Half-Million PCs Infected with Blackworm Code to Delete Files on February 3rd!

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According to best estimates, as many as a half-million PCs world-wide are infected with a malicious “blackworm” code which is set to delete data from their hard drives on February 3rd. That’s just next Friday, folks.

The worm, known as Blackmal.E or Nyxem.E, and also the same worm going around as the Kama Sutra worm, is set to wipe any Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files it finds, along with several other types.

Known also as Email-Worm.Win32.VB.bi, [email protected] worm, or W32/Nyxem-D, the Blackmal.E Kama Sutra Worm is a nasty one, and if you are infected, you need to get it off your system well before the February 3rd detonation date.

The infection count is coming from a web counter which is incremented by the worm itself, every time it is unleashed. The worm is delivered in spam bearing headlines such as “Kama Sutra pics”, “Hot movies!, “School girl fantasies gone bad”, “Re: sex video”, “give me a kiss”, “Miss Lebanon 2006″, “Part 1 of 6 Video clip”, “The Best Videoclip Everâ€?, “Arab sex DSC-00465.jpg”, “Fw: SeX.mpg”, and “Fwd: Crazy illegal Sex!”.

So get your anti-virus scrubber to work now, and make sure that it is up-to-date!

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One thought on “Half-Million PCs Infected with Blackworm Code to Delete Files on February 3rd!

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