ISPCON Spam – Oh the Irony

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Today I received a third..or maybe fourth, who knows, perhaps even fifth – I’ve lost count – piece of spam from, of all places, ISPCON. No, I did not ask to be on their mailing list, no I did not give them permission to put me on a mailing list, yes, it’s definitely spam by all but the most self-serving of definitions.

I find this ironic not because I am a fairly well known figure in the anti-spam industry, consulting about spam and email deliverability issues to both the public and private sectors, lawmakers, decision makers, email senders and email receivers alike, oh no – I freely recognize that most senders, even most legitimate ones, don’t really know intimately, to a person, who is on their mailing lists. No, the irony is that it is, for pete’s sake, ISPCON.

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ISPCON Spam – Oh the Irony

Now granted, ISPCON is not focused specifically (or at all) on spam issues. But they do purport to be the leading and definitve event for both wired and wireless ISPs, and claim that “ISPCON shines the spotlight on the key business and technology challenges and opportunities facing today’s competitive Internet Service Provider. Whether you’re interested in how to better optimize your network, control and secure the data that passes through it, manage and grow your customer base or what business or regulatory trends you must understand”.


It seems to me that given the current climate, spam issues are among the top issues related to both business and technology challenges, not to mention being a huge competitive issue between ISPs. And let’s not even talk about what “business and regulatory trends you must understand” as an ISP when it comes to spam!

So here we have this bastion of ISP awaredness – spamming.

I wonder what their ISP would have to say about that?


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ISPCON Spam – Oh the Irony

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