (Dadamobile) gave all the explanation regarding the service , for example :

    If you look below you fin all information regarding price, subscription,

    © 2006 DADAmobile Inc. All rights reserved. This is a subscription service of $9.99/month reserved for Cingular, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AllTel users. Cingular, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Alltel-based subscribers enjoy their first week at no charge. Carrier charges (WAP, GPRS, SMS, MMS-Picture Messaging) apply and Internet enabled handsets are required. With respect to ringtones, artist names are mentioned for the sole purpose of enabling the public to correctly identify the track and in no way suggests that the ringtones were produced or performed by that artist.

    2) In the message you should have received you should find all information (price, subscription, stop, etc..)

    So let’s be honest ;-)

  164. Hello ,

    On behalf of DADAmobile Customer Service I would like to shed some light on some of the points discussed above. First , let me explain what our service offers and how it is structured. DADAmobile is a mobile subscription service billed to subscribers on a monthly basis – currently $9.99. The Service provides subscribers with access to a wide range of mobile content (i.e. ringtones, real tones, wallpapers and javagames).

    The subscription process takes place in two-steps. First, the user enters their mobile phone number on a web page on Second, after receiving an SMS reply from DADAmobile, users must confirm their subscription by either inserting a password (received in the SMS) in the web site or replying with their own mobile phone. The user is ONLY subscribed to the service if they have completed this second step confirming that they wish to go ahead with the subscription.

    So, no user is ever charged simply for inserting a phone number. When DADAmobile receives a mobile phone number, directly or through any third party marketing company, we ALWAYS send an SMS text message to that number with a password. The user must confirm he or she is signing up for a subscription by either responding to the message with the same mobile phone that received the message OR they can insert the password we sent them directly on our website – in each case the user must authenticate receipt of the message on the mobile phone in their possession and that they wish to subscribe. If the user does not use the password or respond using the phone itself, DADAmobile does not charge any subscription fees. In fact even after a user subscribes, we send messages reminding them they have signed up and explaining how to cancel and stop their subscription at any time. As you can see, DADAmobile DOES take steps to confirm the user of the mobile phone did intend to sign up and has the phone in their possession before any subscription is started and we always provide opportunities to cancel even after they do. Of course, if any user suspects someone else may be using their mobile phone or number without permission, the should contact their carrier and us immediately. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify our practices and assure you and your readers that no user is charged for a subscription unless we receive the authentication or confirmation described.

    DADAmobile believes that it offers real value for its customers so that they will remain with us and be happy to make use of what DADAmobile has to offer. If a user is dissatisfied or if they simply change their mind, opting out is simple and can be performed by sending the keyword “STOP” via SMS to 63232 (END, QUIT, USUBSCRIBE are also valid) or by sending an email to or by calling our customer service representatives at 1-888-214-0381.

    Thanks for your attention and giving us the opportunity to set the record straight about our service.


    DADAmobile Customer Service

  165. Thanks to everyone for all your helpful info. I tried to cancle the unorder text mess via text & it didn’t work still being charged. So, the phone nums & adds may.

  166. Please cancel all the subscriptions I am signed up for. I do not like the service I got. Thank You Penny Kerr 814-671-8955.

  167. Thank you for your post, SD. I will be looking for the charges on my next bill. If MBLOX continues to charge me $29.99 (or any amount), I will contact the agencies you suggested with a well-constructed letter.

    It has crossed my mind that the Cingular rep may have just said that Mblox was contacted without doing so; I have to wait and see. I’ll “say it” here when I see what the future holds.

    Thanks and good luck to all! And be careful of the downloads and the “fine print” that isn’t even available to read! It’s just a cell phone. (-;

  168. Just another fraudulent company, they charge me $10.75 plus $3.99 suscription that I haven’t order, I will try to contact FCC and report this. I hope this help others to get straight and put this companies out of bussinnes.
    Cingular told me that they can’t do anything about it.

  169. Don’t count on help from Cingular even if they removed the charge and contacted the company. The charges will appear again next month.

    DadMobile or whoever these people are DO NOT VERIFY SUBSCRIBERS. Just recieved charges this month on a phone number that has out-going and in-coming messaging blocked for over 6 months.
    Scan copies of your bills. Write a single well composed letter of what has occured, when, and to whom you have complained. That way you can easily copy and paste the information into the following government organization on-line complaint forms.

    Fill out a complaint with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) –
    Fill out a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) –
    Fill out a complaint with the Better Business Bureau –
    Fill out a complaint with your state’s Attorney General’s Office.

