Chrysler Unveils Mobile Wifi Hotspot in Cars with the Chrysler UConnect Web System

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Automobile maker Chrysler is said to be ready to announce its mobile broadband wifi service known as the Chrysler UConnect Web System, which is slated to be included with certain models of Chrysler car for the upcoming model year. With the Chrysler UConnect Web System, your car is, in essence, a portable wifi hotspot.

If the service is robust, this could be a revolution in mobile computing. However, it will depend on several things, including how reliable connectivity is, and where; how strong the signal is (do you really want to be tethered to your car wherever you go – or can you get your signal while sitting in a park or restaurant?); the terms of service; and what sort of power drain it puts on the system – if you can only use it while the car is running, or risk draining the battery, that severely limits its utility.

All of these questions and more should be answered soon. Chrysler is said to be announcing that Uconnect Web Service will be available in upcoming cars as early as the day after tomorrow (Thursday, June 26th).

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One thought on “Chrysler Unveils Mobile Wifi Hotspot in Cars with the Chrysler UConnect Web System

  1. Awesome! I’ve been keenly interested in this new emerging technology since I’ve first watched it on foxnews channel. I’m seeing a great potential for this technology which can probably drive Chrysler’s sales for 2009. Also, I’m predicting this will be the trend and most other car companies will follow suit and would not dare leave themselves behind on this.

    I’m carefully watching the developments from here on and I’ve actually started a blog dedicated to this as well.

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