A Picture of the House that Spam Built – Jeremy Jaynes’ Mansion

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As Aunty wrote recently, top spammer Jeremy Jaynes was sentenced to 9 years in prison last week. The sentence which Jeremy Jaynes received, under Virginia law, is thought to be the toughest sentence yet handed down to a spammer (those must have been some ticked off jurors). Jaynes is free on bail, pending his inevitable appeal, but still, was it worth it?

Why did he do it? Why does anyone become a spammer? I mean, really, how much money can be in sending out spam?


Well, in Jaynes’ case, apparently enough to buy a million dollar mansion in the tony section of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Jaynes purchased the 5,800+ square foot mansion, sitting on 3.5 acres, back in October of 2002 for a cool $1,068,500. That’s right. In response to his spam, people sent him $1,068,500.

Stop it, people!

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A Picture of the House that Spam Built – Jeremy Jaynes’ Mansion

In an interesting footnote to this saga, the Jaynes mansion is now up for sale, presumably to pay Jeremy Jaynes’ legal fees. According to the listing agent, who has a website with the … uh … interesting … domain name of “phyllisdiditagain.com”, the Jaynes mansion is a “stunning and elegant home is on a 3.5 acre estate lot. The fountain in the circular driveway is just a taste of the wonderful features in this dramatic home. The soaring two story living room has a wall of glass and a three TV entertainment center. The gourmet kitchen has a breakfast bar which opens to the sunroom. The spacious master suite has his and hers baths, a wet bar and a private balcony. There is also a first floor guest suite. The pool, hot tub and huge patio are perfect for outdoor entertaining!”

Or spamming.

A satellite photo of Jeremy Jayne’s mansion is available here.

And if you’re a real glutton for punishment, and want to take the photo tour of the inside of the mansion, go to PhyllisDidItAgain’s website. Of course, you have to register to take the tour, and give Phyllis your email address. Do you trust a spammer’s real estate agent not to spam you? After she has seen what he was able to buy with his spam-proceeds?

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A Picture of the House that Spam Built – Jeremy Jaynes’ Mansion

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