Website Allows Men to Donate to Give Women Free Breast Implants

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A website calling itself “My Free Implants” allows women to register, create a profile (no pun intended), upload pictures, and allow men – complete strangers – to donate to help them get free breast implants.

Yes, really.

Here’s what says about itself:

“ is an online community. Through this website and our street team, we bring together two groups of people:

Women that have a strong desire to enhance their physical appearance through cosmetic surgery

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Benefactors who wish to help these women improve their self esteem and confidence through cosmetic surgery”

They even put out a press release today, bannering their second ‘success story’:

“The latest success story from involves a 20-year old member named Angel who earned more than $4,000 in less than four months on the website. Angel has selected to use the money for saline implants taking her from a cup size B to a DD. “I just wanted to say thanks to all the people that made this site possible,” Angel also had a message for the other female members of the website, “to all the girls that want to know if anyone has reached their goal. Yes! I am one of them.”


Now, I’m about to give you the link for this site, but only on two conditions:

First, that after you see the site, you come back here and tell us what you really think about it; and

Second, be sure not to have anything in your mouth when you look at the site, because it will end up on your keyboard.

Now remember, this is a serious site, and a serious endeavor:

My Free Implants

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The Internet Patrol is and always has been free. We don't hide our articles behind a paywall, or restrict the number of articles you can read in a month if you don't give us money. That said, it does cost us money to run the site, so if something you read here was helpful or useful, won't you consider donating something to help keep the Internet Patrol free?
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25 thoughts on “Website Allows Men to Donate to Give Women Free Breast Implants

  1. I was referred to this site by my best girlfriend… She joined and had her implants paid for by a nice gentleman that only wanted to talk. She was pear shaped, very short with all her junk in the trunk and a very small chest, which was not proportional with her broad shoulders and bubble butt. She was extremely self conscious about the way she looked and wanted breasts that matched her body. Now she looks absolutely stunning, not that she didn’t before, but her self-esteem and confidence has skyrocketed through the roof, and a confident woman who is comfortable with her body is a happier woman, and that makes them so much sexier than a woman who only sees what she feels are imperfections. I joined after my kids left me with less in the top than I had when I was in highschool. Seriously, I was a 36B and now I’ll do good to fill up a 34A, and that’s if it’s a push up bra!!! My husband tells me I’m beautiful just the way I am and I love him for it, but they aren’t for him, they’re for ME. You do not have to do anything you don’t want to, and the classier you present yourself shows these donors that you’re not just another internet “whore” selling yourself for the next freebie. You don’t have to show nudity and it is actually forbidden in the updated “fan sign pics” that you upload to show these people that it is actually you, with a written sign with the name of the site and your username on it in the photo with you. It absolutely cannot be added using a Photoshop program. I’ve wanted to feel “whole” and sexy again for my own self-esteem. I joined because I simply cannot afford the surgery and I don’t qualify for financing. This site really works and is completely legitimate, I know walking, living, happier proof that it is real and I’ve known this girl for almost 20 years. AGAIN, YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO DO ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO!!!! YOU ONLY SELL YOURSELF AND YOUR DIGNITY IF YOU ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN!!! My husband is the one that convinced me to join and has no objection to taking pictures of me with lingerie or completely topless if that’s what I feel comfortable with. I would never send totally nude photos of myself to someone other than my husband or a girlfriend of mine. Topless pictures of myself would be OK for me, I have no problem with it, hundreds of pictures are out there of me at a biker rally, with my husband there, and I have no shame. I’m a beautiful woman who only wants back what she lost. The only problem I have with the site is that some features aren’t compatible with mobile devices, such as uploading pictures, live chat, and web chat. They do not currently have an app for mobile devices either. You can complete all these features on a PC though. You cannot participate or receive donations until you have uploaded a photo and a “fan sign pic” proving that it is in fact you, and you are a real woman seeking the body they know they were meant to have.

    Don’t judge these women… Not everyone can afford $5,000 to make themselves feel better about their bodies. In fact, I don’t personally know anyone with that kind of money sitting around.

    Think before you point fingers, you don’t know them or their story.

  2. i have tried this site before and found it a waste of time, its not just about guys tryn t make women feel better about themselves they of course want somthing in return for it eg nude pictures, dirty videos etc, the dirtier you are the more donations you will get and i just couldnt degrade myself like that, i went on there as a friend told me about it and thought it would be a helpful site but i found it to be like a dirty sex show site, get payed for being slutty.

  3. I think it is a fun little site. If guys want to help girls feel better about themselves, why not? The money does not get handled by the girls, it goes straight to the doctor preforming the surgery. Girls may use one of the doctors on the list, or choose their own doctor.

  4. That website looked like a scam to me too. I signed up for an account but I haven’t put any pictures up(I’m glad I didn’t now). I did do some searching and the only one that looks real is Augmentation Nation. I have signed up for an account there and did put pictures up. I’ve only had the account for 3 days, so I have no comments about it as of yet. The money is suppost to go directly into my Paypal account, so none of this sending it to the doctor or we lost your account crap.
    Feel free to message me and let me know what you think.

  5. Hello…Wow what a great website. I would like to know if this website is for other plastic surgery procedures, other than breast implants?

    Thank You ALL for making our dreams come true.

