8 thoughts on “Here’s What ACH Credit SBAD TREAS 310 – MISC PAY NTE PMT EIDG or EIDL Means

  1. Do we need to make any documents for the SBAD TREAS 310 misc pay (EI DG) since it is free and we don’t know if we need to make one.

  2. Guys, we don’t speak for the IRS, or any agency, and unfortunately we don’t know the answers to these questions. However that said, if you applied for the PPP *loan*, then you applied through a lender (either your bank or an online entity), and they are who you need to ask these questions. They may not know either, of course, because it seems nobody knows, but they are the most likely source.

  3. Everything he wrote is the same questions I have. I appreciate the payment. Please let me know the stipulations. I am also confused. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

  4. Thanks for the article about the 126-SBAD TREAS 310 MISC PAY
    NTE*PMT*EIDG payment I received. I have a sole proprietorship very new business that this Covid-19 thing is not helping at all, so I applied for one of those loans for up to as much as $10k the SBA site said would not have to be paid back. I hadn’t heard anything back from them but just noticed a $1k deposit with the above designation. Does this mean they agreed to give me a $1k loan? Or is this a quick little advance on whatever it turns out they decide I can get (not to exceed a total of $10k)? Will more be coming, or is this it? I haven’t received the IRS EIP yet (April or yet this early in May). That’s still coming, too, right? I’m wondering. Many people got $ in April and are also expecting it in May. How does this work? With each new passage in Washington does everyone get another payment or will we all just get ONE whenever they can get to it (speaking of the IRS tips here). Sorry for so many questions, but it’s a bit confusing for some of us. ;-)

    1. Same exact questions as above. I would appreciate a response. Thank you so much!

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