Papal or Paypal, It’s All the Same Scam

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  • Papal or Paypal, It’s All the Same Scam


Whether it’s the world’s largest auction house, Paypal, or the world’s most believed and mourned pontiff, Pope John Paul II, spammers and scammers are not above invoking their name in an effort to relieve you of your money.

Even before Pope John Paul II’s body was laid to its final rest, spammers spamming online scams were already preying on the praying, pushing the soft spots of the faithful as they mourned the Pope’s passing.

Offering a free book about Pope John Paul II, the links in the spam take the bereaved not to the free book, but a site which apologize for “being out of the book”, and instead offers them free moneymaking secrets. Something about which, ironically, the Vatican itself knows a thing or two.

Of course, nobody should be surprised at the depths to which spammers will sink to tug a heartstring for the sake of making a buck. The first tsunami scam spam hit just hours after the killer Tsunami of last December.

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But then, spammers have never been known for their empathy, only their chutzpah.

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Papal or Paypal, It’s All the Same Scam

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  • Papal or Paypal, It’s All the Same Scam

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