Baby Monitors, Microwaves and Wireless TV Found to Jam and Slowdown Wifi

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A new study has determined that baby monitors, microwaves and wireless television transmitters have the effect of jamming and slowing down wifi access. In fact the study, conducted by Mass Consulting, found that baby monitors, wireless audio and video transmitters, and microwaves are the primary cause of wifi interference and access issues, not people using excessive amounts of bandwidth as previously thought.

Says the report from Mass Consulting, “There is a view that some domestic users generate excessive amounts of Wi-Fi traffic, denying access to other users. Our research suggests that this is not the case, rather the affected parties are almost certainly seeing interference from non-Wi-Fi devices such as microwave ovens, Audio Video senders, security cameras or baby monitors.”

“The greatest concentration of different radio types tends to occur in urban centres, so interference tends to increase with population density,” the report went on to say. “However, interference also occurs in low population density areas. It only requires a single device, such as an analogue video sender, to severely affect Wi-Fi services within a short range, such that a single large building or cluster of houses can experience difficulties with using a single Wi-Fi channel.”

“A plethora of radio types, which are not all designed via standardisation processes, means that peaceful co-existence does not arise organically. Co-existence must be enforced by some means if LE bands are to be shared effectively,” the report concluded.

So, the next time that you are having trouble accessing your wifi, instead of blaming your neighbor for being a bandwidth-hog, you may want to look closer to home.

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