    I know it sounds like a lot, but the only way this is going to be stopped is if the consumer protection laws and laws regulating the cell phone industry are changed. Cingular or whoever your cell phone provider is will have to answer every complaint filed and unless they can prove these charges (and obviously they cannot) they will have to remove them.



  172. Kudos to CINGULAR!

    Regarding post no. 49 above, I contacted Cingular via e-mail and received this awesome response. It is shared here, with relevant information re: MBLOX and Cingular’s resolution for me. I wish you all the same great response from your carriers! I’m also glad I found this site.


    Dear —–,

    Thank you for taking the time to e-mail Cingular Wireless regarding your online account. We are happy to help you with your inquiry and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Goldpocket Wireless, m-Blox, & MobileMedia are 3rd Party Content Providers that offer wireless data services to Cingular subscribers outside of what Cingular offers via or MEdia Net. This content can include Text and SMS content like Alerts/Horoscopes/Trivia/Jokes, downloadable content like Ringtones/Games/Graphics, and other informational content.

    You are able to purchase content from these providers in various ways, including from the Web, through SMS shortcodes and by entering a URL on their phone browsers. Customer’s can make one-time purchases or sign up for monthly/weekly subscription plans which allow the customers a
    package of downloads before being charged at a per download cost. These purchases can then be billed to your wireless phone bill through Cingular’s DirectBill.

    These 3rd Party Content Provider’s may advertise through various media outlets including Television, Radio, AOL Instant Messenger and various newspapers/magazines.

    In order to be billed from these companies, someone would have had to sign up for their service. We would advise in the future that if someone purchases content from other providers to carefully read their terms
    and conditions, as a subscription service was initiated through m-Blox for $29.99 each month. We have removed the $29.99 charge via the website. This credit will not come off the current balance, instead it will appear on the following statement under the heading Credits, Adjustments
    & Other Charges.

    In addition, we have contacted m-Blox on your behalf
    today to notify them you are no longer requesting to be billed for this subscription service.

    We realize that there are many choices in the wireless market, and we thank you for choosing Cingular Wireless!


    K— S——-

    Cingular Wireless
    Online Customer Care Professional


    Folks, I can’t believe that a subscription was created for $29.99 a month!! I would NEVER knowingly do that to my cell service. CINGULAR ROCKS since they contacted Mblox for me.


  173. on my account i noticed i was being charged for downloading and a $30.00 subscription from the name m-qube inc. and mx telecom all together totaling $47.90 i never authorized this i had never heard of this. and i would appreicate it very much to not have this being billed to my account again. my cell phones have blocks on them preventing me from downloading anyway.

  174. I just went to the Cingular site to pay my bill today, and found a $29.99 charge from Mblox for a “subscription” on May 7, and five .50 Mblox charges on May 12. I never heard of any of the services that others are describing here since I rarely use the phone for anything fancy.

    Since my bill normally runs about $50 and it is $98, I had to do a search for Mblox and I found this great site.So, am I to assume that this $29.99 charge will appear each month??

    Holy ____!! You guys got off easy at $9.99. LOL

  175. I was billed incorrectly, I was on line they ask if I wanted to hear a FREE!!!! ring tone I said yes
    next I know I am being tex messaging horoscopes not good they charged me. I have already informed verizon next consumer affairs for wrongly charging me.

    This is so wrong it is steeling, a crime I will research…

  176. These things are very obvious scams; and the major fault lies with the phone companies for allowing the unauthorized 3rd party charges. I love the comments from the stupid fucks who think this comment board is owned by the people running the scams. The obvious lack intelligence shown in some of the comments leads me to believe some of you are stupid enough to have brought this on yourselves. Those of you who haven’t however (the people who other people signed up for credit) definetly shouldn’t have to deal with this crap.

  177. To whom it may concern:
    There have been charges made to my cell phone do to the text message. I text back asking to please stop the text messages, I am disabled,and unable to pay unnecessary addtional charges. Please stop the text messages. Please notice; I always delete the messages with out reading them, that time it should had meant something. Fourty dollars and more a month adds up please stop. I truly appreciated.

  178. This is a message board; you cannot cancel your service here.

    However, if you’re being billed for charges to a DADAmobile subscription, please see #11 and #9 above for contact information to DADAmobile and MBlox. I was very persistent and DID receive a refund check from DADAmobile, after quite a bit of correspondence. MBlox would not reply to my queries.

