Newest AIM Opanki Worm says “LOL Look at Him”

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The newest AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) worm, discovered today, causes targetted AIM users to receive a message, ostensibly from a buddy, which says “LOL, LOOK AT HIM”, and containing a link to a file called “picture.pif”. This worm is considered to be a variation of the Opanki worm.

However, that file is not a picture of “him” or anyone else. It is the file to unleash the worm on to the user’s system. Once unleashed, the worm replicates itself, sending itself to all of the user’s own AIM buddies.
It is not known yet whether this new “LOL look at him worm” also installs a backdoor on to compromised systems.

The good news is that with this worm AOL was prepared, and within hours it’s spread had been slowed to a crawl, if that. Experts believe that AOL had put a filter in place to halt its spread through their AIM system.

“We are either currently blocking it, or we will be in the very near future,” said Andrew Weinstein, an AOL spokesman.

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