15 thoughts on “Warning: Do NOT Click on Text Message “FRM: Account Service”!

  1. Received a text this morning. 26 Oct 2021 Home Depot Give Away
    Folks, never click on a link. If it sounds to good to be true its not.

  2. Ok, I’m a sucker —clicked on the link! It was after this I dug deeper in to find we had no ups deliveries scheduled, inquired, found this info. Now what?

    1. Trudy, you will need to log in asap to the actual account (whatever account it was spoofing) and change your password, along with any other places that you have used that password (or a similar one). If there was a credit card associated with that account, start watching it like a hawk and immediately report any suspicious charges.

  3. Got this from 1410200502

    FRM:Donald Whitley
    MSG:beth **** 425******* – [Link deleted]

    That’s my real mf name wtf is this

    1. i got a message from that exact same number

      FRM:Joseph Green
      MSG:Brianna ******** 506* – (link deleted)

      i’ve been getting several texts from random numbers with similar messages, all with a link, i haven’t clicked on a single one because i know that if i got a text from those particular websites, it wouldn’t come from an actual phone number, it would be one of those 5 or 6 digit ones. and i know that i haven’t ordered anything and if i had, i know exactly where to go to get info. they always have my really name, never my middle name though. i also keep getting spam calls from literally all over the US. I’ve answered a couple of them and it’s literally silent on their end.

  4. I Just received a text from this number that says: FRM: Brenda Sherry
    MSG: (name and street address omitted)

    Followed by this link: mhinapw.co/iUXTMpKB
    I didn’t click the link but didn’t see any other posts about this type of spam

  5. Just got a message from them claiming to be UPS and asking for name, address etc. to put a package on redelivery. None of the buttons on the page work, such as “contact us.”
    went to the actual ups site and checked my orders, nothing was there. I looked up the number and found this page. Glad this was here to confirm its a scam.

  6. 3 years later still using the same #. Mine says from chasemobile. My account has been disabled! Please click on this link

  7. I just got a message about a package ready for delivery. Didn’t order anything. Has a link, looked up the link on the internet? No such site. Obviously a Scam!

  8. Fresh phishing text message Dec 24 2019 at 7:45am

    From 1410200502
    FRM:Liang, Chen
    SUBJ:can we talk?

  9. I just got this text from the number

    1 of 3
    MSG:Looking for a second job or something that pays more than what you do Turn
    (Con’t) 2 of 3
    APPLE DRINK new year promo out now for the Christmas if you
    can Drive your car with Our Apple Logo on it earn $550 weekly hit me
    (Con’t) 3 of 3
    YES } if you are Interest(End)

  10. They just text me saying this,
    MSG:There is an issue with your latest invoice for your Netflix account: b.netflix.com-liulhmvsnv.svgs.co

  11. I just copy and pasted the message and sent it back to them

    I dunno, sounded like a good idea

  12. I just received “FRM ACC Locked!” there’s a link then “MSG:### Wells-Fargo Message!” – April 2019

  13. just got a text msg from this number claiming to be AMX customer service.
    the included link was [http]americanexpresxmgfeptq[dot]scur993[dot]webcam

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