What do EUC, GUC, VGC, and Others on eBay, Craigslist, and Elsewhere Mean?

There are a dizzying array of abbreviations on sites on which you can purchase used clothing and other used goods, such as eBay, Craigslist, and Poshmark, just to name a few. Abbreviations such as EUC, VGUC, GUC, EU, NIB and NIP can be confusing, while other abbreviations are more readily recognized, such as NWT and OEM. Here is a guide to all of those abbreviations, be they on eBay, Craigslist, thredUP, Swap, or wherever you may see them.

How to Create Your Own Free Online Backup Solution and Drop Box System

If you have been searching for cloud-based online backup solutions, and in particular if you are looking for safe, free online backup services or cloud storage, then your best bet may be to create your very own free online backup solution, creating your own backup and storage solution in your own cloud. (This is particularly true given the recent court decision that says that agencies don’t need a warrant to access your personal data if it is stored in a cloud storage service.) You can even create your own DropBox style folders to share your files with others! You will need to make a small investment up front, but we show you how to do it, and you can do it for under $175 total – less than you would pay many online backup services in just the first year.

Groupon Celebrates President’s Day by Honoring President Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton, Groupon thinks that you’re absolutely great! For some people, President’s Day is all about the guys whose faces are carved on Mount Rushmore. You know, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and those other two guys. Frankly, we’re still upset that Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday used to be separate holidays in February and got combined into one holiday known as President’s Day. Groupon decided to break out of the traditional mold and celebrate a lesser known president – President Alexander Hamilton of the $10 bill.

The Difference Between a Smartphone, a Feature Phone, and a Dumb Phone

With the news of Microsoft acquiring Nokia, there has been a resurgence in the news of the terms “feature phone” and “dumb phone” (both as contrasted to a “smartphone” – and why is “smartphone” one word, but not “featurephone” or “dumbphone”?) So, some of you may be wondering “just what is a feature phone? And how is it different from a dumb phone or a smartphone?” We explain.

What are Haul Videos?

You may have recently heard of “haul videos” and be wondering what they are. Are they how-to videos put out by U-Haul? (No.) Are they actually “hall videos”, from surveillance cameras or some other hallway phenomena? (No.) So just what are haul videos? We explain.

The Antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Charities Encourage Giving on “Giving Tuesday”, Host “Giving Tuesday” Twitter Party

Thanks to Henry Timms, deputy executive director of the Jewish community center 92nd Street Y, Giving Tuesday and its upcoming Twitter party is the answer for those who have looked on in disdain at Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While some are stampeding (literally) to get those Black Friday deals, and servers are crashing while consumers are virtually stampeding to Cyber Monday, there has been an air of disgust by many on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, at the blatant, frenzied consumerism that seems to make those rabid shoppers a parody of the typical American.

Geek Squad Now Available at Target

If you walk into a Target store and see someone from the Geek Squad hanging out, don’t worry, you didn’t inadvertently walk into Best Buy. Chances are you’ve walked into one of the Target locations that has their very own Geek Squad. A joint venture between Best Buy and Target, the new program will put Geek Squad agents in 29 Target stores, to start, with the first one wave concentrating heavily in the Denver, Colorado area.

California Governor Jerry Brown Approvals Senate Bills 1052 and 1053, Providing Free Online College Textbooks for Students

Undergraduate students of California’s public college and university system will now be able to access many of their textbooks for free, online. Governor Jerry Brown signed senate bills 1052 and 1053 into law, which will establish online libraries that contain digital textbooks for the 50 most commonly taken lower-division courses.

Compare Flights, Find Insanely Cheap Flight Deals and Book Those Flights Online with Google Flights!

If you want insanely cheap flights while still being able to book flights online, you can now get cheap flight deals, and compare flights, through Google flights. And these are not cheapo flights from some sort of questionable airline that you have never heard of, these are discounted flights from well known airlines such as US Airways, United, JetBlue and Delta.

Fascinating! 120 “Best of” Articles on Computer History and Predictions for Only $9.99 on Kindle!

Now you can own a little piece – no, scratch that – a big piece of computer history, for your own, for less than $10.00! This compilation of more than 120 articles, from the Best of Creative Computing, circa 1978, is sure to appeal to and fascinate geeks of all persuasions: science fiction buffs, science fact buffs, technology history buffs, educators, and just average Joes who find this sort of thing interesting. It is at once a fabulous overview and review of both computing history, and computer predictions of the future. Now you can look back from that future, boggle at how far we have come, and marvel at who got it right, and who got it oh-so-wrong. All for just $9.99!

Online Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping the Internet After-Thanksgiving Sales

Why bother combing through countless Black Friday oads and braving the madding throngs at the stores when you can take advantage of numerous online Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from the comfort of your computer? These Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals – the day after Thanksgiving and the Monday after Thanksgiving sales – are available at all of your favourite Internet stores. Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday list includes several top online retailers. Here is Black Friday and Cyber Monday info for Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy sales, to name just a few of the sales available at the day after Thanksgiving, and the Monday after Thanksgiving, sales at your favourite Internet stores.

More Victims of “Success” with Groupon and LivingSocial Emerge

That Living Social or Groupon voucher is great for the customer, but it can be a near-death knell for the business on the other side of the transaction. (What are LivingSocial and Groupon? Groupon and Living Social are online services through which businesses offer deep-discount deals to Groupon’s and Living Social’s users. The customer purchases the deal up front – say $5 for a $10 cake – and then they take the coupon Groupon or LivingSocial sends them to the bakery to redeem it.) Customers who use Living Social and Groupon like the great discounts – but merchants tell another story.