Woo Themes Hacked, Credit Card Numbers Stolen

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Woo Themes has alerted their customers that credit cards used to purchase a WooTheme product from WooThemes.com between 11/27/13 and 5/8/14 have been compromised. In an email sent out today, Woo Themes advised that “sophisticated criminal hackers had intercepted some credit card details between checkout and our off site credit card processor.”

Here is the full email – bottom line: if you are a WooThemes customer, check your credit card statements, folks, and ASAP!

Urgent Update Regarding Your WooThemes Account

You are receiving this email because you have purchased a product from WooThemes between November 27th 2013 and May 8th 2014.

Last week we learned that, despite implementing the most stringent security measures including never storing credit card details on our site, sophisticated criminal hackers had intercepted some credit card details between checkout and our off site credit card processor. We immediately took steps to prevent further exposure to the criminals.

What does this mean?

This means that the credit card details that you used to purchase from our website may have been compromised and could now be used for fraudulent transactions.

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend immediately checking your credit card statement. If there are suspicious transactions, you should immediately query them with your financial institution.


We’re truly sorry if you have to cancel your credit card and or submit any bank paperwork. We realise your time is precious and this might not have happened had you not purchased from us.

Passwords have been reset

We have taken the added precaution of resetting all passwords which you will see the next time you login to our site. We highly recommend using strong, unique passwords on every website that you visit.

We understand that keeping track of these different passwords is difficult so to make it easier we have teamed up with Agilebits, the makers of 1Password, to offer you a 50% discount on their product. Please click here to get the discount and learn more about their product.

How did this happen?

We’ve posted an update today with all the information we have so far, and the immediate steps we have taken. We take this very seriously and will work hard to rebuild your trust in our company and brand.

We have created a coupon code which gives you 50% discount (valid until 31 May 2014), should you want to continue to use our products. Please use [removed] during the checkout to receive the discount. We have moved our payment processing completely off site using PayPal, to ensure our checkout is even more secure.

We wholeheartedly apologise for this inconvenience! It frustrates us immensely that these criminals have not only attacked us, but our customers and our community. We strive to ensure this will never happen to us again. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


The WooThemes Team

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