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Forget plain old mobile phone tracking. FlexiSpy is a cell phone tapping and spying software that, once slipped on to your cell phone, sends all of the data from your cell phone to the person spying on you. It also allows them to turn on your cell phone’s microphone so that they can remotely listen in on what you are doing, and on your calls! It currently works with all Nokia 60, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phones, and, according to FlexiSpy, more phones are being added all the time.

According to the FlexiSpy site, “FlexiSPY is software you download into the phone. The software then collects all available data and sends it to you [sic] web account where you can view it from any computer. It sends the data using the phones [sic] Internet connection. The software also looks out for incoming calls with predefined numbers and then silently switches on the phone so you can hear the surroundings or even the phone call.”

In order to surreptitiously install the software on a victim’s phone, the spying person need only have the phone in their hands long enough to navigate to a web page with the phone, and enter their FlexiSpy code. This causes the spying software to be downloaded to the phone and enabled.

What is not yet clear is how you know that the software has been installed on your phone. In order to determine this, someone would have to experiment by downloading the software onto their own Nokia 60, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile phone (we have already disposed of those phones that we used for our comparison with the Sidekick), and see where it ends up. If any of our readers do this (you can get the software from the FlexiSpy site), please be sure to report back here!

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59 thoughts on “FlexiSpy Cell Phone Tapping Software

  1. This app really works perfectly an unrecognizable on normal people using their devices. This tools have all the necessary features that you might think of on monitory phones as well as pc. I have tried this tool as well as the Spytrac ([Link deleted]wayback in my first wife. I caught her still meeting her ex boyfriend and now were divorce.

  2. Sir, My husband is cheating me but I have no proofs so, pls help me with your mobile microphone device so that I be able to know the truth and get out of this depression and frustration. pls tell me how to purchase it.

  3. sir my girl frd cheating n flirting with me ,so i need ur help,i will never misuse it.

  4. I have an iphone but want to use software on a razor with cricket phone service. Is this possible. Thank you.

  5. My girl friend use to call me oftenly & we use to speak personally but one day while she calling some one have got interrupted in our call & spoked but we doesnt know who is tat? then I consult with my friend then he told they may be tapping the call so please suggest me How to Find? & How to restrict Those Tapping ?

  6. Dear sir
    I need this software too much. Because my wife is cheating perhaps and deleting some calls on her phone Pleas help me

  7. Sir plz help me sir my girlfrnd is cheat with me then i call her number is always wating plz help me i promise i will not misuse this software.

  8. My girl friend use to call me oftenly & we use to speak personally but one day while she calling some one have got interrupted in our call & spoked but we doesnt know who is tat? then I consult with my friend then he told they may be tapping the call so please suggest me How to Find? & How to restrict Those Tapping ?

  9. Sir plz help me sir my girlfrnd is cheat with me then i call her number is always wating plz help me i promise i will not misuse this software

  10. how do i know if my phone has been tapped how do i undo a tap on my phone ?

  11. Sir, please help me,,,, my girlfriend is flirting with me,,, I think she is cheater but, I am not conform,,, when i call her then always her phone is in waiting,,, please… Give me this software,,,, I promise, i’ll never missuse of this software…



  14. I am getting very often wrong calls from a mobile 8489409698. Is it possible to get me the latitude longitude? Will you? please.

  15. I would like a spy software which is required to be install only on my own cell and not to target phone. is it any spy software.

  16. does this work in india. Can it be installed on samsung 5603 phone which is not a windows mobile

  17. I was wondering what kinds of phones fleixspy works on and what phones it wont work with?
    Do you need to have a smart phone on the receiving end or vice versa?

  18. yes you can install this remotely with iphones. If the victim has a jail broke phone it can have a person run linux code on the phone and then you get in though the back door and after that is completed. they can control the other persons phone and lock them out. The iphone is the only phone that i have seen do that. :)

  19. I would much appreciate any info on how to check if someone has the software on your phone spying thanks!!!

  20. I read where the Flexispy works for “smart phones” I have a Razr and the target phone is also a Razr. Would this software work on them?

