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If you walk into a Target store and see someone from the Geek Squad hanging out, don’t worry, you didn’t inadvertently walk into Best Buy. Chances are you’ve walked into one of the Target locations that has their very own Geek Squad. A joint venture between Best Buy and Target, the new program will put Geek Squad agents in 29 Target stores, to start, with the first one wave concentrating heavily in the Denver, Colorado area.

The relationship is a symbiotic one, with Best Buy looking to reach a new customer base amidst slumping sales and plummeting stock prices, and Target seeking to beef up their consumer electronics sales. The Target Geek Squad is full service, offering repair services, installation and warranty plans for all kinds of devices.

Says Target spokeswoman Katie Boylan, “It’s no secret that the electronics space is rapidly changing. Services are increasingly important. Adding Geek Squad will be meaningful to our guests. This takes our offerings one step further.”

This is a stand-alone joint venture, so Target and Best Buy are by no means merging, but it certainly but it certainly is convenient, especially for those who are less technically inclined and more likely to find themselves in a Target, rather than a Best Buy. No word yet as to whether this means we will finally see Starbucks in Best Buy, like Target, but this is certainly an idea we will stay on top of!

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One thought on “Geek Squad Now Available at Target

  1. As a computer tech of 18 years and all the sloppy work by the Geek Squad I’ve had to fix, I wouldn’t let them anywhere near my business if I owned Target.

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