Google Glass Detector Claims to Block Google Glass

If you are one of the legion who think that Google Glass sucks, at least in terms of privacy invasion, you may also be wondering if it is possible to jam Google Glass. Until now there was no simple way to block Google Glass wearers from taking a video or photos of you, but now there may be.

Julian Oliver has written a script,, with which, says Oliver, you can “Find a Google Glass and kick it from the network.”

Oliver writes, “This script is a response to a comment by Omer Shapira that the presence of Google Glass worn by audience at an ITP graduate exhibition left him feeling understandably uneasy; it was not possible to know whether they were recording, or even streaming what they were recording to a remote service over WiFi.”

So Oliver wrote

google glass banned blocked jammed

Writes Wired’s Andy Greenberg, “Install Oliver’s program on a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone mini-computer and plug it into a USB network antenna, and the gadget becomes a Google Glass detector, sniffing the local network for signs of Glass users.”

Of course, all of this might be less necessary if only Google Glass users would listen to Google when they say “Don’t be Glassholes.”

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Google Glass Detector Claims to Block Google Glass
Article Name
Google Glass Detector Claims to Block Google Glass
Block Google Glass? Yes, says Julian Oliver. With his script, says Oliver, you can jam Google Glass, and kick it off a wifi network.

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