How to go directly to your Amazon Instant Video Watch List with a Web Browser

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If you use Amazon instant video, you may be wondering “Where is my Amazon TV watch list?” And of course, if you have Amazon prime, much of your Amazon Instant Video watch list will be free to you. With Internet television devices such as the Roku, many people are accessing their Amazon instant video watch list through the device, but some people still want to watch their Amazon prime videos on their computer, with a browser, and therein lies the rub.

You would think that it would be obvious, from the Amazon home page, how to reach your Amazon video library on your laptop or computer with a browser. But it isn’t, which is why we have written this short article about how to find your Amazon watch list.

To find your Amazon instant video watch list, go here:

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3 thoughts on “How to go directly to your Amazon Instant Video Watch List with a Web Browser

  1. I want to know how to add things to the watch list, I have two shows I’d like there so I don’t have to enter the complete names each time. Why isn’t this obvious when I’m at the list of shows in a season?

  2. I am 70 years old and want an easy way to get to my watch list, other wise what is the point in having a watch list?
    I would like to recieve an answer

    1. Cal, to find your Amazon instant video watch list, go here:

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