How to Find and Search Your Paypal History in the New Paypal Interface

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With the new Paypal interface, you may be wondering just “where the hell is my Paypal history?” And more specifically, “how can I search my Paypal transaction history for an email address, a name, or a transaction or other ID,” like you used to be able to do? If you are trying to find your Paypal history, here’s how to find and search your Paypal history with the new Paypal dashboard.

As you can see, with the new Paypal layout, there is no obvious way to find or search your history:

new paypal dashboard history


Now, you may think that you would find your history under ‘Activity’, and you would be wrong.

All the ‘Activity’ section shows you is a list of your activity:

paypal activity history


And clicking on ‘Statements’ doesn’t get you any closer to your Paypal history either.

paypal statements

So, just how do you get to your Paypal history now?

The secret is waaaaay down at the very bottom of the page when you are logged into Paypal.

Scroll to the end of the page, and click on ‘Classic Site’:

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How to Find and Search Your Paypal History in the New Paypal Interface

paypal history classic site

This will take you to the old-style interface. Now click on ‘Find a transaction’:

paypal history find transaction

This will take you to the old, familiar Paypal history interface, where you can search your history by email address, name, transaction ID, etc..

search paypal transactions

search paypal transaction history by email, name, id

While you’re at it, if you feel – as do we – that it is ridiculous for Paypal to have made it this difficult to find and search your history, of all things, you may want to use that ‘Feedback’ link to tell them so.

paypal history feedback

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How to Find and Search Your Paypal History in the New Paypal Interface

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12 Replies to “How to Find and Search Your Paypal History in the New Paypal Interface”

  1. I’m seeking a history of all my paypal transactions in the year 2019: is this possible?

    Will you be so kind as to post that on my email soon?

    1. Victor – just go to ‘Activity’ in Paypal and adjust the dates to encompass January 1 through the current day.

  2. 09-11-2018 What is the current wisdom of how to find a history of my paypal transactions/donations/additions/subtractions?
    to whom can I address this at paypal?

  3. The classic site option has disappeared now. No eBay purchases made in the last 7 weeks are shown but non-eBay payments are.

  4. It use to be so simple to view my account, BUT NO LONGER. I have spent over an hour
    looking for a means to do this and have yet been able to do so. Bad information,
    false leads have left me frustrated. Please go back to what if use to be or create
    a program that is simple and that we can all use.
    In the mean time please send me instructions on how to do get in to my account.

  5. So this is great info BUT now PP is saying no more classic… so how do you search history in the “new” PP interface? I find many spots to search but the data isn’t found. So in old find by Email my customer has transactions, in the new PP same period show none???
    Can anyone help?

  6. Thank you for this article! I was sooooo frustrated, as you said, thinking that “it CAN’T be this hard to search my transaction history- this is PAYPAL, I must be missing it”… grrrr…. :/

  7. Very good article. I have not wanted to look at my PayPal history but if I did I would not have been able to find it.

  8. I also told them I should be able to default into “Classic Site” if I logged off in “Classic Site.”

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