Newest Craigslist Scam: “You have successfully posted your Craigslist ad”

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Scammers are targeting Internet users with a new Craigslist scam – well, really more of a Craiglist spoof – wherein they send email to you, mostly from ‘’, telling you that “you have succesfully posted your Craigslist ad” (although the samples we have seen actually misspell several words, so it ends up looking like “You have successfuly posted your ad”).

As is almost always the case with these sorts of spoofing scams, the tactic is to worry you so that you will follow the links in the email that supposedly go to the site they are spoofing, when in reality they go to the scammer’s site. In this particular case the links we found go to a site in China, iklik[dot]cn/genidpo.html

Pathetically, the scammers at typed the fake links so poorly that they look like this:

http://www.craigslist.o= rg/about/scams

Hopefully that is enough to get people to realize it’s a scam, but you never know.

Here is a sample of the scam email:

Subject: You have successfuly posted your ad.
Date: July 17, 2012 9:06:09 AM MDT

Posting ID # 18449617:

“Screwdrivers kit” (household items – by owner)
Can now be viewable at the following location:

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If you are experiencing problems finding your posting in the listings:

craigslist[dot]org/about/help/how_to_fi= nd_your_post_in_the_listings
For other questions or help:

Safety tips and avoiding scams:

http://www.craigslist.o= rg/about/scams
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8 thoughts on “Newest Craigslist Scam: “You have successfully posted your Craigslist ad”

  1. i had posted a ad looking for a home to rent and i got a text message from a number in my area..said whats my email so they could send me a link to their property they have for rent.. and i agreed to the terms and when it opened it seemed very odd.. as it was posted 5 minutes prior and i realized it was posted under my email acct.and i went back and looked at the senders info and it was the mmmm so dont ever give your email to anyone that says their selling or renting anything

  2. My comments written about this issue has not been published…contained ethical and legal observation about the abuse of the list and thus giving an unlimited space for serial con artists, mentally disturbed people, maybe even criminals. I outlined in concrete terms what the CL management should do…improve…
    I wonder whether this comment will be ever published either…

  3. how do I remove the unpublished draft notice and from personals I am posting on CL?

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