WarDrive-Proof Your Windows with GlassLock SpyGuard Window Film!

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GlassLock SpyGuard. It sounds like your special spy name from one of those Internet name generators, doesn’t it? But it’s actually a real product. Remember when Aunty told you about the DefendAir paint you could use to paint your house, or at least a room, to keep your wifi from being hijacked by your neighbors or wardrivers, like happened to this guy?

Aunty got a lot of feedback at that time, which asked “But what about the windows, Aunty? How do you secure those?”

Well, GlassLock Spyguard to the rescue!

GlassLock Spyguard is a new product offered by British firm GlassLock Ltd. to secure your windows so that they cannot be a point of eavesdropping or interception of sensitive electronic data. GlassLock states that their new SpyGuard window film will protect RF (radio frequencey), IR (infrared), and optical bandwidth transmissions across and from wireless networks, PDA’s, laptops, cell phones, computer monitors, laser microphones, and infrared communication systems.

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WarDrive-Proof Your Windows with GlassLock SpyGuard Window Film!

Sounds pretty good, eh?


But wait! There’s more!

GlassLock SpyBlock window film comes in three security levels, Level 1, Level 2, and..can you guess?..that’s right! Level 3.

GlassLock claims that their SpyBlock Level 1, the lowest level of security, provides an RF reduction of 25-40 dB, a visible light reduction of 30%, an IR reduction of 93%, and a UV reduction of better than 99%.

Their level 2 SpyBlock is purported to offer an additional 10% reduction in visible light, and to offer an IR reduction of 97%

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But it’s their level 3 SpyBlock anti-eavesdropping film which sounds so interesting, because in addition to the benefits of levels 1 and 2, their material states that the level 3 SpyBlock film’s RF and IR reduction values are “classified”. Hmmmm. That’s got to be some strong SpyBlock juju!

Couple that with the DefendAir paint’s “shielding range of 100MHz – 2.6GHz”, and you too can have your own personal anti-electronic-spy Faraday cage!

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WarDrive-Proof Your Windows with GlassLock SpyGuard Window Film!

Get notified of new Internet Patrol articles!

If you find this useful please share it!

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