Using Free Starbucks Wifi Hoses Your RSS Feeds – Replaces Them with AT&T URLs

It’s still winter break in Boulder, and so most of the independent coffee shops in Boulder are closing early until school is back in session. As a result, I found myself all dressed up and with nowhere to go to sit and work over a cup of joe last night. In desperation, I turned to the local Starbucks – even they were closing early, but not as early as the other coffee shops. And besides, I was curious to try Starbuck’s free wifi.

“Waiting for Time Capsule to Restart” when Using Time Capsule to Extend a Wireless Network

Are you “waiting for Time Capsule to restart” while you are trying to set up Time Capsule to add itself to your existing wireless network, only to find that Time Capsule never does restart? And then, when you hit “rescan” it can’t find the Apple Time Capsule at all, even though it had just found it moments before? Here’s what to do.

Netflix and Roku Team Up to Offer Netflix Player – a Realtime Movie Streaming Set-Top Box – It’s Like Tivo for Netflix!

DVD rental service Netflix has released the first in a planned family of direct-to-TV streaming devices. Made by Roku, the Netflix Player set-top box connects wired or wirelessly between your home broadband internet connection and a TV, instantly streaming one of the 10,000 available movies and TV shows you’ve added to your Netflix “Instant Queue”.

AT&T to Provide FREE Wifi at Starbucks – Tmobile Suffers Huge Loss as Starbucks Switches to AT&T Wi-Fi

If you are among the legion of annoyed laptop toters who felt that the price to use T-mobile wi-fi at Starbucks was outrageous – particularly when there are so many coffee shops offering free w-ifi (and better coffee) these days – well, apparently Starbucks agrees with you. Because Starbucks and AT&T have just announced that Starbucks has jumped ship from Tmobile, and is now going to be offering AT&T wifi in its 7000 locations. And just one drink a month at Starbucks turns it into free wi-fi!

Enormous Database of Wifi Routers – Including Yours! – Revealed by AOL and Skyhook Announcement

Quite a few people have by now read about AOL’s new Skyhook “Near Me” buddys plug-in. That’s the plugin for the service which lets you know if any of your buddies are geographically near to you, and puts them in a “Near Me” buddies group. But what far fewer people realize is exactly how it works. How does it know when you are near one of your buddies? The answer may surprise – and concern – you.

Man’s Laptop Confiscated by Police Because He Used Free Wifi Outside Public Library

Brian Tanner was parked outside his local public library in Palmer, Alaska, using their free wifi, when police confiscated his laptop. It’s true that he was using it to check in on his Internet-based game, Conquer Club (similar to Risk) – but it’s also true that Brian Tanner, who is 21, is a moderator for the Conquer Club portal, and so it’s not a case of some teenager with an Internet game addiction.

Wii Will Rock You – The Nintendo Wii Gamebox Scores a Homerun with its Real 3D Live Gesture Remote Control and with Great Reviews

The new Nintendo Wii may have a funny and hard to remember name (is it the Nintendo Wii? Nintendo Wie? Nintendo Wee? Whee? Oui?), but it has managed to do what no other gamebox has done before – revolutionize game box gaming by incorporating genuine real-gesture remote control. It’s also got built in Internet wi-fi access, and Bluetooth.

T-Mobile Offers Unlimited Wifi Phone “HotSpot @Home” for Only $20 per Month

T-Mobile has announced the debut of their unlimited wifi phone (think VOIP) service, called “Hotspot @Home”. For only $20.00 per month, you can make unlimited Hotspot@Home calls from, well, your Hotspot at home, as well as from any Tmobile Hotspot location. T-Mobile is also selling two new handsets designed to work seamlessly with the service through their The Only Phone You Need website.