The Netflix Text Message Scam

If you have received a text message claiming to be from Netflix, and telling you that “We have a new policy in place, please visit and review today”, along with a link and, possibly, a random set of characters in parenthesis such as “(ybpldcjyop)”, it is definitely a scam, do NOT click on it! The text message may also appear to come from phone number 141-010-0001 or just 410100001, but even if it comes from another number, it is definitely a scam.

How to Stop Evite Email Spam (or as They Refer to Them Evite Notifications)

If you have ever been on the receiving end of an Evite invitation, you know that once your ‘friend’ gives your email address to Evite (almost always without asking you first) you will receive an endless stream of spam (it’s spam because you did not request it, let along give them permission to put your email address on their mailing list) from Evite, seemingly with no way to opt out of it (making it a violation of Federal law, but apparently Evite doesn’t care about that). Here is out to opt out of Evite notifications and other Evite spam.

Do NOT Open Link in Unexpected Email with Google Docs Link Button!

There is an evil new phishing spam going around that is using Google Docs to do its dirty work. The subject is along the lines of “(Someone) has shared a document on Google Docs with you” – in many of the samples it is ‘Brett Schager has shared a document on Google Docs with you.” Many of the samples are also sent “to” (you receive it because you are in the bcc: field).

How to Opt Out of LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Wondering how to opt-out of LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail (which we here refer to as LinkedIn spam)? When you get unwanted LinkedIn InMail email from an individual, you can hit “report as spam” on it. But when you get a sponsored message, you don’t have that option (because, of course, LinkedIn has sold that access to your LinkedIn inbox to whomever sent you that message).

Vacation Messages a Great Way for Scammers to Steal Your Identity

Automated vacation messages are often frowned upon for several reasons, including that they can be a spam vector, that if set improperly (such as being triggered with every single email from every single person) they can actually views as spam, and that they can actually cause legitimate email from you to end up in the spam folder. But as if that’s not enough of a reason to not use an automated vacation message, they can also be used with a bit of social engineering to steal your identity. Here’s how that can happen.

Newest Amazon Order Scam Spam

Confused by a confirmation of a new Amazon “Prime Acct Gift” order that landed in your inbox today, when you know that you haven’t placed any such order? You’re not alone. The order with the subject ‘New-order #20953735 – confirmed’ (although the order number on yours may be different) from (although your ‘from’ address may be different) is 100% a scam.

Email Confirmation Messages Leaked to and Being Used by Spammers

As we have noted a couple of times in the past few weeks, spammers and scammers are using the email mailing list confirmation process to send spam. Here’s how that works: someone signs up for a mailing list, and then replies to the confirmation request with their spam. In this case, Amy Happy at, seems to be replying to a confirmation message that she, in fact, never received in the first place.

If You’re Not Checking Your Facebook Filtered Folder You’re Missing Messages

Did you know that you have a second Facebook Messenger message folder that you may not even be aware of! This other folder is the ‘Filtered’ folder, and it’s where Facebook puts messages that it thinks are spam. The problem is, lots of messages that aren’t spam end up in that spam folder too, and you get no notification of these messages! This is true whether you are using the Facebook Messenger app, or reading Facebook message through the Facebook website – but you can only find the Filtered folder when on the website (not through Messenger). Bonus info: How to delete all Facebook message at once (or at least get rid of them more easily).