Apple Admits Problem with Apple iPhone 4.0 Reception, Sort Of

In a letter posted on the Apple website on Friday, just as everyone was leaving for the long weekend (we’re sure the timing is just coincidence), Apple admits that there is a bonafide Apple iPhone 4 reception problem. Well, sort of. What they really say is that the problem isn’t with the reception, or even with a faulty antenna – it’s with saying you have more bars of reception than you really do. Hrrm… way to shift the blame over to AT and T!

Amazon Finally Selling Current Apple Products Like iPhones, iPads, in Time for Christmas

If you’ve ever tried to buy the latest Apple products on Amazon, particularly products like an iPhone or an iPad or an Apple Watch, or a related accessory by Apple, you may have been frustrated at the limited availability. While older models and refurbs were often available, the latest and greatest was never before sold on Amazon. That all changed this past week, as Apple and Amazon reached an agreement that allows Amazon to sell current Apple products.

Is Pink Tech Really a Problem or Just Not a Solution?

Every once in a while the issues around so-called ‘pink tech’ are revisited. Pink tech is basically when a piece of technology – say a smartphone or a laptop, etc. – is brought out in a pink color, to appeal to girls and women. The issue, says critics of pink tech, is that rather than attending to the actual technology needs of women, they are simply bringing out the same old tech in a new color. We’re not so sure.

How to Make Videos Taken on Your iPhone Smaller

One of the more frustrating things about the iPhone is how darned big the .mov video files are, and that there is no native way to change that. Here is a step-by-step tutorial, with pictures, as to how to both make your iPhone record your videos in a smaller format, so that your iPhone movies are saved to a smaller file, and also how to reduce the size of the .mov files that you may have already taken.

How to Delete iPhone Text Messages Attachments and Regain Space on Your iPhone

It can be really frustrating trying to manage space on your iPhone. No matter how carefully you try to manage the space on your iPhone through iTunes – paring down playlists and removing unwanted apps – it always seems that there are things taking up space that you can’t get to. And that’s because there are. Here’s how to free up gigabytes of space on your iPhone without getting rid of anything that you actually want, by deleting text messages attachments.

Fixing the Dreaded iPhone Gmail “Cannot Get Mail” Error Issue

“The mail server “” is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in Mail settings.” If you suddenly find yourself getting that “Cannot Get Mail” message from the email app on your iPhone, it can be very frustrating. You know that your iPhone mail app worked just moments ago – and you haven’t changed your settings – yet suddenly it seems your settings are being rejected. Here’s what to do.

How Much Will a New iPhone 5c Cost?

Apple has introduced a new version of the iPhone 5c. This cheaper iPhone is being introduced partly as Apple acknowledges that the demand for the colorful iPhone 5c was not as great as expected. When Apple announced the release of the iPhone 5s, it also came out with the cheaper, more colorful 5c.