  21. If the government can do it why can’t we? The gov makes over 100k request every year to tap phone lines.

  22. There are forms of cellphone spyware that can be installed by sending someone a text. The text will download a trojan back door virus. It has happened to me. It can hide in the Java cache.

  23. Wire tapping can be considered a Federal Crime, unless it is your Employer’s Company policy, your significant other, and *maybe* some other possibilities.

  24. i need help i want to buy this software but im not sure if it will work on my girls phone is a instinct by samsung(sprint) plz help me in this one!!!!!!!

  25. @Greg – The answer to your question is NO the software can not be remotely installed – According to FlexiSPY, their software should NOT be classified as a trojan because it has to be loaded on a telephone by a human being, and the software doesn’t replicate itself.

  26. Someone has noted that a person should have physical access to the phone in order to seed a bug. My question is whether it’s possible to ‘infect’ a phone by sending a multimedia message to that phone and by opening and downloading that message from that phone?

  27. @ Martin Curry – Unquestionably the Government have the ability to listen in on your Cell Phone through remote activation – so in theory it can be done however its not “routine” this is a serious resource so the question do you really think that your that important ? I am not trying to be rude its a genuine question and the second is why would he disclose his actions and his background ? That makes no sense, generally peolpe that tell you these things like I am ex CIA or ex BlackOps are full of it.

  28. I have a guy who claims he is ex-cia tracking my family phones to find material to use against me and my loved ones. Can this technology be remotely activated? as in could he be listening without having possession of my [phone?

  29. Reply to David Mark.

    1. Your partner has recently asked to borrow your phone to “install some cool software” or download a ringtone. (Mobile Spy, Neo Call, & Flexispy all require someone to physically install the software)

    2. You notice an unusual increase in GPRS activity. (remember, most of these apps such as Flexispy use GPRS to transfer the data logs)

    3. Your SMS bill has recently increased and you dont remember sending so many messages. (Apps such as Neo Call use SMS forwarding)

    4. You notice the GPRS and/or the internet connection icon activate for no reason several times a day.

    5. Your phone ‘lights up’ for no reason but doesnt ring. (Apps such as Flexispy have remote monitoring and Flexispy cannot stop the phone from lighting up/flash when someone calls your phone to monitor you)

    I am working up an article on my review site if your interested in more detail.

  30. How can a person tell if it has been downloaded on their cell phone or home phone?

  31. I am doing an independent review of the flexispy software, if anyone has any feedback or user experiences I would really appreciate the feedback.

  32. I’m pretty sure that if I found someone invading my privacy, especially to this extent, I would execute them – in the worse possible way I could think of at the time. Consider that when you are thinking about playing with fire. You might get burned worse than you imagined.

  33. How can I download this program?
    Is it easy to install?
    I am not a computer wizard.

  34. How can a person tell if it has been downloaded on their cell phone or home phone?

  35. Pls..try to help to download free download flexispy software.. atleast send a Tag for me..Thanking you…

  36. How can I download the software for free? I just bought one for $99.00 and it’s not letting me open the programs after downloading


    She’s a girl from the philippines. poor girl

  38. I guess to stop this listening in by flexspy. People are going to have to come up with there on coded lingo.

  39. Its not soo fun when u fuck you’re boss at work then she gets ahold of you’re phone & installs this malware, uses it for identity theft & to harass anyone you call. The software even works if youre talking to a landline from a cell phone or cell phone t cell phone. As long as one of the 2 phones has the mal-ware running. The police in most jurisdictiions have no clue when it comes to the internals of technology. So they just tell you its someone you know. In other words someone asshole playing around can cost some their job,money,credit, & eventually someones life. Whether a spouse gets mad & murders someone they thinks cheating on them or that person just commits suicide since they cant escape the eavesdropping. only the person may not know its coming from their cell phone. In my case my boss got enough personal info she entered my house at will when i was sleep & if I got a new phone installed this crap before I woke up. So folks yeah the crap works but dont use it.

  40. I’m not sure how someone would want to use FlexiSpy? Why would you want to send your information to someone spying on you?

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