Hyatt Gold Passport Accounts Hacked

hyatt gold passport hacked
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Hyatt Hotels, owners of among others the Hyatt Regency brand, has quietly announced that their Hyatt Gold Passport system has been hacked.

The announcement came in the form of an email to those whose Hyatt Gold Passport accounts were compromised, advising them of the hack, and that they will need to change their passwords.

Now, while you may think this is not a big deal – after all, what can the hackers gain from your Gold Passport account? – it’s important to remember that access to any account can yield, among other things, clues to the usernames, passwords, and other credentials for other accounts.

And it’s important to remember that once your personal data has been hacked, the odds are one in three that it will be used for bad purposes.

Here is the announcement from Hyatt – if you have a Hyatt Gold Passport account, you should contact Hyatt customer service ASAP.

As part of Hyatt Gold Passport’s routine monitoring of member account activity, we found a small number of accounts were accessed by an unauthorized individual utilizing member usernames and passwords. We have no reason to believe, at this time, the login information was obtained through Hyatt Gold Passport, and we continue to analyze and monitor our systems. We have reached out to members we know have been affected to resolve any concerns.

To enhance your account security, we are resetting all passwords connected to a username. The next time you sign in to your Hyatt Gold Passport account, you will need to change your password by following the directions below. We strongly recommend that you reset your username and password to a unique combination not used elsewhere. You will not be able to access your account online until you change your password.

To change your Hyatt Gold Passport password:
1) Visit
2) Click “Forgot Password” in the sign-in section and follow the directions
3) Look for a temporary password sent to your email and follow the directions

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please call us anytime at 800.228.3360 in the US and Canada or contact Hyatt in your region.

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3 thoughts on “Hyatt Gold Passport Accounts Hacked

  1. Just got an email for a survey b/c I supposedly stayed in a hotel a couple of days ago and I was hundreds of miles away. I am a member of Hyatt Gold Passport. Thought it was super fishy and didn’t take the survey (I never click attached links). Interesting. No CC account activity but I’m going into my account and looking JIC.

  2. My account apparently wasn’t hacked (because I didn’t get email), but my password was invalidated anyway.

    What someone could get from my account is over $5,000 worth of hotel stays (if I didn’t notice the use of the points fast enough). Other hotel chains (*cough* Hilton *cough*) have been having a serious problem with this.

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