Target Will Match Amazon Prices on the Spot! Here is How to Get that Amazon Price at Target

We’ve all done the in-store/Amazon price matching game: perusing the aisles of a nearby retailer and then whipping out our smartphones to see if we can find better online prices at Amazon. Well Target wants everyone to know how to get Amazon prices at Target: just ask. They have announced that they will match prices of Amazon, all year round. And Target is not stopping with Amazon, they will also price match qualifying merchandise to the prices advertised on the websites of Best Buy, Toys R Us {Ed. note: as of March, 2018, Toys R Us is closing for good}, and Walmart!

Walmart Also Announces In-Home Delivery While You’re Not Home – And Puts Your Groceries Away for You

Amazon isn’t the only company looking to come into your home, literally, when you aren’t there. Walmart also has announced what they have nicknamed “in-fridge delivery”, a service where their employee, nicknamed a “Deliv driver” (seriously, Walmart, who is coming up with these things?) comes into your home to make deliveries, when you’re not home, even putting your groceries away in the fridge for you. To which we say not only “no”, but “hell no!”