    Dadamobile’s e-mail:

  179. please cancel my subscription I need to speak to someone about a charge of $9.99 twice on my bill. so please give me a call at 254-290-2994.

  180. I have called my wireless provider, complaining about these unwanted texts. If anyone affiliated with this company is reading this, please–PLEASE STOP sending me these texr messages> I dont want them and I never did; this is becoming a pain in the you-know-what!!!Although my provider informed me that they will remove the charges it’s still a serious problem until they stop

  181. please cancel this service off
    of my phone line this mess is
    not serving me a purpose. I have teenager that order this mess. So be of good judgement and of sound mind and remove this mess off of my cellphone.
    I would gladly appreciate it.

    Barneta E.

  182. please cancel the order to my phone 270 3922072 asap i no longer want your services it should be off my phone within 2 days at least thats what your message on your phone says…….

  183. I did not order this service, and I want it removed. Also please refund any money charged to the phone service

  184. I called my wireless phone network (customer care service) and they had no problems canceling the subscription to the Mblox. I thought I let you know. she said you get credit back on the account and takes the next billing cycle to show up. thought I let you all know. there is hope. If they wireless network won’t work with you on this problem. tell them you demand to have it taken off or you’ll take your business else where.. then callt he BB on them.

  185. I got hit by the Blinko scam. I’m still working trying to get a refund from them, Verizon simply claims it is a third party charge. BUT Verizon was able to provide me with the third party name and a phone number. The phone # 800-971-2271 for Blinko takes you thru the usual voice prompts and ultimately tells you to go to their website, BLINKO.COM and send a message to the customer care link ( The website does also have directions telling you how to stop the service via a text message from your cell phone, and the same info may be on their 800 971-2271 line.

  186. I too, have fallen pray to the dadmobile scam. for the past 5 months I have had a $9.99 charge show up on my bill. I have never authorized or responded to a text message or download. In fact i don’t have download capability on my sprint business phone…yet the charges reappear monthly. I do have a dispute in the works with Sprint/Nextel so hopefully I’ll see a refund soon.
    BUt SOMETHING needs to be done to warn the public before everyone gets scammed. Perhaps the cell companies can ban 3-rd party billing. Seems like a simple answer.

  187. i was protecting you baby.. making sure the site was lajite.. damn see if i ever do that again.. criesssss..i still love ya too honey.. I am gonna try and get to the bottom of this.. this really sucks

  188. babygirl the answer is…..NO.. yes i told u to find me a ringtone… staind so far away…. but hun i believe i told u to put “my” number in there…. I didn’t tell u to put urs in…. if only u had listened to me… DOWN WITH MBLOX AND DADAMOBILE!!!!!!!!… NOW THEY HAVE REALLY PISSED ME OFF… LOVE U BABYGIRL

  189. hi honey.. and its all your fault i got myself into this mess. lol..remember, you asked?? honey send me a ringtone..lmao so ya gonna pay my charges now??

  190. yeah this is bull,it seems to run from a bunch of free ringtone sites. free is free. and i didn’t even get a free ringtone. I had my son opt out and they kept spamming us with messages. Wheres is the BBB (Better Business Bureau)when the comsumers are getting screwed by these fly by night companies??? they need to get them shut down!! These cell phone company better start protecting thier customers when companies like this start to add on charges that are not warranted by the customer. If land phone companies can stop this stuff then the cellular phone companies should too!!. its just all about money and lazyiness. spam and ripoff artist all fall into to the same catagory.

  191. lets get a class action law suit screw them I want my money back… I want mblox bankrupt out of buisness.. u know even if they give refunds to the folks that catch this scam…. mblox looks alot like mlbox that alot of cell customers may think that its just part of the cingular bill and continue to pay for something that they dont know that they have, or even ordered. who do we need to talk to to shut this place down?????

  192. By the way, the email from dadamobile stating “The subscription to DADAmobile is a two-part process. First, the user inserts their mobile phone number on a web page on Second, after receiving an SMS reply from DADAmobile, the user confirms their subscription by either inserting a password (received in SMS) on the web or by replying YES via SMS from their handset. The user is ONLY subscribed to the service if they have completed this second step confirming that they wish to go ahead with the subscription.” is absolutely false…I do not have text messaging, and could in no way approve this subscription through an SMS text message, yet, for some reason, they still felt it ok to start billing me for a subscription I never asked for, and definitely never authorized.

