An Explanation of Domains, a Complete List of Country Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and Links to Lists of All TLDs

A Brief Explanation of Domains and a Complete List of Country Code Domains and Link to Complete List of All TLDs
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Wondering “what is a TLD”? TLD stands for “top-level domain”. Here is a plain English explanation of Internet domains and domain names. Following that is a complete country domain list, and then links to comprehensive top-level domains lists with all top-level domain names, listed alphabetically, and accurate as of April 2022. Many people confuse an ‘Internet domain’ with a ‘url’ and a ‘website’, but each of these things are separate and distinct things. Here’s all that you need to know.

An Internet domain can be thought of as being loosely analogous to a building name. Let’s use the Empire State Building as an example. Everybody has heard of the Empire State Building even if they haven’t been there, just as everyone has heard of Facebook even if they have never visited the Facebook website. But just where is the Empire State Building? The “Empire State Building” isn’t an address, it is a name given to a building at a certain address. The address of the Empire State Building is 350 5th Avenue, New York, New York. But even that doesn’t tell you the precise location of the Empire State Building. The location of the Empire State Building is on 5th Avenue between 33rd Street and 34th Street. If you want to refer to the Empire State Building, you would simply say “the Empire State Building.” If you want to have something delivered to the Empire State Building, you can address it to 350 5th Avenue. But if you want to go to the Empire State Building, you will want to know that it is located on 5th Avenue between 33rd Street and 34th Street.

While it’s not a perfect analogy, much like “the Empire State Building”, when you talk about Mark Zuckerberg’s behemoth, you talk about “Facebook”. If you want to send something digitally to Facebook, you need to know Facebook’s domain, which is And if you want to visit Facebook (with your web browser) your computer needs to know Facebook’s URL. URL stands for “universal resource locator” and the URL is essentially the full web address of a resource on the Internet, in the case of Facebook it is These distinctions are important because a single domain can have several URLs. For example, Facebook has more than; it also has (which goes to Facebook’s mobile site), (which goes to Facebook’s business site for businesses), and (which goes to the Facebook blog). Each of these are separate and distinct URLs. is the the primary domain, and the “.com” part is known as the “top-level domain”, abbreviated to “TLD”. The words to the left of “” (such as “mobile”, “business”, and “blog”) are known as “subdomains”.

You can even drill down to an even more granular level, which is where IP addresses come in. IP addresses are the actual Internet Protocol address on which the computers that run a domain (and many other things) are located. IP addresses can be thought of as analogous to a telephone number, and if you want to read more about that see our article How to Find Out What Your IP Address Is – and an Explanation of Just What Is an IP Address?.

Ok, still with us? There are many, many, many top-level domains (TLDs). Some you are already familiar with, such as .com, .net, and .org. Then there is a separate TLD for pretty much every country, for example .us (the United States), .ca (Canada), and .uk (England and the rest of the United Kingdom).

There generally three types of top-level domains: ccTLDs, which are the country code TLDs (hence the ‘cc’ in ‘ccTLD’), sTLDs (where the ‘s’ in ‘sTLD’ stands for ‘sponsored’ as these domains are sponsored by a specific organization), and then all the rest which are ‘unsponsored top-level domains, or ‘uTLDs’. sTLDs and uTLDs together create the group of TLDs known as ‘generic top-level domains’, or gTLDs. Some folks instead refer to the group of unsponsored top-level domains as the gTLDs, rather than gTLDs being the group that encompasses both sTLDs and uTLDs, however ICANN uses the former designations, and we consider them a pretty good authority on domain name classification (ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Note that all ccTLDs consist of two letters, while generic TLDs consist of three or more letters. Every country appends its ccTLD after the generic TLD. For example, using, in the UK it would be, while in China it would be That said, companies in the United States rarely use .us after a .com, and the reason is that, when it comes right down to it, we were there first. It’s also true that lots of other companies headquartered in countries other than the U.S. don’t always append their ccTLD after a .com, while governmental agencies almost always do.

Ok, now that you know more than you ever wanted to know about domains, here is the complete list of country code TLDs (ccTLDs) and links to two different complete lists of generic TLDs (gTLDs which includes both sponsored TLDs (sTLDs) and unsponsored TLDs (uTLDs)).

Complete Lists of All Current TLDs

The most comprehensive and complete lists of all TLDs of which we are aware are:

NameCheap’s Full TLD List

TLD’s Full A – Z TLD List

Full List of Country Code TLDs as of April 2022

.ac — Ascension Island
.ad — Andorra
.ae — United Arab Emirates
.af — Afghanistan
.ag — Antigua and Barbuda
.ai — Anguilla
.al — Albania
.am — Armenia
.an — Netherlands Antilles
.ao — Angola
.aq — Antarctica
.ar — Argentina
.as — American Samoa
.at — Austria
.au — Australia
.aw — Aruba
.ax — Åland Islands
.az — Azerbaijan

.ba — Bosnia and Herzegovina
.bb — Barbados
.bd — Bangladesh
.be — Belgium
.bf — Burkina Faso
.bg — Bulgaria
.bh — Bahrain
.bi — Burundi
.bj — Benin
.bl — Saint Barthélemy
.bm — Bermuda
.bn — Brunei
.bo — Bolivia
.br — Brazil
.bs — Bahamas
.bt — Bhutan
.bv — Bouvet Island
.bw — Botswana
.by — Belarus
.bz — Belize

