Cell Phone Vending Machine Unveiled with the Quickphone Kiosk

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The first cell phone vending machines have been unveiled with Vodaphone’s QuickPhone Kiosks. The first two cell phone vending machines have been installed in Manchester, England, where you can buy a cell phone on the spot, from the vending machine, for about $54.00 USD (30 British Pounds).

The pay-as-you-go cell phones come out of the vending machine fully charged, and with about $1.75 in usage credit on them. The phones can be reloaded with minutes by credit card.

“They can be installed anywhere, as long as there is an electricity supply. In theory they could be halfway up a mountain. These will be popular with people who need a phone in an emergency. They are for people who know what they want and who don’t want to go through the rigmarole of talking to a sales assistant,” said a VodaPhone spokesperson.

Anyone want to be on how long it will be before the first cell phone vending machine arrives on U.S. soil (or the business model completely bombs?)

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