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Microsoft has announced that they have just updated their Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) to detect and remove the Zotob worm which brought down computer systems across the country this week. The Zotob worm has also been referred to in news reports as also Zobot, Botzor, Botzor.exe, worm-rbot.cbq, rbot.cbq, and rbot.ebq.

According to Microsoft spokesperson Debby Fry Wilson, in describing the tool, “You click on it and it will tell you if you are infected. And if you are, it will clean the worm off your PC.”
Despite the fact that the Zotob worm brought dozens or more Windows 2000 systems across the United States to a grinding halt this week, including those of CNN, ABC, the New York Times, Caterpiller, and Chrysler, Wilson said that Microsoft continues to consider the worm’s threat to be “low to moderate”, explaining that “The number of customers infected is relatively small. However, if they are impacted, the pain is certainly real. There is a handful of customers that we have been working with.”

The Microsoft removal tool is available here:

Link to Microsoft tool to remove Zotob (Zobot, Botzor, Botzor.exe, worm-rbot.cbq, rbot.cbq, and rbot.ebq)

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