How to Delete iPhone Text Messages Attachments and Regain Space on Your iPhone

It can be really frustrating trying to manage space on your iPhone. No matter how carefully you try to manage the space on your iPhone through iTunes – paring down playlists and removing unwanted apps – it always seems that there are things taking up space that you can’t get to. And that’s because there are. Here’s how to free up gigabytes of space on your iPhone without getting rid of anything that you actually want, by deleting text messages attachments.

How to Send and Receive Text Messages on Your Mac Computer

A lot of people don’t realize that they can actually send and receive text messages on their Mac computer. In fact, it’s one of the best kept “secrets” out there, which is too bad, because being able to type text messages with a regular full keyboard is glorious! So, here’s how to use your Mac computer, be it Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, or iMac, and the included iMessage program, to send and receive text messages.

Social Media and Social Unrest: How Twitter, Facebook, and Blackberry Factor into Flash Mobs, Riots and Uprisings

Arab spring, flash mobs, and last week’s riots in England. What two things do these have in common? Well, first, they have a people ready to be incited to action – be it for the cause of democracy, for a flash mob, or for chaos, mayhem, and lining their own pockets with ill-gotten goods. And second, social media has contributed to the lightning speed with which each of the groups coordinated and coalesced.

Are You Getting BREW Text Messages? Here’s Why

If you have suddenly started receiving odd, unexplained text messages that start with the term “BREW” in them, it’s not an advertisement for beer gone awry. They may come from 47205, from 9114, or from some other number you don’t recognize, but believe it for not, they aren’t spam. They usually start with strings of characters such as //BREW:01095caa or similar. BREW stands for “Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless”, and is a 3rd-party application development system for mobile phones that is used by some apps and other programs.

Interesting Use of SMS Text Messages: Warning Civilians of Pending Missile Attacks

While much of the world yesterday heard or read about the results of the U.N. probe into the conflict in Gaza, and how the U.N. has proclaimed that both Israel and Hamas are guilty of war crimes, an interesting technological fact was offered by Israel in defense of the allegations: in response to the claim that Israel bombed suspected Palestinian strongholds without regard for civilian life, an Israeli spokesperson pointed out that Israel had warned residents of Gaza by sending them MMS messages warning of the impending attacks.

Cell Phone Providers Dirty Little Secret: Cashing in on SMS Text Messages

More than 2.5 trillion SMS text messages have been sent from cell phones worldwide this year. This means that text messaging brings in billions of dollars in revenue for the world’s four major cell phone carriers. In fact, it’s estimated that SMS text messaging revenues could even top $165 billion by 2011. (SMS stands for “Short Message Service”.) So, if the text messaging business is so lucrative, why have AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless doubled the pay-per-use-price for messages from 10 cents to 20 cents?