New Privacy Nightmare Camera-Enabled Amazon ‘Echo Look’ Lets Alexa Critique Your Wardrobe

We thought it was weird that Alexa will soon be able to detect your moods, and when we wrote about the hidden dangers of the Amazon Echo, we never dreamed that Amazon would up the ante by adding a hands-free video camera to the Echo! But that’s exactly what they’ve done with the Amazon Echo Look. And they expect you to use it in your bedroom, or bathroom, or wherever you get dressed, so that your Echo can give you wardrobe feedback with Amazon’s new Alexa-based ‘Style Check’ service.

Hover Camera Passport Gimbal Error or Batteries Won’t Charge? Here’s What May be Going On

We’ve had the opportunity to be involved with the unboxing of the new Hover Passport video camera drone from Zero Zero Robot (it’s pretty darned sweet!), and so we have also had the opportunity to observe a couple of things that may happen right out of the box. The first is that the batteries seem not to be charging, which may lead you to think that the charger is defective. The second is a ‘gimbal error’ alert in the app on your phone. We’ll talk about both of these.

SnapChat Debuts Sunglasses with Video Camera

SnapChat has just unveiled SnapChat Spectacles – sunglasses which have an embedded video camera so that you can record video Snaps from a truly first-person perspective. To enhance the perspective, the video is shot in a circular frame rather than a more traditional rectangular frame. SnapChat has also rebranded itself to just Snap Inc..

Do You Have Random Stripes on Your Android Camera? Here’s What to Do

If you suddenly have random stripes going up and down or across on your Android camera (the camera on your Android phone), you are not alone. The colored stripes (in our case green and pink stripes) across the camera are a known issue that occurs suddenly on the camera of some Android phones – most particularly HTC phones, such as the Sensation and the MyTouch 4G Slide. Here’s what these stripes on the Android camera look like – again, in our case they were green and pink stripes on our Android camera, and on the pictures taken with the camera – and what to do about it.

Our First Impressions of the MyTouch 4G Slide – a Review

Today was the first day that the MyTouch 4G Slide was available to the public from T-Mobile, and so we picked one up so that we could give you our first impressions. The My Touch 4G Slide phone is known primarily for two major features (well, three if you count that it comes with Android Gingerbread 2.3 installed), and those are the incredible 8 megapixel camera, and the blazing fast 1.2 GHz dual-core processors. But it’s the little things that make or break a phone experience, so read on…

The Other Review of the Android Sidekick 4G

As promised, here are our impressions of the new Android Sidekick, the first Sidekick with a touch screen, out this week from T-Mobile. The first thing to know is that this is one sweet phone, with the always-superlative Sidekick keyboard, which blows all other slider QWERTY keyboards out of the water, and blazing-fast 4G. There are already a few standard reviews out there – this review is the ‘other’ review, with missing tidbits and tips not found in those other reviews, like why is Gmail not syncing on the Sidekick 4G? And where is the flash on the 4G Sidekick? And does this version of the Sidekick still have those auto text macros (automatic word replacement) built in?

Cisco Discontinues Flip Camera, But Flip Cameras Still Available for Purchase

Barely two years ago, networking giant Cisco purchased the Flip video camera (by buying Pure Digital, the makers of the Flip camera) and folded the Flip USB video camera business into the Cisco brand. This week Cisco has announced that they are killing the division, and killing the Flip camera, and a lot of people are pretty unhappy about it. Fortunately, the Flip camera is still available for purchase (links below); unfortunately, it won’t be supported. On the other hand, the Flip camera is so darned simple and straight-forward, it doesn’t need a whole lot of support.

Webcam Watcher Saves Stranger’s Life from 350 Miles Away

A woman in Germany has saved the life of a man who was a complete stranger to her, using only her webcam and a telephone. According to authorities, the man, who was admiring the sunset near St. Peter-Ording off the German – Danish border, and who had wandered out onto the ice of the frozen North Sea, would surely have died had the woman not just happened to be watching the same sunset – only from 350 miles away, via webcam.

Proposed Law Would Require Cell Phone Cameras to Make “Click” Sound

A new proposed Federal camera phone law would require all cell phone cameras to make a “click” sound when snapping a picture (to emulate the sound of a shutter snap), and would further require that there be no means of disabling the click sound. The proposed “Camera Phone Predator Alert Act”, introduced by Republican Congressman Peter King, from New York, is presumably aimed at reducing the instances of upskirting, and of people surreptitiously using their cell phone to snap pictures of credit cards and other identity-stealing activity.

How to Get Yourself Into Trouble with the Camera on Your Phone

Remember that guy who used his camera phone to make a video of himself having sex with his girlfriend, (and can you imagine the logistics involved?), only to have the video show up in the corner porn shop, and on an Internet auction site? And the folks who use their camera phones for upskirting and downblousing, courting prison time in the process? We had thought that these were the height of camera phone stupidity – especially the guy who reached out and touched someone while filming it. But noooo…. That dubious honour now goes to…drum roll please…