Yahoo Booters are Rogues Who Boot You Out of Yahoo Chat

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  • Yahoo Booters are Rogues Who Boot You Out of Yahoo Chat

Have you ever found yourself booted out of Yahoo Chat and you have no idea why? It may be that you have crossed paths with a so-called “Yahoo booter”. Yahoo booters are people who, for whatever reason, will flood your yahoochat session with data, causing you to get dumped out of Yahoochat.

The bottom line is that Yahoo booters are able to boot people because of the way Yahoo and the chat clients handle it when the target is flooded with too much data. The problem is a combination of how Yahoo buffers the data, and how the chat client handles the process. If the Yahoo booters target’s chat client isn’t able to handle the overflow from the data, they can get booted offline. Yahoo booting is done typically to annoy or harass the Yahoo booters target.

In the end, it comes down to what chat client you are using, as that is the one variable over which you have control. Ironically, Yahoo’s own chat client, Yahoo Messenger, seems to be particularly sensitive to this problem, and so Yahoo booters are able to boot people using Yahoo Messenger fairly easily.

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Yahoo Booters are Rogues Who Boot You Out of Yahoo Chat

There are many different 3rd-party Yahoo chat clients available, however, and one of them in particular, Y!mlite (also known as “Ymlite”) makes it its mission to be essentially unbootable.

If you are experiencing frustration at the hands of a Yahoo booter, you may want to check out Y!mlite here:


Y!mlite’s author, Craig C., has written a fairly comprehensive explanation of how the whole Yahoo booting thing works, as well, in a forum post [Page no longer available – we have linked to the version instead].

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Yahoo Booters are Rogues Who Boot You Out of Yahoo Chat

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  • Yahoo Booters are Rogues Who Boot You Out of Yahoo Chat

14 Replies to “Yahoo Booters are Rogues Who Boot You Out of Yahoo Chat”

  1. Can anyone tell me a way to stop booters from booting me off of yahoo for mac users. Yahoo for mac has no way of blocking bots….can anyone help me?

  2. Hello..
    I’ve been booted many times over..I want to get back at them..Any type of yahoo booters out there and pls tell me how to install it? Thank you very much.

  3. As regards CamFrog… there are no “booters” for that programme except those given to room ops. Getting booted there is behaviour related.

  4. There is no one solution to booting. Basically, the problem lies in the security of your connection and if you have a firewall, packet protocols, etc.

    The good news is that there’s a small tweak you can make to your Windows network connections to make it more difficult for a booter to dislodge you.

    1. Go to Control Panel
    2. Open Network and Internet connections
    3. Click on Network Connections
    4. Right click on whatever connection you’re using and scroll down to Properties
    5. Click on the Advanced tab and turn on the connection firewall

    In addition to Y!mlite, YTK is also an excellent program, though it costs $16 for the pro version. YTK has a deny buddy feature for the newest booting rage of flooding your IM’s with deny requests.

    Kaspersky has an internet security suite that’s highly effective in stopping chat booters. A registered version will run you about $70 for one year.

    If you don’t already have one, look into getting a wireless router with a built-in firewall. This will also help greatly in keeping your system free of trojans and other nasties that booters sometimes piggyback on their codes.

    One more thing. Sana Security has a nifty little program called Safe Connect which acts like a secondary firewall to whatever router connection you have. I’m not sure if it works with modems, but it’s worth a try.

  5. That was good info. I wonder about camfrog chatrooms ( I paid for a year membership and it is hard for me to get in chatrooms because some ruthless people kept booting me out. One said because I ignored them (what they don’t know is I’m DEAF and can’t hear conversations but read only). I think the problem is my computer being iMac and they did not develop some protection for my computer. So, I was at disadvantage.


  7. I use a chat client other than yahoo and find I dont get booted, however booters are now locking rooms so no one can get in. Romance 40’s room 45 is a particular target at the moment, can anything be done?

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