The Actual Size of Moo Mini Cards and Why Not to Use Them

size of moo mini cards
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One of the hottest places to order business cards online is In fact, Moo are quite brilliant with their unique online business card offerings, including Printfinity (a different design on each card), square business cards, and the Moo MiniCards. But finding out the actual size of MooMini Cards? Not so brilliant.

Actually, there is another way that Moo Mini cards are not quite so brilliant. In fact, some people find it a pain in the neck to be on the receiving end of them. I would be one of them.

This is because when you receive a Moo Mini card, and shuffle it in to the stack of regular-sized business cards (say, when you are collecting cards at an event), the Moo mini cards always fall out of the stack, and onto the floor. Not unlike those annoying subscription cards that fall out of the magazine as you are reading it.

size of moo mini cards

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So, I say do your business a favour and don’t use the Moo Mini cards if you don’t want to tick off the very people with whom you are hoping to do business!

But I digress.

If you are actually thinking about ordering the Moo Mini cards, and wondering what size the Moo Mini cards are, they are 2.75 x 1.125 inches, or 70 x 28 mm.

And, you can order Moo MiniCards here.

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