.cat — Catalonia
.ca — Canada
.cc — Cocos (Keeling) Islands
.cd — Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly .zr — Zaire)
.cf — Central African Republic
.cg — Republic of the Congo
.ch — Switzerland
.ci — Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
.ck — Cook Islands
.cl — Chile
.cm — Cameroon
.cn — People’s Republic of China
.co — Colombia
.cr — Costa Rica
.cu — Cuba
.cv — Cape Verde
.cx — Christmas Island
.cy — Cyprus
.cz — Czech Republic

.de — Germany
.dj — Djibouti
.dk — Denmark
.dm — Dominica
.do — Dominican Republic
.dz — Algeria

.ec — Ecuador
.ee — Estonia
.eg — Egypt
.eh — Western Sahara (not assigned; no DNS)
.er — Eritrea
.es — Spain
.et — Ethiopia
.eu — European Union

.fi — Finland
.fj — Fiji
.fk — Falkland Islands
.fm — Federated States of Micronesia
.fo — Faroe Islands
.fr — France

.ga — Gabon
.gb — United Kingdom
.gd — Grenada
.ge — Georgia
.gf — French Guiana
.gg — Guernsey
.gh — Ghana
.gi — Gibraltar
.gl — Greenland
.gm — Gambia
.gn — Guinea
.gp — Guadeloupe
.gq — Equatorial Guinea
.gr — Greece
.gs — South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
.gt — Guatemala
.gu — Guam
.gw — Guinea-Bissau
.gy — Guyana

.hk — Hong Kong
.hm — Heard Island and McDonald Islands
.hn — Honduras
.hr — Croatia
.ht — Haiti
.hu — Hungary

.id — Indonesia
.ie — Ireland
.il — Israel
.im — Isle of Man
.in — India
.io — British Indian Ocean Territory
.iq — Iraq
.ir — Iran
.is — Iceland
.it — Italy

.je — Jersey
.jm — Jamaica
.jo — Jordan
.jp — Japan

.ke — Kenya
.kg — Kyrgyzstan
.kh — Cambodia
.ki — Kiribati
.km — Comoros
.kn — Saint Kitts and Nevis
.kp — North Korea
.kr — South Korea
.kw — Kuwait
.ky — Cayman Islands
.kz — Kazakhstan

.la — Laos
.lb — Lebanon
.lc — Saint Lucia
.li — Liechtenstein
.lk — Sri Lanka
.lr — Liberia
.ls — Lesotho
.lt — Lithuania
.lu — Luxembourg
.lv — Latvia
.ly — Libya

.ma — Morocco
.mc — Monaco
.md — Moldova
.me — Montenegro
.mg — Madagascar
.mh — Marshall Islands
.mk — Republic of Macedonia
.ml — Mali
.mm — Myanmar
.mn — Mongolia
.mo — Macau
.mp — Northern Mariana Islands
.mq — Martinique
.mr — Mauritania
.ms — Montserrat
.mt — Malta
.mu — Mauritius
.mv — Maldives
.mw — Malawi
.mx — Mexico
.my — Malaysia
.mz — Mozambique

.na — Namibia
.nc — New Caledonia
.ne — Niger
.nf — Norfolk Island
.ng — Nigeria
.ni — Nicaragua
.nl — Netherlands
.no — Norway
.np — Nepal
.nr — Nauru
.nu — Niue
.nz — New Zealand

.om — Oman
.pa — Panama
.pe — Peru
.pf — French Polynesia
.pg — Papua New Guinea
.ph — Philippines
.pk — Pakistan
.pl — Poland
.pm — Saint Pierre and Miquelon
.pn — Pitcairn Islands
.pr — Puerto Rico
.ps — Palestine
.pt — Portugal
.pw — Palau
.py — Paraguay

.qa — Qatar

.re — Réunion
.ro — Romania
.rs — Serbia
.ru — Russia
.rw — Rwanda

.sa — Saudi Arabia
.sb — Solomon Islands
.sc — Seychelles
.sd — Sudan
.se — Sweden
.sg — Singapore
.sh — Saint Helena
.si — Slovenia
.sj — Svalbard and Jan Mayen islands (not in use; no registrations)
.sk — Slovakia
.sl — Sierra Leone
.sm — San Marino
.sn — Senegal
.so — Somalia (down, still is delegated to Monolith [] Philadelphia, an entity defunct since end—1998)
.sr — Suriname
.st — São Tomé and Príncipe
.su — Soviet Union (deprecated; being phased out; code “transitionally reserved” by ISO 3166–1)
.sv — El Salvador
.sy — Syria
.sz — Swaziland

.tc — Turks and Caicos Islands
.td — Chad
.tf — French Southern Territories
.tg — Togo
.th — Thailand
.tj — Tajikistan
.tk — Tokelau
.tl — East Timor (formerly .tp)
.tm — Turkmenistan
.tn — Tunisia
.to — Tonga
.tp — East Timor (deprecated — use .tl; code “transitionally reserved” by ISO 3166–1)
.tr — Turkey
.tt — Trinidad and Tobago
.tv — Tuvalu
.tw — Taiwan
.tz — Tanzania

.ua — Ukraine
.ug — Uganda
.uk — United Kingdom (code “exceptionally reserved” by ISO 3166–1) (see also .gb)
.um — US Minor Outlying Islands (code terminated)
.us — United States
.uy — Uruguay
.uz — Uzbekistan

.va — Vatican City
.vc — Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
.ve — Venezuela
.vg — British Virgin Islands
.vi — United States Virgin Islands
.vn — Vietnam
.vu — Vanuatu

.wf — Wallis and Futuna
.ws — Samoa (formerly Western Samoa)

.ye — Yemen
.yt — Mayotte
.yu — Yugoslavia

.za — South Africa
.zm — Zambia
.zw — Zimbabwe

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