  193. So I started seeing this charge on my cingular bill for 9.99 a month, after having cut off all internet and text messaging on my service. Cingular was actually great about reversing the charges for 3 months in a row, but could not pull the subscription out of my phone bill, becuase it is from a 3rd party. so after coming here and finding a couple of other forums i figured out that the subscription called mblox was actually coming from dadamobile. i go to their website and using their contact us form, sent an email requesting that this subscription (which I had never authorized in any way) be canceled.

    first i got an email bounce…

    Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
    I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following
    This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.

    Questo indirizzo e’ bloccato per inutilizzo. This address no longer
    accepts mail. (#5.2.1)

    — Below this line is a copy of the message.

    But I also received an email from them (I think its kind of odd that their own script is pointed to an invalid address, but they still seem to have knowledge of the fact that an email was sent. Seems like a shady script to me) here is the message…

    Hello, thankyou for your email.
    If you were requesting clarification on a technical problem we will
    endeavour to investigate your request and reply as quickly as possible.

    If you have questions regarding the terms and conditions of the service
    we will get back to you as soon as possible, however in the meantime
    you may
    be able to find the answer to your queries here

    Thankyou for your collaboration.

    kind regards,


    after reading through the info in the page the link sent me to, I found this toll free number…1-888-214-0381…where I was finally able to navigate through the automated menu and supposedly cancel the service. I won’t really know until I get my next bill. FYI…you have to call from the mobile number that they are billing the subscription to, in order to use this to cancel the subscription.

  194. being charged for jokes that we did not sign up for. T-Mobile says they have no responsibility to the prblem and they can not turn it off.


    email me please!

  196. cancel the subscription you added without permission. it is companies like yours that make honest ones look bad

  197. I would like to cancel this charging of ringtones to my cell phone that I did not order. It would be greatly appreciated if you would please cancel this process so I will not receive any more charges.

    Greg Wilson

  198. I just discovered on this months bill I am being charged $9.99 a month for downloading junk that I am not even downloading.

  199. please help me get did of thst 9.99 charge There is no way I can remember signing for it I’m to old to txt messaging or downloading.
    thanks for the help



  201. To whom it concern,

    I been trying to get in touch
    with the company to cancel the
    things I have put on my cell
    phone. I called cingular to cancel,but they couldn’t help me. they told me that I had to go on line to cancel it. So, I’m writing to you to cancel what every it is on my cell phone, please. thank you.

    P.S. my cell phone number is, (601)[elided]. So you can cancel it.

  202. M. Fleming,

    Do NOT give up. Be persistent! You can dispute the charges online at Cingular’s website by going to the ‘Media’ section (create a log-in there) and you can view your bill and dispute the charge online. I have Cingular and they were VERY good about addressing the issue. Also, you absolutely MUST bombard Dadamobile and reply to each and every e-mail you receive from them. You may contact me if you wish, at: jules at and I would be glad to share with you, how I got them to agree to a refund! It quite literally, came down to a battle of wills. :)

  203. Trying to cancel this ridiculous service that I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR. Have been paying for it for the last few months. AT & T and Cingular both said there is nothing they could do. AT & T tried to put a block on my cell phone but the charges keep going thru. Spoke with AT& T today and they said the charges stand and I have to pay them. How do i go about cancelling this? I shouldn’t have to pay for something I never authorized. Please advise.

  204. Just wanted to let you know, I’ve gotten Dadamobile to issue a refund! I kept at them and stuck by my guns. Here’s what they said: “Please be aware that we are offering the refund out of goodwill and are not recognizing any statutory duty.” HAHAHA! Sure they are. Also, I was able to dispute the charge with Cingular and they were wonderful. :)

  205. mBlox:
    485 East Evelyn Avenue
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086

    Telephone: 408-617-3700

    I have attempted to send mBlox my complaint via e-mail (see above post #5) and have been unsuccessful. Dadamobile however, is quite vocal via e-mail ( and even though I provided them with proof that I cancelled my so-called ‘subscription’ they will not give me a refund. I am trying to get Cingular to help me dispute the charge. Once I pay it I can kiss my money goodbye. It’s not even the money I care about, it’s the fraudulent way Dadamobile conducts its business that has me digging in my heals.

  206. Does anyone have contact information – names a real direct phone number and street address for any responsible parties at either cingular or mblox?

