Replace Your Old American Flag Free from!

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If your old American flag is tattered and in need of replacement, particularly if it is due to one of the recent hurricanes, the good folks over at will give you a free replacement.

These are the same people who gave away free American flags just before the 4th of July, and I can tell you first-hand that they are nice flags, and that is true to their word.

Said a statement by, “In the wake of Hurricane Wilma, announced today that it will immediately begin distributing free American Flags to those whose flags were damaged during this autumn’s inclement weather. The U.S. flags to be given away by measure 3 feet by 5 feet and generally retail on the website for $19.99, plus shipping and handling. Up to 100,000 customers will get these flags for free and pay only for shipping and handling.”

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Replace Your Old American Flag Free from!
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Added CEO Jeffrey Reynolds, “As the residents of Florida and other weather-battered areas begin clean-up efforts and retire their tattered flags, we want to make sure that they are replaced with clean, new flags that properly reflect that spirit.” is truly a class act. So, if your old American flag was damaged by one of the recent hurricanes, you can request a replacement for your old American flag from

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Replace Your Old American Flag Free from!

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6 Replies to “Replace Your Old American Flag Free from!”

  1. I would like to get a new flag I’m ashamed of mine and I put it up and don’t have one to fly, the one I had lasted 2 years. I would not fly it in the weather, because I think that is a disgrace to what our men and woman died for!

  2. My father was a member of the United States Army during the Korean War Conflict. I just want to receive a flag so I can fly it on his birthday, his days from the Korean War, and any possible anniversary days out of respect for his service. My Address is Tom Goodall, P.O. Box 243 Freelandville, In.47535 thank you so much, can you please help me with this simple request,

  3. My flag was U.S. destroyed due to the hurricane. I am in Tampa, Fl. and a first responder. How can I get a replacement?

  4. My flag is ripping due to the rain storms here in Hudson, florida how do I get a replaement.

  5. hello im trying to get a flag to fly for the 4th of july and flag day and all the leads youguys give are dead ends pleae help vme

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