Spanish Lottery Scam Hits the Net

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The Spanish lottery scam has hit the net, following its big brother, the British International Lottery scam. Blanco Lopez and others may be writing to you, tell you that you have won a bunch of money, but you haven’t. The only winners in this lottery are the scammers.

Like other lottery scams, the Spanish lottery scam tells you that you have just won a lot of money but of course, ultimately, you will need to spend money to “get” the money, although in the end the only thing which will be had is you.

In fact, the current crop of lottery scams are really a lot like the so-called Nigerian 419 scams. They all rely on the gullibility or greed, or both, of the intended victims (that’s you, folks). Fortunately, people are starting to catch on. But not everybody is, and so these scams still abound, as there are still people who respond to them and are drawn in.

Here is a copy of the Spanish lottery scam, verbatim:

CLAIM FILE NUMBER: EG/008045160027
MADRID: 16/10/2005

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BATCH NUMBER: 100000488


We are pleased to inform you today 20th day of NOV, 2005 for the release of the SPANISH SWEEPSTAKE LOTTERY / INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM Held on the 10th of october 2005. Your name attached to the ticket number 025-11-464-992-750 drew the lucky number 134-15-16-21-34-36 which consequently won the lottery in the 3rd category. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay of US$950,950.00 ( NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY ) in cash credited to file NO: EG/008045160027. This is From A Total Cash Prize of US$25,756.820.00 ( TWENTY FIVE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS ONLY ) shared Among International Winners In This category CONGRATULATIONS.


Your fund is now deposited with a finance company insured to your name. please note that your claim and batch numbers are the key to your funds, You are to keep this as a top confidential until your claim has been processed and your money remitted to your bank account as this is part of our protocol to avoid double claiming or unwarranted taking of an advantage of this program by participants.

All Participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25,000 names from Europe and America as part of our international promotions program which we conduct twice every year. We hope with a part of your prize you will take part in our next high stake USD1.3 BILLION INTERNATIONAL LOTTERY.

To begin your claim, please contact your claim agent MR.JOHN SMITH, the foreign Service manager UNION SECURITY & FINANCE COMPANY TEL:+34-655375454 FAX:+34-940463988 ,EMAIL: union_finance205 for processing and transfer of your prize money to a designated bank account of your choice. Remember all prize money must be claimed not latter than 28th novermber 2005. After this date, all funds will be return to the Ministerio De economia y Hacienda as unclaimed.

NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delay and complications, please remember

to quote your reference and batch numbers in every of your correspondence with us or your agent, furthermore, should there be any change of address, Do notify your claims agent as soon as possible.

Congratulations again from all members of our staff and thank you for being a part of our promotion program.




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18 thoughts on “Spanish Lottery Scam Hits the Net

  1. Cheek I asked why I needed to send my license or passport and for them to send a cheque to my address. They got back to me and said they needed my licence. Doubt it I said I would report this to bearshare and the police. I phoned the number someone replied in broken english but was not very professional. Should have stated company first and tried to avoid my questions. Said things were in the hands of USIF. Haha. Glad I found this site.

  2. I received a letter very similiar to the one quoted. I was glad to comfirm that the whole thing is just a scam!

  3. my mother here in trinidad & Tobago, West Indies recieved a scam letter via post…AND GOT TWO SUBSEQUENT REMINDERS TOO !!!

    we really need to be on our toes these days…

  4. I amso dod reciev a letter of the lorrie of spain.. do you like to know the detals

  5. The sad part of it is that the moast vunerable people may fall for it. I hope these scammers invite on themselves all the bad luck the universe can muster. What goes around comes around and I am coming sooner than you think.

  6. i would take great pleasure in disembowelling these creatures ,thieving from vulnerable people who may be desperate for money makes me v angry indeed .id start by chopping the hands off them .come visit me il teach you not to give me 850,000 euros

  7. Quisiera saber al igual si esto de ls loteria britanica es un fraude porque piden datos personales y al parecer es una cantidad jugosa de dinero pero sin tener algun registro de sorteo,ahi les dejo lo que me llego…….Ticket no: 56475600545 188â€?
    De: The National Lottery ([email protected])
    Enviado: miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2008 11:52:27 p.m.
    Responder a: [email protected]

    Dear Winner,Winning NotificationThis is to notify you that you have won £850,000.00 GBP inour online email lottery in which e-mail addresses arepicked randomly by computerised balloting, poweredby the Internet. Your email address was amongstthose chosen for this period.Ticket no: 56475600545 188Serial no: 5368/02Winning number: {47}Draw (#1187)To claim your prize, please contact:Fiduciary Agent Mr.Brian AdamsEmail:[email protected]:+44 703 196 8176 +447031944624Yours faithfully,Dr. Lorraine M. Dodds

  8. It never ceases to amaze me that people keep trying this stuff. Even more amazing, that people are falling for it. There’s someone for everyone I guess.

  9. Quiero saber si es un fraude eso de la loteria Británica, debido a que yo recibí un mail donde me dicen que he ganado dos y medio millones de dolares, pero para que este dinero sea depositado a mi cuenta me piden que deposite un dinero via Wester Union de mas de 1,200 dolares o bien 2,500 dolares para darme un número de cuenta del banco donde supuestamente abriran la cuenta, quiero saber si esto es un fraude, que debo de hacer

    me dicen que debo depositar el dinero para que abran la cuenta a mi nombre y me proporcionaran un nip y número de cuenta para yo poder hacer la transferencia del dinero a mi cuenta personal

  10. My dad received this exact email but from a Mr jose davies and a Rachael miguel. Mr davies actually contacted my dad on telephone trying to pursuade him to send him the insurance fees and whatever. if i ever met that guy in person id give it to him.

  11. hahah i just got this in the mail too in NJ – i guess there are suckers out there who will think they did win something – mine came complete with a photo copy of the winning ticket – and my name crudely computer types on the bottom of the ticket. How did i get on the sucker list i wonder?

  12. yea i recieved a similar letter as well…been sitting in my car 4 5 days…didn’t phase me…y?… well 1st of all spelling error…sweep take instead of sweepstake…o come on where the professionalism in that aye if you gona con some1 think like a con y don’t u…and the fake photocopied government stamps…hahaha clever not clever enough hahahaha stupid really….and an order form without any proof of ticket form the “WINNERS”…classic! hahahahahahaha…overall the idiot is plastered all over the net hahahahahahahahaha try and another sucker mate! OR go get job…i hpe however, whoever gets 1 from this msg onwards will wipe their ass with it! coz it’s shit hahahahah…and i know ‘U’ will be looking at all these comments about u whoever ‘U’ r so if you a male ur prostate will fall out in the next 2days n if ur a female u will grow impetigo on ur breast hahahahahaha hows dat for cursing hahahahahahaha…

  13. How do they get your money? I have been responding to them but got suspicious. I have not sent any money. How will they get it?

  14. Hi folks!

    Of course I have heard about the Spanish lottery scam. I received a snail-mail letter containing the same material as the email version.

    At least in Europe, only the gullible will fall for this crass con. The letter (or email) invites you to violate every conceivable principle of protection of privacy… You are asked for your full address, telephone/fax number, bank account details, a photograph of your passport (which usually includes your mugshot and signature), etc. etc…. What more remains to be revealed – the colour and brand of your underpants?!!
    Try some other sucker mate!
    My only concern is that those with genuine cashflow problems, the elderly and people from third world countries could fall into the net.
    If you receive such a letter, present it to your posterior… but take it to the local police first.

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