Avis Offering Wifi in Rental Cars

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Avis, the car rental company known for their “We Try Harder” slogan, may want to change that slogan to “We Drive Wired”. You see, Avis is offering wifi in their rental cars.

For $10.95 per day, you can have an Autonet mobile wifi bridge included with your rental car. This will allow you to have wifi access on your laptop or PDA wherever you are (so long as you are in your Avis rental car).

Said Roger Entner, an analyst with Ovum, “I think this is a precursor to the connected car. This shows us a glimpse of where we will be in the future.”

And you think it’s bad when people drive while talking on the cell phone.

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One thought on “Avis Offering Wifi in Rental Cars

  1. Lets hope people trust their own common sense and don’t follow their gps to the letter and end up lost in the middle of nowhere.

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