  6. First of all–I am a woman signed up on MFI–and I am here to tell you that this site works. I am only $1100 away from hitting my goal, and I haven’t done anything I’d be ashamed of! The girls who write such things are upset because they did not stick it out and do what they had to in order to be successful. Beauty is not what makes you succeed, nor is being a “whore” as some of you wrote. Because if you go on there and look–the girls who offer things of a sexual nature–usually are NOT earning hardly any money, if any at all. I have earned my money by forming bonds with these gentlemen. Most of them could care less if I gave them sexy pictures. However, they do like it when I do. These boob jobs may be “free” however, you do have to EARN them. I am on the site almost 5 to 6 hours a day–talking with whoever I can and trying to keep the bonds I have with my benefactors. No whoring here!! So please do not post such things, when you really do not know what you are talking about. is a great site to meet friends from all over the world. I have friends in Australia, the UK, Sweden and South Africa. Most of them I will remain friends with for YEARS after I am off MFI. Sincerely, Casey (model# 10698)

  7. im only 17 and suffering very badly from depression, i wont go near men because i feel i have an extremely unproportioned body! im ashamed of myself im like a pear (thin at the top and fat at the bottom) i desperatly want breast implants. i tryed to get my mum to take a loan out for me but she wont because i wont tell her why :( its stopping me from doin all the things id like to do in life. Can anyone help?

  8. you know ithink this is a great idea i have been wanting implants since 9th grade i think fake boobs are freak’n great i love them!! I can’t wait to get mine done and right now i am saving up for a car, implants and school with NO financial help!!! Then i found this site and if i can get the money for my implants which is 4,800 through this site that means I can use those $5,000 for my education or a better car!

  9. I joined this site in hopes I would get to my goal. At first it seemed pretty cool but then I saw what other girls were doing just to get donations? Ummmm no wonder I had very little donations. I wouldn’t do what the other girls were doing. I’m not saying all the girls on there are doing it but most are getting the donations because they are acting like whores!

    I would call it a amateur porn site myself. I deleted my profile after I realized what the site was all about. It’s pretty much women selling their body.

    I want boobs but I’m not going to be a whore to get them.

  10. MFI Seems To Be Having Alot Of Problems As Of Lately, Top Favorite Girls Are Leaving The Site Do To Small Minded Men And The Jealous Women They Support. Check Out Model 4472 She’s Great!!!!

  11. i dont know about anyone else, but anyone with a problem either female or male should go for it i would. i would love some to pay for a penile implant as i could never afford it and anyone should be able to enjoy a good sex life not just the fortunate ones who were blessed

  12. Lee! the money goes only to the owner if the benefactor(s) does not ask to transfer the donation(s) to a girl of his choice.

  13. I signed up to recieve donations for my breast implants. I think the idea is great. Basicly the site is like myspace only evertime you get a message you recieve money toward your goal. Of course I would love for all of you to do on there and check me out.

  14. Well, I’m just following my gut, but I would think it’s a scam from all angles.

    Website: Women who work really hard and earn small OR large amounts of money and get frustrated and quit, get NOTHING. The website keeps the cash.

    Women: Talk dirty, provide free nude photographs and webcam with potential donors, leading them on and on and on for a buck or two. Many of these women are married and never have any intention of following through with any of the sexual promises they make. Even the single ones are guilty of this.

    Men: Beg, plead, steal and cheat to get women to satisfy their sexual fantasies with promises of big buck donations. When it all comes down to it, the men set up these bogus “competitions” to get women to compete for their cash. These women fall all over themselves trying to win this. They send out photos that no self-respecting woman would ever provide. Just to find out that all her hard work and money spent on getting that cool digital camera only earned her $10-$20.

    I was once one of these women, and once I figured out that you literally have to turn yourself into a “virtual whore” to get pennies on the dollar what your implants would actually cost, I figured I’d get them the old fashioned way or not at all. Then, when and if I do get them, I can walk with my head held high.

    I had $75 in donations when I decided my self dignity couldn’t take a blow like this. I guess the owner of that website is now $75 richer.

  15. First reaction was;so the concept is be a whore on the internet,because that is what you do,talk online,send them pictures half-nude,and what else…Licking somebodys ass saying what they want to hear,doing what they want to see so you get the money to your boobs or whatever.I would need a boob-job,but i think i will save for it if i can or not do it at all,since what the hell,i got these boobs,so get over it and accept them,move on with life.By the way,is this a site only for americans or is it free to join (and get the “jobs” done)where ever you live in the world?
    I do find this really strange,a sugar daddy fenomenon online…girls,find a sreet corner to stand by,,you will get the boobs quicker,,pays moore.
    Or why not get a extra REAL job to earn them by work?
    Boob-donation online;Donators,send the money some where else,like a country who needs help aid for food.

  16. i think its a fabulous website, and although it is more on the cheesy side, it does have a great concept. this will give women the oppertunity to be normal without getting themselves into serious debts.

  17. Here’s the problem. The women solicit donations and are suceessful or not. BUT, they can’t get the money until it adds up to a magic amount that will pay for surgery. If it’s shy of the magic amount then no money to them. None. If the women gives up the quest then all the solicited money stays with the website. The site gets 10%; the women will get paid if she hits $5000 or so. If she gives up then all goes to the site.



  18. I’m actually signed up on this site and it’s great. The money has to be used for implants and they (the site) are in control of the money the whole time. You set your goal (mine is $4000) then men donate money to you which is setup in an online account. Once you reach your goal you send your estimate and dr. info to and then THEY pay the doctor directly. The girls don’t ever actually receive any cash. The site is great and I think everybody should check it out. You can find me on there “Tiffiany”.

  19. Interesting site. Cute girls. Are they required to use the money for breast augmentation surgery?
    I wonder.

  20. You have got to be kidding me . . . What’s next a web site for free penile implants, or how about one to raise money for face lifts for us women over 50?

  21. Whoa! What will they think of next! I read the press release and it actually seems like a pretty unique business model, so I have to give them credit for that.

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