  207. I actually work at a cell phone store. Lately, I’ve seen more and more people coming in with these subscriptions. Some of these ppl swear to me that they’ve never asked for these subscriptions (Mqube, Mblox, dada, jamster, etc) and I believe them alot of newly activated phones have these charges where the number wasn’t put back long enough before is was issued to someone else and then their bill starts being charged the monthly fee. I honestly think this is a huge scam. I don’t think that you necessarily have to ask for these things at all. Sometimes it seems as if they pick numbers at random. I found this site while trying to cancel a subscription for a customer whose phone doesn’t even have text messaging and her line has been active for some 5 years. I am usually able to get refunds for my customers but it is a month after month thing and I have to cancel subscription after subscription. I’ve actually reported it to our local rep and he is asking me to compile a list of my customers and set them accounts up on directbill so that they can be monitored. He is reporting this to the research dept and hopefully our customers will not be affected by this for much longer. To cancel Mqube charges go to they will research and send you an email with details on who is charging you b/c they are just a biller they will also give you instructions on how to cancel your subscription for mblox you have to text STOP to 63232 from the phone that is being charged for jamster go to and apply the guardian to your phone but have it handy b/c it will send you a password this guardian blocks you from receiving anything from them again. I really hope this is helpful to someone.

  208. Well I am glad I am reading this now. We just received our first cingular bill since adding a phone for our 14 year old. He said he thought he added one free ringtone and he has a total of 1 charge from m-Qube, and then 3 from Mblox for a total of 46.53. So I guess we will start quickly to find out how to stop the subscription. So if anyone has any ideas. Thanks

  209. I have been scammed by DADAmobile as well. I did a search for free sms messaging, as I don’t have a free service on my cell phone. DADAmobile popped up on many search engines advertising “10 FREE SMS/DAY! ENTER YOUR MOBILE PHONE NUMBER! 10 ZERO COST TONES!” There was absolutely NO box to tick indicating you had read or understood or were agreeing to any terms whatsoever (I just so happen to have made a copy of their pop-up). If this isn’t a case of ‘fraud in the inducement’ I don’t know what is. Heck, for good measure, we can throw in constructive and intrinsic fraud while we’re at it. The way they draw people in is criminal and I truly cannot comprehend how entering your telephone number in a pop-up screen can bind you to a subscription or how you can even legally be billed for it. Max’s LONG and tiresome explanations sound to me, like a company that’s trying too hard to cover their… derrier!

    The bottom line is DADAmobile does NOT operate in good faith and instead, literally tricks people into “signing up” for their service when in fact, no one realizes they’re signing up for anything, since their pop-ups have the words FREE and ZERO COST all over them! There is obviously nothing free about their so-called service.

    I believe it’s only a matter of time before DADAmobile will soon be looking down the barrel of a class action law suit. I would gladly pull the trigger on that one.

  210. We have had multiple charges from this company and we have never even downloaded any ring tones. I think it is a big fat scam. I am cancelling my text messaging to stop the ongoing abuse. The fact that this company and M-Qube can get away with this is criminal. I have requested those specific companies be blocked from my text message box but cingular is unwilling or unable to comply. (Gee I wonder why? do you think they’re making $$$ of this scam?) I shouldn’t have to delete a useful service to prevent the scam. But maybe if enough people do this the mobile carriers will get the idea–WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS!

  211. Hi I just read your article and I am truly pissed. My 12 year old grandson ordered 1 song for his phone & ever since I have been charged 9.99 a month extra on my bill. I called cingular several times and I keep getting charged 9.99 my next step will be to do a class action suit and then maybe we will get some monetary satisfaction because I know I have not been compensated for the money I have paid cingular for at least 1 see my husband kept paying our cell phone bill and had no clue what was going on. thank you very much Maria Baez

  212. Hi I just read your article and I am truly pissed. My 12 year old grandson ordered 1 song for his phone & ever since I have been charged 9.99 a month extra on my bill. I called cingular several times and I keep getting charged 9.99 my next step will be to do a class action suit and then maybe we will get some monetary satisfaction because I know I have not been compensated for the money I have paid cingular for at least 1 see my husband kept paying our cell phone bill and had no clue what was going on. thank you very much Maria Baez

  213. Hi I just read your article and I am truly pissed. My 12 year old grandson ordered 1 song for his phone & ever since I have been charged 9.99 a month extra on my bill. I called cingular several times and I keep getting charged 9.99 my next step will be to do a class action suit and then maybe we will get some monetary satisfaction because I know I have not been compensated for the money I have paid cingular for at least 1 see my husband kept paying our cell phone bill and had no clue what was going on. thank you very much Maria Baez

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