Ship Anchor Cuts Undersea Internet Cable – India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Middle East Countries Lose Internet Access

undersea submarine cables
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If you are having trouble getting email to or from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or the Middle East, it’s probably because a badly dropped ship anchor has damaged an undersea Internet provisioning telecom cable in the Mediterranean, disrupting Internet service throughout India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Middle East. The cable, belonging to Flag Telecom, was badly cut when a ship anchored off the cost of Alexandria was told to anchor in a place that was not their usual anchor location – resulting in the anchor dropping on the cable.

“It is a problem off the coast of Alexandria in Egypt. For some reason ships were asked to anchor in a different place to normal – 8.3km from the beach. One of the ship’s anchors cut our cable but there are multiple cuts – we’re not the only company having problems,” said a spokesman for Flag Telecom.

According to the spokesman for Flag Telecom, while a repair ship is already en route to assess the damage, it could take as long as two or more weeks before the cable can be repaired, and regular Internet service restored to the region.

As a result, Internet access – including email to and from the affected regions – may be spotty, shaky, and sporadic for at least the next two weeks.

Additionally, because many companies, including many in the the U.S. and the UK, rely on outsourced IT and customer support services in countries like India, the disruption in service is expected to impact businesses around the world.

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32 thoughts on “Ship Anchor Cuts Undersea Internet Cable – India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Middle East Countries Lose Internet Access

  1. This type of incidents happen once in a while and now a days not because of this internet break downs happen, and these days am experiencing internet issues because of bad routing in certain areas.

  2. Well i don,t think this was terrorists. But a certain govenment wanting net traffic to be routed through certain internet backbone.
    so it could monitor all the traffic.

    Any ship who,s anchor chain was strong enough to brake the cable would not have left an anchor behind like they reported one was found near by the broken cable.
    That was to make it look like how it was done and make every one figure look at that as the cause.
    but instead it was more then likely a black opps project!

  3. these cables can be taken out by a dropped anchor. but even with knowing the cables location and aiming for it you would still have odds of 1 in 10,000 or higher of hitting it and higher yet of doing a complete cut through.
    But if you were to drag the anchor back and forth over area till you snag it it would be 100% breakage rate.
    If explosive devices were used it would be far higher then dropped anchor.
    If manualy place devices used it would be 99.999% effective.
    If all lasers on ether end were caused to fire on the same cables at same sime and left doing so the cable could melt through at point of meeting.

    if in shallow enough water an air powered salvage saw and diver could cut these in minuets.
    seismic activity could brake these as well and tsunami’s but there were not any. take your pick.
    but these being damaged on purpose is most likely!

  4. My internet is down… I couldnt play my online game… Its having veryyyy high latency… F***ing @SShole ship..

  5. 3 Anchor drops within 24hrs, 2 within one hour of each other. LAME! Wrong Answer! No such thing as a coincidence.

  6. I am using WATEEN WIMAX here in PAKISTAN and i am facing no problem with internet, 1 or 2 sites are not opening but thats rare.

  7. Its really very bad speed. still we are suffering. any one know how much time it will take. Our ISP decided to stop internet today in night hour for saving bandwidth. so lots og problem

  8. Damn slow here in Saudi Arabia. DSL connection from STC is lost every 20 seconds. Unusable at all. Took me 15 minutes to post this!!!

  9. I am in mangalore my isp airtel , badly effect undersea cable failure usually 250kbps now its comedown to 20kbps

  10. I think this is a flaw and the terrorist will be having this in their mind next time …

  11. We had some problem with net since couple of days, I never thought this was the reason.

  12. yes, i can see a problem with my internet in surat. many sites are slow and i get bored of reloading them again and again, it was just 30 minutes back i faced the problem,from the time i m posting this…..

  13. In Kochi (India), we didn’t face any sort of MAJOR problems with connectivity so far. Internet is working as usual.. there are packet drops, but it was there earlier also. So thank god, the ship anchor didn’t create any harm on us. Eventhough we are not directly affected, we need to take necessary steps to avoid these kind of problems in future.

  14. BSNL and Airtel broadband yesterday in Kolkata was very slow. Much better today.

  15. We have a 2 mbps connection and currently its very slow on most of the sites. Hope this gets fixed soon!

  16. Yes, may be the problem has been resolved, because today internet is working fine as it was working some days ago. I felt bad speed for just 2-3 days.

  17. I use a WLL connection.It is slow yesterday. to day it is better.near to its original state. no fatal problems.

  18. Bangladesh has been affected and turtled with internet. But for the last 12 hours, connections seems to regain normal performance, no trouble now.

  19. Here in Pakistan we had a moderate effect of it but its fixed overall now.

  20. The Internet speed is pathetic during the daytime but is good during late night hours.

    We all must thank that atleast some connectivity is given to us.

  21. VSNL (Hyderabad) Broadband is working fine for us. We did not notice any downgrading either. 1 or 2 sites are not opening, that too occasionally. Businesses depending on outsourcing should not really worry, as we think alternate channels must have been arranged. We got to know of this problem only when we logged on to RentACoder.

  22. We confirm the comment about Sri Lanka. Actually even we don’t know about it until we Longin to RAC.

  23. We know this from yesterday afternoon…Hope it’ll be restored soon to get back India in Live..

  24. Bangalore has been hit moderately. All ISP’s have started downgraded service. None stopped.

  25. the bandwidth Load was shifted from SEA ME WE 4 to SEA ME WE 3 for pakistan region!

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