Founder Dalton Caldwell Moves to Create an Ad-Free Social Network

Would you pay to belong to an ad-free social network? Dalton Caldwell, mastermind behind, akin to an ad-free Facebook or ad-free Twitter, thinks you just might. While he doesn’t presume that will score the huge user-base of Twitter or Facebook, he does think that he will amass enough of a following that the $50 per person annual fee, coupled with the an ad-free and developer-friendly platform, will build a sustainable network that instills trust among both users and developers.

Twitter Adds Location to Your Tweets – Should You Tweet Your Location or Not?

Even though Twitter added location-based information services (“Twitter with Location”) to Twitter a few months ago, Twitter is only just now advising Twitter users that they can opt in to the new Twitter Location feature (it’s turned off by default, so you don’t have to opt out of Twitter with Location). Here’s how to use – and why you should, or shouldn’t use – Twitter’s Location based Tweet information.

AT and T Begs iPhone Customers “Stop Using So Much Data Bandwidth” (or We’ll Penalize You)

AT and T has taken the unusual step of publicly admitting that they can’t handle the amount of data that their smartphone (mostly iPhone) using customers are using, and have indicated that they are going to try to “educate customers about what represents a megabyte of data.” And then they are going to start penalizing “heavy users.” With so many Apple iPhone complaints about lost calls, dropped calls, and poor coverage and other iPhone problems, it’s about time that they did something, although we’re not sure that cajoling, educating, and threatening users is the right ‘something’.

Court Uses Twitter to Order Imposter Twitterer to Stop Twittering

The High Court in the UK took the unusual step last week of allowing service of a court order on Twitter and, perhaps even more unusually, it worked! The order required that an anonymous defendant cease posing on Twitter as Donal Blaney, the blogger behind Blaney’s Blarney, and abandon the imposter account. The imposter account, using the monicker “Blaneysblarney”, looked identical to the Twitter account under which Donal Blaney actually posts, at “Donal_Blaney”.